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dulsen44w Mar 1, 2012 at 11:24 AM

Hilambje, I believe I am not late even you wrote some last days. I want to explane to you about you trip. I have been there but I can share you my experiance. To Maroantsetra village,then transfer by boat to two beautiful island is not easy if yourself want to arrange it.So I want to know your trip is start fly from Tananarive capital then fly to Maroantsetra, so for 5 days total both visit is ok and available if you stay 2 days in Nosy Mangabe and 3 day to cap masoala pennisuela but nice for camping is in nosy mangabe then transfer to masoala leave early in the morning in Nosy mangabe then camping to Nosy mangabe.there are many possibility to organize you than yourself , more expensive.
you can ask me when you need more information