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Pic above is the view from near The Wiggin Tree Pub at the top of Parbold Hill near Parbold in Lancashire.
There are built up industrial areas in England but fortunately i think it is still on the whole very rural.
We must remember that it is only while farming still plays a part in the economy and for produce in England will the landscape like this continue.
I do hope the landscape will not change too drastically in the next several decades because to me this landscape is what identifies England to me.
For overseas visitors to England it is good for them now that we have an extensive seriesof footpaths through this wonderful landscape for hiking.
Please respect local landowners/ farmers and farm animals (ie do not get too close to sheep because they can can stress and do not mate). Remember much of the land is private so stick strictly to footpaths - you are walking through the landowners gardens.
And enjoy Englands Green and Pleasant Land - hiking is not just about climbing big mountains - it is enjoyable walking through landscapes like this too - you willl see Lambs in Spring, Cows (many England Cows typically Black and White) plus many birdlife and other wildlife.
PS - Walking Boost are usually a good ideal - and on many public footpaths expect Mud because we get a lot of rain here - especially in North of England - but see local tourist offices because we have many trails now that have surface where you can just wear trainers- ie along canals you can often find gravel paths - and cycle trails are increasingly popular now too - see local tourist office for cycle but contact www.sustrans.org.uk - this organisation responsible for turning many disused railway lines in England into cycle trails - and their routes are so varied throughout the country.

I love nature (although not like getting dirty or muddy etc)
But i love the beauty of it all -and living in the UK we have a very beautiful countrside and only 1.5 mile or 3km from my house is this beautiful countryside.
Now of course - here we are going into Autumn (or Fall as commonly known in USA/ Canda) and as much as i love Fall - i am not so happy when trees have completely lost their leaves and have become naked and the landscape is more wild and less comforting.
I like then also to be reminded of the summer we just had - and then that Summer will come round very quickly again - although of course in England we are fortunate for temperatures to become mild at the beginning of March.

If visiting England - for at least one day you have to have a walk in a countryside and a pint or 2 of real ale and maybe also a Pub lunch - it is a very English thing to do and unfortunately due to economy at moment these "Pubs" are suffering - if hiring a car do go to these "Pubs" in the English villages - but if eating there ring ahead to check opening hours.
We are not like Sweden with zero alchohol tolerance so if having a meal i is normal to have a Pint of Bitter (or 2 because usually very weak beer compared to European Beer but do check the strengh because some are very strong) - but 2 Pints of Bitter when eating food is normaly well without the alcohol allowance when driving (but i strongly emphasise check the strengh because some Special beers are much stronger - the strengh is nearly always wrote on front of Bar Pump and in England you order your food at the Bar so you can see or ask.
For example of Beer Strengh my local Bitter (Thwaites) is 3.4%, compared to European Lager which is typically 5.2%., but then even with this same company Thwaites they do a stronger special beer at 5.2%
However with Wine you have to be very careful and ask for 1 small glass because the size of some glasses is a 3rd of the bottle of Wine - do check
Personally if driving i normally stick to 1 Pint of Bitter only with small snack (and unlike Europe there are Bar Snacks but these will not always be the kind of Bar Snacks Americans think about).
However with a main meal i have sometimes had 2 Pints - just use common sense

A typical English village view with an Old Church
- Pleasington village (4 - 5km West of Blackburn) - easily accessible by train or car

Explore your local area - "Green Corridors"

Many people who live in Western Europe may live in Urban areas - but looking around in Urban areas you can often find "green corridors" such as Cannals, Rivers - and if you live in the UK the organisation "Sustrans" has done a massive amount of work in opening up cycle ways and has even renovated and surfaced many old railway roads.

In Blackburn, Lancashire i can be very fortunate in that we also have a very vast green space between Blackburn and Preston - of which encompasses much field and woodland and is very peacefull and tranquil - here is a path or cycleway that runs from the village of Pleasington towards Pleasington Cemetery and Witton Park.
There is something green about cycling through nature - i have done it in England, France and Switzerland.

Parks and Recreation Act

About 100 years ago or so or maybe longer the Victorians of England wanted for Parks to be created in towns and city centres so people could get healthy air and excercise etc
So - these Parks are also nice places for greenery but the trees etc can be laid out in a much more formal approach
Here is a pic took from Avenham Park in Preston and is down towards the River Bank
I was very lucky i arrived here at the time that the sunlight was creating a nice effect

Typical English countryside scene
A Cow in Pleasington (near Blackburn)

Explore your local area

We are very lucky in Blackburn to have this vast expanse of greenery and countryside near our town centre
This is Witton Park, Blackburn (to West of town)

Finally pics of England are not complete without a pic of an Old English Rose
So beautiful
So English

Another Rose
Roses are not just Red
Violets are not just Blue

Travelling is not just about Best Restaurants, Pubs, Biggest this , Best that, what can you do etc
It is also about the wonder and beauty of a place - whether it be nature, the sky, architecture, etc (ie for me it was the sunset in Rovinj, Croatia (free) - the time i was mountain biking in Scotland and got within 3 yards of an Osprey (free) - meeting lots of great people (free) - architecture - Tallinn, Amsterdam, Barcelona (free) - beach (free) nature (free)
There is a saying - the best things in life are free - and i believe this can be true in many instances, even though we are living in an increasingly materialistic world - don't get me wrong i love buying a Cappucinno - the smell and the taste etc - but i equally like to pick wild Mushrooms, Blackberries etc and eat them.
As much as travelling is very exciting - we often also miss what is on our very doorstep.
I like to travel - but i also like a homecomming.
I used to hate being English - but one thing i do like about England is the countryside - but i also find many of us have lost our way now and do not experience the countryside compared to some other countries.

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