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Imagine my surprise to get a private message with 'Do You Wanna Take A Ride?" in the subject line, in anxious curiousity I quickly open the message from LastHamlet. Only to find an invitation for a lengthly excursion to the magical kingdom, airfare and hotel accommodations included! Wow, I was in utter shock and amazement, to say the least, to be asked such an incredible question. Well it wasn't hard to make a decision considering how I feel about Holland, so the answer was pretty easy to come up with, HELL YEAH:)) Amsterdam here I come.......

Wednesday June 25, 2003

Leave Charlotte as scheduled but when I get to Philly I barely have time to make my connection and by the time I get all the way to the gate the plane to AMS is already boarding. LastHamlet is already there waiting, wondering where the hell I was or if I got lost somewhere along the way! We board the plane, finally, on the way to mecca.

Arrival Day - Thursday June 26, 2003 - Day 1

Get to Schipol at 10 am, arrive at baggage claim in no time, getting there even before the luggage begins to come out on the conveyer. After waiting forever and watching everyone leave with their bags but mine no where to be seen, I begin to wonder what has happened to my luggage. Finally I go over to the baggage desk to fill out a form for my missing bag and it seems that about 15 other people's luggage was missing also and most of them were ahead of me in line. So that takes forever and after what seems like hours, I finally make my way out to the arrivals hall and there is LastHamlet who was nice enough to wait for me through all that ***. What a messed up way to begin my trip with no luggage, it is a damn good thing I did pack two changes of clothes in my carry-on and all my basic necessities. Boarded the train for centraal station and then caught the tram to the hotel to get checked in although the room wasnt ready they allowed us to drop our bags in the room and I took the opportunity to change clothes. I am so glad that I packed a pair of shorts in my carry-on bag because it has to be every bit of 75 degrees outside and for here that has to be hot! LastHamlet also seized the moment and changed into shorts quickly so we could begin our weed quest.

LastHamlet and I immediately headed out for the Noon, naturally my first destination for the some of the nice fruity blueberry buds on offer there. I recognize the dealer from before and he remembers me also, he lets me pick out some nice nugs, I get the 5 grams special for 23 euros and Coke Light for the cotton mouth I will have in a few minutes. I instantly begin to roll up the buds which have a very enticing aroma, god how I have missed Amsterdam, and then I spark up the nice cone joint. The dealer comes over and begins chatting with us, I tell him how I like the blueberry ice hash but that it is just too expensive and he offers some of his to put in the next cone joint that I was already rolling:)) We all shared the spiced up joint and it was very nice, that is some good stuff I must say and it gave me a nice floaty high that I really enjoyed. We had a lot of good conversation and met a nice couple who was tripping on how well LastHamlet and I knew the coffeeshop scene. Said they believed that they could actually learn something from us and that we should take THEM on a coffeeshop tour throughout town instead of vice versa!!

After chilling out there for what seemed like hours we headed out for the Grey Area, I was really wanting to try the GreyBerry that I had heard about. Caught the tram from the Leidseplein to Dam Square and made our way straight to the place. John was working and I had to have a sigh of relief, especially when I found out that Steve was on holiday and would not be back for a couple of weeks! How lucky could I get, and I will be here the next two weeks and I will never have to worry about him being there when I need to go there!! How cool:)) LastHamlet brought some goodies for John and he returned the favor by giving him a good deal on some Grey Mist buds and some crystals. I got 8 grams of GreyBerry for 50 euro, I picked out two huge buds of this awesome stuff which is very pungent smelling and has a dark green color with deep blueish-purple hues. LastHamlet and I burned up some of the killer buds and decided it was time to get something to eat so we caught the tram back to the Leidseplein and walked over to the Hard Rock Cafe. This is one of my favorite places to eat when I am in Amsterdam so I always frequent this place regularly during all my trips and this one will be no exception. I really like the atmosphere and the service, all the servers are so nice and friendly, and the food is good with reasonable prices. I usually get the nachos and a soda (and you can get free refills here) and I can get out of there about 12 euros including the tip.
The Old Style meeting was only a couple of hours away and I wanted to freshen up so I went to the room to have a shower and relax for a bit. I met up with LastHamlet, BuckoFive, and dannymac around 7:30 at the Old Style and we proceeded to fire up several joints. Dannymac offered some blueberry ice hash he had gotten earlier to put in the Greyberry cone joint I was rolling, how nice, I get smoke more of floaty stuff without purchasing any:)) After finishing up that one everyone had a nice buzz and I noticed that dannymac was beginning to show heavy signs of 'floatiness' and that he was swaying slightly. He then looked up at me and said, 'I don't think I am doing too well right now' and the next second - BOOM - he hit floor and hard, it all happened so fast we just sat for a couple of seconds in total shock. The guy sitting at the bar was the first to jump and then LastHamlet and BuckoFive was on the scene getting him to his feet and out the door for the chair outside. Immediately he was given some sugar water and BuckoFive headed around the corner to get some chocolate bars. He was kind of out of it for the next hour or so while we chatted and enjoyed the scenery on the terrace outside of the Old Style, you can no longer smoke outside there which is a bummer. After spending several hours there smoking and talking we all departed and since it was still kind of early LastHamlet and I made our way down Nieuwendijk to the De Kuil. LastHamlet filled up the vaporizor with some nice Shiva he had purchased and we commenced to toke it all up in three bag fulls. It was starting to finally show signs of getting dark outside and it is almost 11pm, this sure is different for me because usually when I am here it gets dark around 6 or 7pm. It has been a really long first day and I am totally wiped-out, I have had no sleep in almost 48 hours and it is time for some well needed rest. So we head out from De Kuil towards dam sqaure to catch the # 4 tram back to the room and in no time we are there relaxing and having a nightcap smoke before crashing out.

Friday June 27 - Day 2

Got up early and decided to go out to Haarlem and spend a few hours before the Dampkring meeting at 3pm this afternoon. Trammed up to centraal station and got a round trip ticket for 5,50 euro, prices just keep going up every time I come, last September is was 5,20. I noticed the prices of the strippen kaarts went up also from 5,90 to 6,20 euros. It was a nice, peaceful journey through the countryside to Haarlem, how I always love the scenery along the way with all the lush greenery, and cool little dutch houses that are so cute. And it is a gorgeous day with hardly any clouds in the sky, the temps must already be in the 70's it is so warm. I have never experienced weather like this and it is definitely sheer heaven here for sure now, no bone chilling winds to cut you in half like it is in the wintertime. I must come again this time of year in the future, there is absolutely nothing like it!
Once I get into Haarlem the first stop naturally is the Sativa, and so convenient being right across from the station, it is hard to pass up. I walk in and there is Tony working, cool, and we immediately strike up conversation and he informs me that Nol is still in Spain but is planning to be in town sometime next week for a day or two. Maybe I will get a chance to meet up with him again afterall, but he is a very busy man so it may still not be possible. I sit down and roll up a nice spliff of some Greyberry and proceed to smoke all of it before departing.
I left and went directly across the street to the bus station and hopped on the # 73 to the Houtplein which will drop me off right at the front door of the Sinsemilla coffeeshop. As soon as I went in I saw Red, one of Marcel's freinds, and all the other familiar faces of the workers there. I inquired about the whereabouts of Marcel only to find he is on holiday in Barcelona, Spain and he won't be back until early next week. I chat with Red and the others for a bit longer then I spend a few minutes on the computer checking email and trying to catch up on the channels forum. Then it is time for another smoke so I pull out the blueberry this time and puff away another nice sized joint. Time is getting short so I decide to make my way back to Amsterdam, the meeting time for Dampkring is drawing near.

Once at centraal, I trammed it back to the room to freshen up and then I headed out for the Dampkring. It's been a while since I have been there and without my map (in my luggage that still hasnt arrived) it was kind of tricky to find. I took the # 4 up to the Spui stop on Rokin and got off there because I did remember it was somewhere in between the two tram lines around the Spui area. So I crossed over the street and just took the first road that went across in the direction of the other tram line. I began to hear this circus like music and it distracted me so much that I started walking towards the sound so I could find out what is was. And trip out, it was one of those street organ things with one guy making it play and the other collecting money, it was cool. I wish I would have gotten a photo but I was already running late for the meeting and there were soo many people around it would have been hard to get a good shot anyway. So I turned around and headed back in the direction I thought was correct however as I kept walking I just wasnt so sure, everything looks the same a lot and it makes it hard to tell sometimes. But after only one wrong turn and strike of luck I happened upon it before I even realized it was there, cool. LastHamlet, SuZe, and her husband Steve were already there when I arrived around 3:15 but no dannymac although it is still early, will he be here to redeem his self after last night's events? hehe:)) After about ten to fifteen minutes the question was answered when he walked through the door and in pretty good condition I might add. Looks like he make a nice recovery from last nights fall, as I see no large lumps on his head or bruises on his face:))

We sparked up several cone joints, including a LastHamlet nuclear joint which I believe was buddah's sister or reclining buddah, some kinda buddah anyway - I think! Lots of weed was consumed I know that much for sure and dannymac is still standing so that is a good sign. After several hours everyone was getting hungry so we departed for the Kantjil en de Tiger which was just a short walk from Dampkring. Since we arrived early there was no wait and we were seated immediately even without reservations. After the drinks arrived we were all just chatting and having a good time when LastHamlet decided to spill over an entire glass of soda, most of which came in my direction and it is a good thing it didnt get on me because I only have one other change of clothes. We all got a good laugh out of that and after the mess was cleaned up I made sure to inform the waiter to put LastHamlet's next soda in a kiddie cup with a lid and straw!! hehe LOL The food was served quickly and everything was hot and plentiful although Indonesian is not my cuisine of choice, it wasnt too bad.
Once we all had a filling meal, it was time for some real dessert so we made our way right down the street to Dutch Flowers which was literally only steps away from the restaurant. LastHamlet went up to the deal counter to check out the menu. Once he made his purchase, he decided to stir up a tornado with filters, there must have been a huge gust of wind or something because they went everywhere. Now here he is causing a commotion again, it was so funny watching him try to pick up all those filters he knocked off:))%c8

After everybody got settled down, we proceeded to roll up some more joints and began smoking away when Dannymac announced that he had some awards to present. Now this is cool, DannyMac had these cards made with the channels logo on it which says Smoke-Out Champion and an award cup with 'THE VERY BEST' on it and at the bottom it has Held at the Dampkring 27 June 2003 Amsterdam, NL. On the back it has the channels logo and all of the competitors, well some listed on there didnt show up like BUCKOFIVE and JAHSHUA. {So it was really cool and very nice of dannymac to do that for us, he is soo sweet. Thanks a million dannymac, I really love mine and will treasure it always, dank u wel.} I received the first place award card and LastHamlet got the runner up but all in all we were pretty equal, including dannymac and SuZe, there is no doubt we are all true ghanja lovers.
After the awards presentation SuZe and Steve departed and LastHamlet, dannymac, and I decided to walk towards centraal and hit up the De Kuil so we can toke on the vaporizor. We chilled there for a while then dannymac left so LastHamlet and I called it a night also and made our way to the hotel. Smoked up several bowls in this cool ass bong thing LastHamlet bought earlier and toked up a couple of joints before passing out.

Day 3 - Coffeeshop Crawl Day

Get up early as hell so we can get to the first coffeeshop on the crawl by 7am. On the way crossing Prins Hendrik Kade I hear someone calling after us and there is dannymac bebopping up behind us with a spring in his step, glad someone is actually awake this early. Get to Barney's only minutes after 7 and the place is empty except for a couple of employees of course, but no SuZe and Steve yet. I start rolling while dannymac and LastHamlet order something to eat, I have ate here before and didn't like it so I wasnt about to risk it. Finally SuZe and Steve show up and they too order something to eat and decide to just share it. I fired up the joint, ready to get this smokefest underway and we started the smoke billowing... Keeping up with our timed estimations we must leave it is almost 8, off for the next coffeeshop on the list.

Having taken note on the way down Haarlemmerstraat that Picasso opens at 8, we went there next only to find it not open and no one inside. Making our way back down the street we noticed none of the others were open and that most of the other ones on that street don't even open until 9 or 10am. At that point we really didnt know what to do, so we stopped in front of Popeye's coffeeshop and decided that even though we couldnt get inside a coffeeshop at the moment we could at least fill the weed consumption quota for that timeframe.
LastHamlet broke out a bag and commenced to roll up one on the ledge of the window and since we had another one already rolled, I fired it up and passed it around. Then out of nowhere these two dutch police guys on bikes appeared and asked 'What is this smell, there is no smoking allowed like this on the streets' or something to that effect and then they asked 'where is it, the smell, it is out?' and dannymac squeaks out, 'it's out' and opens his hand to reveal a smashed and crumpled, what was once a LastHamlet nuclear joint and is now a demolished piece of something unsmokable. It was so funny how dannymac reacted, almost like being here in the states where you get all paranoid while smoking, and he paniked and squeezed the *** out of that joint so much to the point the burned a blister in the palm of his hand. He is standing with his arm outstretched like his is trying to get it away from him and it is soo funny, I swear I wish SuZe would have gotten that on video. Then once they were satisfied it was out they cycled on along their merry way, never giving the joint roller a second glance even though LastHamlet was steadily rolling on the window ledge while this all took place.

Well since we could no longer smoke there we decided to move on once LastHamlet had finished rolling up his masterpiece. By the time we made our way back to the Picasso they were open and we stolled on in to find a place to settle down. The upstairs section is nice and has like a balcony where you can see down to part of the bottom floor and out the window, we found a spot up there and began smoking the last one rolled. And all the while we burned there LastHamlet was busy rolling the joint for the next place on the agenda, he made the sure the joint supply was always plentiful:))
Just down the street was the La Grotte and they were also open now and not a soul in the place so we had our pick of seating. It is actually pretty good sized even though you would not know it from the outside. There is an upstairs section that has 5 or 6 tables and it is a very nice, clean place and the food it pretty good also. I had the cheese omlet and it was delicious and plentiful with very reasonable prices at only 6 euros, it included a small salad and 2 slices of toast. Although this coffeeshop does not sell weed you can certainly smoke there and we had no problems consuming the required amount before departing to our next destination.

Literally steps away from the La Grotte is the Pink Floyd which was next on the coffeeshop crawl list. Again we are the only ones in the place, they just opened too and the staff was getting things prepared for their shifts. SuZe and dannymac used the computer and posted some tidbits about the crawl while we passed around the joint. This time SuZe got some hash and we also smoked a few bowls of it just for good measure. After the alotted time had elapsed, we left and walked across the street to Popeye's again which is now open. We went inside and spent a few minutes talking and checking the place out so that we could finish filling the time minimum for this coffeeshop. Then we all headed for the Doors which was a little further of a walk and we are just leaving Haarlemmerstraat which knocked out 5 shops all on one street.

Realizing they had tables outside which still allows smoking, we seat ourselves on the picnic table out front of the Doors coffeeshop and take in the fresh Amsterdam morning air. While we are sitting and chatting and smoking away this guy rides up on a bike and parks right in front of our table. Recognizing that we were American, he immediately spoke to us and introduced his self as J.Johnson, he is from the US also but he lives here in Amsterdam now. I am not really sure how he got into the conversation but within minutes he was sitting at our table joining in on the smokefest. We told him about our endeavor and he was tripping on us but decided he liked our smoking style and even wanted to roll us a J. Johnson joint. He was quite the character with his comedic act he had going and I thought he was very funny, I know he had me rollin pretty good. When it was time for us to move on he agreed to tag along so that we could talk some more and listen to his comedy and share his life philosophies.

Just across the canal beside the Doors and part way down Brouwersgracht is the Siberie which is next on the agenda. This place actually has some other customers at this hour and we have to settle for the only available table large enough to accomodate our 'for now' 6 member group. Too bad the largest table is being used, it shows a view from the webcam and everyone at home could see us toking up in the Siberie. SuZe, dannymac, and I take turns on the computer posting information about the crawl events as they unfold on the channels. We stay here a bit past our required time immerced in converation with our 'special guest crawler' who is quite interesting and entertaining to say the least. Before we leave, I make sure to get his email address so that I can keep in touch, it would be great to hang out with him again sometime in the future. Mr Johnson is not able to go on with us to our next destination so we say our goodbyes to a fine fellow and make our way over to the Rasta Baby.
This time it's a little too windy and chilly to sit at the outside tables although we did attempt it, but after only a few minutes we moved inside and began rolling and smoking the joints. As soon as the desired quota of weed consumption and time frame was fulfilled we departed for the next coffeeshop which is LastHamlet's favorite place, the Old Style.
Once we got inside the Old Stlye LastHamlet continued to roll more joints to keep the stock supply up, there must be enough rolled now for the next 3 coffeeshops already! LOL dannymac made sure to check the floor for injuries from the other night's fall since he didnt have any, he thought maybe the floor has incurred some but everything was okay even the stool:)) SuZe made sure to document the current crawl events with the video recorder and LastHamlet made sure he took intense notes so as to document what (kinds) was being smoked at each coffeeshop. I just made sure I got my hit each time the joints came my way, hehe:))
We moved on, crossing the street from the Old Style and making our way down Nieuwendijk to the La Canna. This place is huge and is a coffeeshop, smartshop, souviner store, and hotel all in one, so it is very spacious. They also serve food, a full menu, and so everyone ordered something to eat execpt me and everybody seemed to like it fairly well. SuZe and Steve began talking about stopping and resting here for a while and maybe shoot a few games of pool on the tables upstairs but LastHamlet wasnt having it, we was on a schedule and he was sticking to it! Once the second hand on his watch chimed time to move on, we walked on down the street and around the corner to the infamous Channelite gathering place, De Kuil.

De Kuil is one of my favorite places to buy, smoke, and chill, so I went on up to the deal counter and made my selection. Since the Noon didnt really have the blueberry nugs I was in search of I decided to buy some here. I really like the dealer working now, his name is Greg and he an American guy who's been working and living over there for several years, he is very nice and helpful. I picked out one nice very crystally looking bud and put it on the scale, almost a perfect 2 grams, I will take that at 8 euros a gram. I gave Greg some to put in the vaporizor, since SuZe and Steve had never tried it before it was a must that we use it while we are all here. We decide to sit up front since it is kind of crowded at the back and that is good because I really like sitting in the big window. It gives you a different and unique perspective of the people walking by, I really love the looks some people have - unknowing curiosity, shock, amazement, disgust, interest, awe, it is all really funny:))

Time to go to our next place on the agenda, so we head off and make our way across to the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal to the GrassHopper 2. Although it is a bit touristy, it is in a perfect location for our crawl so it was added to the list. We smoked up the prerolled nuclear joints that LastHamlet had prepared and stayed the allotted time, then we jetted out of there. The original plan next was to hop the tram, but after a bit of reorganizing we decided to go on down to the Homegrown Fantasy and make it a tie (13 coffeeshops) for the record without even using the tram at all.
It wasnt too crowded inside so we made our way to the tables in the back where there was more room. LastHamlet got some bud called Apple Jack that smelled pretty sweet and he immediately began rolling it up for later consumption. A decision was made to change the list again and make the Noon our next coffeeshop destination. Since the number 14 shop will be the record beater, it is better to have it be a favored coffeeshop than the actual one that is supposed to be next on the list which is the Bulldog Palace but it has now been eliminated from the list altogether. We smoked all of the required amount and bolted out of there when the time limit was met, now we are on a mission to defeat the record.
We walked over to the tram stop and patiently waited for a #1, 2, or 5 tram to come and in no time it arrived. All of us jumped on board and quickly we were at the Leidseplein where we got off and walked through the crowd and across the Plantsoen to the Lijnbaansgracht. We followed the canal all the way down Zieseniskade until we reached the Noon. It wasnt crowded and so we took the big table at the back where there is a lot of room to get comfortable. I purchased some more blueberry anyway at 5 grams for 23 euros and rolled up a few cone joints for later. We celebrated our victory with several LastHamlet nuclear joints therefore comsuming almost twice the minimum requirement and we stayed well over an hour. SuZe and Steve decided they were satisfied with breaking the record and did not wish to continue on for the other 3 coffeeshops on the list. However the three of us left are serious contenders - myself, LastHamlet, and dannymac - so we trudged ahead, to the Rookies we must go.
Leaving the Noon we the cross the canal and make our way back down the other side of the Lijnbaansgracht until the road splits off at the Saloon. We head down Korte Leidsedwarstraat and the Rookies is only part way down the street, it is literally only a couple of minutes walk from the Noon. The place is kind of crowded as usual but we are lucky enough to find one small table with exactly three chairs, perfect. We rolled up a couple inside but decided it was just too stuffy in there so we went to one of the tables outside to finish smoking.

Antsy to move on, we leave quickly once the time had elapsed and walk over a street to the Rokerij. This place is really packed and there is hardly anywhere to sit so we just hang out for a few minutes until some space clears near the front door. Now this place has a sign out front, no smoking on the terrace, that makes no sense to me when just down the street in either direction (Rookies, Bulldog Palace) there is smoking still allowed on the terrace, so what's the point? Weed consumption fullfilled, time requirement met, time to move on.

Well this is the last stop on the coffeeshop crawl list and it is one I have never been to before, the Global Chillage. So we walked up to the Leidsestraat made a right and crossed the Prinsengracht until we came to the next street which is Kerkstraat, turn right and it is on the left just a short way down. It is an okay place but not very big and the seats are not comfortable at all, it is designed kind of weird. But who gives a ***, we just did 17 coffeeshops, back to back, without stopping, since ***ing 7 am this morning. We all high five each other after smoking up the victory joint and declare ourselves the winners

After we left there we walked back towards the Leidseplein trying to decide on something to eat since we were all getting hungry. I suggested the Hard Rock Cafe and everyone agreed so we made our way through the crowds towards the Casino area. I noticed it seemed more crowded than usual and when we finally get up close enough to the door to inquire about a table we were informed there was a private party going on. Well that bumps that idea, so we walk back across to the Plantsoen, at this point I am now starving so I just opt for Burger King and everyone else follows suit. I get a whopper and eat only the insides, no bun, but dannymac said to hell with it and ate it all:))
Getting some food was just the thing I needed to get the strength to walk back to the hotel. We walked down Korte Leidsedwarstraat in the direction of the Rookies and decided to part ways. Dannymac said he wanted more food and was thinking of posting some on the forum about the crawl at the internet place we had just passed which also happened to be a coffeeshop internet place. We said our goodbyes to dannymac then LastHamlet and I started towards the hotel to call it an evening.
En route, LastHamlet began to ponder dannymacs true intentions about the internet posting scenerio he had laid out to us before he departed our company. Seems it could be possible that he go in that internet coffeeshop, spend perhaps 45 minutes on the computer and burn a nice joint and our record would be defeated. Oh hell no, that aint even gonna happen and LastHamlet is going to see to it, by god, so I was not about to let LH take the whole record, I dont think so, so I trotted right along with him to the next destination.
Since the Stix was right up from the hotel, it was not out of the way at all, so stopping there was very convenient. We practically had the place to ourselves and even though we were both smoked out, we smoked more to consume the required amout. And not til the clock strikes 45 minutes time elapsed did we finally leave and the crawl was officially over. What a record and damn I am tired, tired of walking, tired of smoking, tired of having my eyes open..... hummm WOW, it has been one long ass day!


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