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The Central Station Amsterdam

Departure Day ~ Wednesday October 31

Finally the day has come to take that long trip across the ocean to the country of Holland. I have been preparing for this moment for so long, I can't believe it is finally here. This will be my first international vacation and along with me my boyfriend and my best friend who both have never been overseas. In fact my friend has never even been on a plane before so it is definitely going to be an adventure for her! We departed from Charlotte (NC) and made two stops, one in Cinncinatti and the last in New York, now we're on our way to Amsterdam. Luckily my other bestest friend works for Delta and we were all able to fly first-class with buddy pass tickets which was totally awesome:))

Day 1~ Thrusday November 1, 2001

Arrving in the Schipol airport was quite an experience and suddenly upon departing the baggage claim area I was totally overwhelmed. All the preparing and all the information gathering I had did just seemed to go right out the window (of my head)! Everything started racing in my head and everything around me was so hectic, people everywhere going in all directions, dutch signs everywhere. Even though some of them had English too, it was just like I couldn't read it or something, I don't know, it was strange. Finally after being turned around for what seemed like hours, but was in fact only minutes, we found our way down to the trains. Once we figured out which one to get on we waited for it to arrive all the while feeling totally lost. I knew we should have just taken a taxi, no matter how expensive it would have been, at least I wouldnt be feeling like this. We pulled into Central Station and disembarked the train and headed the same direction as the crowd til we came out in the center. Getting my bearings together, I remembered which way to go to get to the lockers from my information gathering, and we found them without too many problems. We had to end up using several different lockers because all of us had big luggage and duffle bags. Once we got them all stuffed in, we made our way out front of the station. The fresh air was nice so crisp and cool, it was good to be outside. But oh no, we have a major problem - I forgot the map! It is in the duffle bag which is already locked in the locker and once it is opened you have to pay again to close it.

So to begin our coffeeshopping journey, we ended up in the Grasshopper because I didnt have my map or my list of shops to go to and it was the first one we spotted from Central Station. We were so ready to smoke at this point it didn't seem to really matter. But it turned out not to be one the best shops around, for instance the first three kinds we asked for on the menu was not even available so we took the recommendation of the dealer and got 3 grams apiece of the K2 Special, Super Skunk, and the Silver Haze which was 45nlg each.. Out of the three the Super Skunk was the best but nothing to brag about and it was not very strong smelling for a skunk variety. Not impressed with the other two at all, in fact the Silver Haze was not cured and was impossible to burn and it did not have a good smell either. Left there looking for something to eat with the munchies and hunger setting in we settled for something quick. Manhattan pizza on the corner of Damrak looked delicious so we ate there and it was very good. After that we made our way back to Central to pick up the bags and went to check in at our apartment. Our place was very close to the station so the location is great and so is our apartment. After getting settled in and freshening up we headed back out, just around the corner from our place was the Greenhouse Effect which is very small and it was quite crowded. Got the White Widow for 14nlg a gram, not bad at all and it was very good. Nice taste, not harsh, great buzz, definitely will want more of that later on. We then found the De Kuil which was just around the corner from the pizza place, it turned out to be a very nice place to hang out. Sampled some of the Blueberry for 15 nlg a gram which was real nice, sweet, smooth, and had a real good buzz. Also scored some Temple Ball hash for 26nlg a gram, it was good stuff sticky and gummy - had to roll it into a rope shape to smoke it in a joint. Later we stopped in at the El Toro Doro, should have known that when there is someone outside soliciting people to come in it is not a good place to eat but we found out the hard way. It was aweful, the food, the service, and the prices and we got totally ripped off and left there pissed off. Decided to go to the room and call it a night, jetlag getting the best of us all

De Kuil 4:20

Here you can see the doors of De Kuil coffeeshop and the neon green 4:20 sign above them.

Day 2

Got up early and headed out to Haarlem to spend the day there, it was just a short train ride away. Went directly to Frans Hal, practically straight across from the station. Got some Sticky Fingers and Juicy Fruit, 3grams for 45NLG each and some Manila Cream hash, 1 gram for 45NLG. The Sticky Fingers was great just like the name says, will make your fingers so sticky you cannot even hardly wash it off! Very tasty, perfectly cured and it burned real nice. The Juicy Fruit was dissappointing however not what I expected, not much taste or smell and the buzz just okay. We all had a toastie, some snacks and drinks then decided to head out and walk around to check out the town. Next coffeeshop stop was the Dutch Joint, we purchased 3 grams of White Widow for 45 NLG and proceeded to roll more joints, time to get real stoned:)) Ended up at the Willie Wortel a real nice coffeeshop and big with lots of tables and two pool tables. Found the best deal there, spend 100NLG get 25NLG free, got 7.5 grams of Power Plant for 100NLG, it was just one huge bud and Skunk Haze, 6 grams and 2 grams of Purple Flo together for 100NLG. The Flo was okay but nothing I would want again, it had a weird smell and taste. The Skunk Haze however has very very strong smell that will make your mouth water and the taste will make you want more with a kick ass buzz to top it all off. ((Unreal all the crystals on that stuff, by the time we got finished with the baggie I just had to lick it, no way could I stand to throw away that bag with all those crystals in it:)) A close second to the Skunk Haze was definitely the Power Plant. It has a wonderful aroma and a great taste that was out of this world. We departed our last coffeeshop stop on the agenda and made our way back to Amsterdam on the train. Once we got out of Central we walked straight down Damrak and stopped in at Manhattan pizza before returning to the apartment for the evening.

Shiva Bud

A nice big bud of Shiva bud from the De Kuil coffeeshop that was oozing with crystals and provided a totally kick-ass buzz. Strong, sharp taste that is very unique and hard to hold in your lungs without coughing your head off:))

Classic Rock

The de Kuil is a very nice and clean coffeeshop that also has a full alcohol bar. There is a pooltable in the back and there are board games available like backgammon free to use while smoking some nice buds. I love the atmosphere here, it is a great place to hang out. All the staff are very nice and the dealers are very helpful and are happy to show you what ever you want to see on the menu without any pressure to buy anything. I particularly like Greg who is American too and he is very friendly and has a terrific job! They also have bongs and a killer vaporizor to use if you like. The vaporizor is awesome and when you fill it up with weed lasts forever and you will get several huge bags full of vapors.

Our Centre Apartment

This a pic of the living area in the apartment we stayed in on Heijnt Hookesteeg, a very central location. The apartment was very nice and clean and spacious, which is fabulous:) The master bedroom had a king size bed which was all one matress and the other bedroom was a single. Great price for the accommodation and location.

Centre Apartments

Here is their business card with all the information about the accommodations. The website is very extentsive with lots of photos of the apartments and studios and the rates.

Day 3 ~ Saturday

Slept in late today, so it is afternoon before we venture out and we went straigt to the GVB to get tickets for the public transportation system. Got a nine day pass good for tram, metro, and bus for 52,50 NLG which is really cheap for transportation for nine days. Learning to ride the trams is very cool, just get on, sit down and go, it is totally awesome! So we figure out which tram to get on by the map I have that also includes the stop locations and we had no problems finding our way around. Starving, we go directly to the Hard Rock Cafe for some dinner but the food was just okay. At least they accept credit cards, so we can spend our cash supply on weed and hash instead. Off to the Noon again for dessert and we got some Blueberry, 5 grams for 50NLG, pretty good price. Also tried the Blueberry Ice hash, expensive for 60NLG a gram! But I just couldnt resist because of the way it looked, greyish and crystally, I just had to try it. And I must say, it was pretty damn good, I felt all tipsy after we left walking down the street. The Noon is a real cool place to hang out, it's not big but it's very cozy. The window seat is nice with a good canal view and I hear the back seats are comfy too but did not have the privilage of getting to those because it is always so crowded. We met this totally stoned guy while we were there who had been smoking some Grey Mist Crystals from the Grey Area, he said. And just happened he was from South Carolina too which I think is trippin to meet someone else from my pissass state here in Holland. He had overheard us talking and immediately picked up on our accent (of course, it is very distinctive) and he was glad to be able to talk to someone who sounded 'the same', he said. Well anyway, it was hilarous because when the guy got up to leave he fell on the table and turned it over and busted his ass! We all got a good laugh out of it that is for sure:) After we got our bearings somewhat together from all the excitement we left there and just wandered around town for a while. We stopped in at the Rookies around 7pm because we were supposed to be meeting some channellite buddy's from the Amsterdam forum the channels.nl but the place was very crowded so it was impossible to try to meet someone who you don't even know what they look like. We stayed for about an hour with no sucess at finding any channellites so we left to go exploring some more. After walking for a while we ended up in the RLD and decided to go in the Dread Rock, it was time for a break to rest and chill out. We was just wanting to smoke one and get something for the cotton mouth after all the walking. We glanced at the menu, too expensive so we just broke out the Blueberry and rolled it up. It was a cool place but the music was very loud and there was a DJ so we hung out a while and buzzed just trippin on the music. Later after relaxing in the room for a bit, we headed back out and went to the De Kuil to shoot some pool and get stoned. We did not buy anything this time except drinks because we had PLENTY of smoke! After that we retired to our apartment and passed out.

Hunter's Cafe & Coffeeshop

This coffeeshop was just around the corner from our apartment. However, we did not go in the place but the dog taking a leak was a funny:))

Day 4 ~ Sunday

We started off for the famous Barney's Breakfast Bar and coffeeshop for some breakfast and smoke with anticipation since I had heard so many good reviews of the place. The three of us all ordered different plates and not one of us liked the food, it totally sucked and we were very dissappointed. After a not so filling meal, we go to the deal counter to get some of the renowned Sweet Tooth, 3 grams for 50NLG, that was so highly recommended and proceeded to roll it up. Unfortunately it was not very impressive as far as the look, smell or taste and the buzz was not what it should have been considering all the great things I had heard about this famous strain. Afterward leaving there we walked for a while and ended up at Tweed Kramer near the Spui which is a very small place, I mean claustrophobic. Purchased 2 grams of some AK-47 for 34NLG and it was the bomb, like the name indicates, it will blow you away! We also tried a sample of some White Widow, 2 gram for 30NLG but it was nothing to brag out at all. Since it was just around the corner we decided to stop in at the Dutch Flowers even though I had heard many mixed reviews of the place. Not long after entering we were approached by one of the staff wanting to take our order for drinks. I didn't want mine right away so I didn't order right then and he was very adament about the fact that I had to order something or we had to leave. This kind of service was what I heard about from many other visitors and I was put off by his attitude about it, so we just got up and left. After leaving there we trammed it up to the Dam Square and found our way to the infamous Grey Area coffeeshop only to find it closed. It was only 9pm, but the sign idicated that they closed at 8pm and did not open on Mondays so that means we can't go there tomorrow either, what a bummer. So we walked on up the Spuistraat and located the Chocolata in search of some space products they are renowned for. Unfortunately there wasn't much to choose from as they were out of almost everything, no bonbons or chocolates, no cake, no brownies, only some nasty looking cookies which I didn't dare try. So we ended up scoring some bud even though they only had prepackaged which I don't care for. We purchased 2 grams of Orange Bud for 25NLG and 1 gram of Zero Zero hash for 25NLG, neither of which was very good. After a long day of walking our @$$es off we made a quick stop in at Manhatten Pizza and ordered one to go and went back to the apartment, calling it a night.

10 NLG note

This is the former currency of the Netherlands, the Gulden which was still being used in 2001. I kept this one as a souviner since the Euro is now the only currency being used.

Casa Roso

The front of the sex club called Casa Roso where they have live sex shows. Here is a photo of the dick fountain located out in front of hte club, sorry that dick sounds bad (well to me) but I tried to use the proper term Pe_is and Vt would not accept the word - said it was obscene language!?!

Day 5 ~ Monday

So as to get a good start on the day we left the room early and went straight to the Central Station to get on a train to Haarlem. We made basically the same route through town stopping first at the Frans Hal and then we got a bus to the Wille Wortel's but we skipped the Dutch Joint this time. We hung out at WWW for a few hours playing pool and pinball and naturally smoking. We just loved the Skunk Haze so much that we had to have more of it so we got 3 more grams for 45NLG. And we also tried the WhiteWidow Afgan, we purchased 8 grams for 100NLG which is a real good deal. It was very different smelling with a strong taste and a good heavy buzz. After leaving WWW, we decided to hit Frans Hal again in hopes of meeting up with Nol. And to our surprise as soon as we walked in the door we saw him standing there! He was very nice to us and so generous with his weed and hash. He smoked several joints with us of some Sticky Fingers and even rolled us a couple of dutch joints to smoke later. He demonstrated for us how to roll a dutch cone joint which he makes look sooo easy but we found it to be quite difficult to say the least. Nol also gave us a gram of Nepal Temple Ball hash and wow that stuff is good, we smoked it in several joints before it was all gone. After getting totally wasted in Haarlem, we headed back to Amsterdam, with plans to return to Haarlem in a few days.

We relaxed at the apartment for a while after returning back from Haarlem and rested for a bit.

Rookies Menu

This is the Weed and Hash menu from The Rookies Coffeeshop. The very bottom is cut off because it was too big for my scanner!

The Noon Coffeeshop

The Noon is one of my favorite coffeeshops mainly because of the wonderful Blueberry sold here but also because it is just a great place to chill-out and smoke some nice buds. Plus the Noon's menu has some terrific prices on their weed and hash, the best in town! The seating is very comfortable with large pillows everywhere that are so soft and coushiny. And there are these cool ass candles on all the tables that have mounds and mounds of wax piled high. The walls are colored in fanasitc colors and are mural-like paintings which make the place look vibrant.

The Noon's Blueberry Buds

The Blueberry buds are very tasty and strong enough to knock you on your ass. Won the Cannibus Cup in 2001, it is killer stuff.

A Noon View

This is the view you will see directly across from the Noon Coffeeshop. If you are lucky enough to get a window seat, this is what you will see looking out! Located right in fron of the canal, it makes for an excellent view.

Day 6 ~ Tuesday

Coming Soon

Grey Area Coffeeshop

This place is very small, only 3 tables a few bar stools. But if you can get a seat, it is a real cool place to hang and burn after purchasing. It is run by two American guys, so it is easy to get bigger bags, they know what USA smokers like:) Good Deals!

Grey Mist Crystal

Here is some buds of Grey Mist Crystal from the Grey Area Coffeeshop. Now this stuff was sweet, a real nice treat!

Day 7 ~ Wednesday

Coming Soon


Only went in there briefly to get out the rain, bought the lighter and left. Took the the pic later on a nicer day!!

Day 8 ~ Thrusday

Coming Soon


Front of Dampkring Coffeeshop. This place is ALWAYS crowded, consider yourself lucky to get a seat. Prices for weed/hash are a little for expensive than other places but they definitely have the biggest selection.

Dampkring Menu

This is a partial menu from the Dampkring Coffeeshop, it is very extentsive!

Day 9 ~ Friday

Coming Soon

The Dolphins

The Dolphins Coffeeshop is real cool as far a decor goes, but the weed and hash is sold prepackaged. I do not prefer to buy mine that way, so I didnt purchase anything.

Dolphins Decor

Here a photo I took inside on the wall. Turned out to be a real nice photo, I didnt even think it would turn out good because it was so dark in the place. However the background lights on the painting brought the scene out perfectly:)

Day 10 ~ Saturday

Coming Soon

Smokey Coffeeshop

Coffeeshop Smokey, very large with several floors. Just went there to smoke, did not buy any weed just drinks and a lighter.

Sea Palace

The Sea Palace Chinese Restuarant, suppose to be the largest floating restuarant. I like the Budda on the side. Didn't eat there because I do not like chinese but it looks like a real nice place.

Day 11 ~ Sunday

Coming Soon

La Canna

This is La Canna coffeeshop, cafe, and hotel. There are three floors in all, with lots of pool tables and areas to hang out and lounge. Only bought some nice little souviners the weed did not look to impressive so I left it alone!

Day 12 ~ Monday

Coming Soon

Power Plant

These are some Power Plant buds we got in Haarlem at Willie Wortel's.

Day 13 ~ Tuesday

Coming Soon

Artis Zoo

Got some great photos of lions and other large cats at the Artis Zoo. It is a very big zoo, with so many varieties of animals it is incredible.

This Lioness is perfectly posing:)

The Big Cats

2 Lions

Two lions laying lazily in the sun thus providing a perfect picture.

Day 14 ~ Wednesday

Global Hemp Museum

In Haarlem, Holland aka Hempcity, the Global Hemp Museum is a really cool place to visit. It has everything you could want to know about the uses of marijuana for smoking and for hemp products. A very interesting place to see and get souviners.

Nice Plants

There was only two plants growing there at the time I was there and they smelled sweet:)

GHM Passes

Here are the passes we got to go inside the Global Hemp Museum in Haarlem.

Day 15 ~ Thrusday

Departure ~ November 15, 2001

64 Hose Hookah

This thing was awesome, hate I didnt get to try it out personally:) It sure would have been nice, however it only used once a year during the Harvest Party and I missed by 3 days:(

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