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Luggage and bags: I took a suitcase which was fine depending on how long you are going for and how you are travelling. I did a grassroots tour (Geckos Adventures - an Australian travel company - highly recommend them) and we travlled on buses and trains and our luggage was taken care of by our driver. If you are doing it on your own, I would recommend a backpack or a duffel bag of some sort, somthing easy to carry yourself.

Pack as little as possible as you will want to bring home a lot of souvenirs! I had to buy another carry on bag to fit all my extra stuff!

Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Of course, I overpacked! I went at the start of summer (July) and it was pretty hot but, not unbearable. I mostly wore knee length cotton shorts and long sleeved light cotton tops. I had a pair of pants that had the zip of bottoms to become shorts, these were great. Sometimes I wore t-shirts but I would definitely recommend the long sleeved cotton tops, it kept me cooler. I did have a couple of sleeveless t-shirts but only wore these on the not so hot days. If you have long very light cotton pants, I would take those as well. Shoes, I took 3 pairs but could have done with 2. I had a pair of sneakers and a good sturdy covered pair of sandals - I pretty much lived in these. Definitely take a wide brimmed hat, particularly one that is light and ventilated. You will always need to wear this and of course sunglasses. Nightime clothing, pretty much the same as daytime as it was summer. I believe it gets quite cool in winter so would recommend taking a jumper. I had a couple of sarongs which were good on the cruise, sitting around on deck and wore a bikini on the boat. Didn't feel too uncomfortable sunbathing in a bikini because you could only last about 30 minutes out in the heat!

If you do a donkey ride at all, girls, pack a sports bra! You work up a bit of bounce on those donkeys!

Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Took the following:

immodium - extra strength;
stematil - anti nausea (doctor also recommended these to help sleeping);
first aid kit - small;
cartia - slow release aspirin to help prevent DVT took these for the entire time I was away;
sunblock - 30+;
lip balm - lots of it!;
eye drops;
aqau ear - if you are prone to get it;
shampoo/conditioner/face wash/soap - all travel size;
travel towel - most places we stayed at had towels though;
nappy bags - sounds strange but in some places you couldn't flush the toilet paper so it was handy to have these to mask the smell!;
toilet paper - most places had some but not much so it was handy to have;
moisturiser/after sun cream;
clothes washing soap;
gastrolyte tablets - these were great, would add them to a bottle of water to rehydrate - handy on those really hot days!

That's all I think. If I remember anything else, I'll add it.

Photo Equipment: I have a Canon SLE camera with 2 lenses and a flash.

Glad I took 2 lenses as I dropped one at the Pyramids at Giza. Luckily it wasn't the one I use the most. Didn't use my flash much at all except at night on the boat.

I took about 15 rolls of film and used about 10 (they were 36 exposure). I didn't have to buy film anywhere but saw it around at most places but don't know how expensive it was. I got my film duty free before I left Sydney.

The film I took was ISO 400 which I figured was best for outdoor and indoor. But, I would also recommend ISO 100 for a lot of the outdoor shots as it is very bright and some of my pictures had too much light and looked a little washed out.

If you go to places and they tell you not to use the flash - DON'T - they do this for a reason. Besides, they are strict about it and will confiscate your camera, it is not worth it -you will get it back but you will miss out on all the shots. If you have an automatic camera, make sure you know how to turn the flash off.

The ISO 400 film will handle the indoor shots and most of the places are well lit anyway.

Little tip, buy a postcard at each place you visit, just in case something happens to your films.

Didn't have any problems with xrays. I kept my used film in my suitcase and my unused film in my backpack.

Miscellaneous: Usual stuff, money belt, passport holder, although, never felt at risk of anyone pickpocketing or stealing. I always carried my passport and tickets on me, usually in an over shoulder bag.

Another thing to take is handwipes and lots of them. The easiest way to get sick is hand to mouth. If you bite your nails or have a habit of sticking your fingers in your mouth - stop it! This is, I think, the way you get sick. I had handwipes which I used before every meal if I couldn't wash my hands. A lot of the food you eat is with your fingers so this is important. Drink lots of bottled water and also, coke even if you don't like it. I was told by a doctor to drink coke 'cos of the sugar and it will kill most bugs in your tummy! I don't like coke much but I drank a heap of it in Egypt along with about 2 litres of water a day. I never got sick neither did my boyfriend. We were the only 2 in our group who didn't, I think we were lucky! I don't think there is anything wrong with the water in Egypt but obviously visitors are not used to the different chemicals. If you are staying for a while and want to assimilate, I've been told it is best to start small, like cleaning your teeth with it and stuff like that. But, bottled water is available everywhere and is so cheap so I don't know if it is worth the risk of a few days of Mummy's Tummy!

The food in Egypt is awesome! I am a vegetarian and I had such a choice, it was fantastic! The felafels are great and all the dips and bread were delicious - try it all!

Travel clothes line is a good thing to take. If you wash stuff, it usually dries overnight but also take some ziplock plastic bags, these are always handy.

If you want to buy stuff, wait till you get to Luxor (if you are going that far), it is a lot cheaper.

Can't think of anything else at this stage, feel free to get in touch if you want to ask any questions!

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  • Written Sep 8, 2002
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