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The Behistun Inscription

a multi-lingual inscription located on Mount Behistun in the Kermanshah Province of Iran. Authored by Darius the Great (522-486 BC)... Click Here

I am Darius [Dâryavuš], the great king, king of kings, the king of Persia [Pârsa], the king of countries, the son of Hystaspes, the grandson of Arsames, the Achaemenid...

King Darius says: This is what I have done, by the grace of Ahuramazda have I always acted. Whosoever shall read this inscription hereafter, let that which I have done be believed. You must not hold it to be lies.
King Darius says: I call Ahuramazda to witness that is true and not lies; all of it have I done in a single year.
Click Here

Ostan-e Tehran:

Jul 2009, Velayat Roud:
Velayat Roud
Landscape (Velayat Rud)
Flowers (Velayat Rud)

Jun 2009, Taleqan:
Landscape (Taleqan)
Flowers (Taleqan)

Jul 2008, Gol Khandan:
Gol Khandan
Gol Khandan Fort

Jul 2008, Rudafshan:
Rudafshan Cave

Mar 2008, Ray:
Tappeh Mil & Gallery
Zendan-e Haroun,Einanj, Borj-e Naghare Khane

Jun 2008, Khur:
The Beautiful Khur

May 2008, Ray:
Bibi Shahr Banu Shrine

Apr 2008, Meygoon:
Tange Hamelon (1)
Tange Hamelon (2)

Mar 2008, Ray:
Shahr-e Ray
Borj Tughrul,Cheshmeh Ali,Dej Rashkan,FathAli Shah

Nov 2007, Emamzadeh Hashem:
Emamzadeh Hashem

Tehran pages:

Tehran, My home

Things to Do:
National Jewels Museum - History (1)
National Jewels Museum - Items (2)
National Jewels Museum - Items (3)
National Jewels Museum - Items (4)
National Jewels Museum - The Kiani Crown (5)
Carpet Museum of Iran (1)
Carpet Museum of Iran (2)
Malek National Library and Museum 1
Malek National Library and Museum (Coin's Hall) 2
Malek National Library and Museum(Art's Gallery) 3
Malek National Library and Museum (Stamp's Hall) 4
Abgineh Museum (Glassware & Ceramic Museum) (1)
Abgineh Museum (Glassware & Ceramic Museum) (2)
Sar dar-e Bagh-e Meli Symbol of Old Tehran
Grand Bazaar of Tehran - History (1)
Grand Bazaar of Tehran (2)
Masjed Emam Khomeini (Shah)
Emamzade Zeid
Tomb of Lotf Ali Khan-e Zand
Zoroasterian assosiation & fire place
Zoroasterian Firouz Bahram High School
Sarkis Church

Off The Beaten Path:
Bazaar-e Gol of Tehran
Emamzadeh Zeinali & Einali
DarAbad Mountain Resort
Darband Mountain Resort
Park-e Laleh
Park-e Hazrat Maryam
Bonyad-e Neyshaboor

Iran Pages & Albums:

Iran Local Customs:
Norouz (1)
Norouz - Customs (2)
Norouz - Tradition (3)
Norouz - History (4)
Haft Sin - History (1)
Haft Sin (2)
Norouz Greetings
New Year Dishes
Norouz Visitings
Sizdah Bedar, The mass picnic
Sabze Gere Zadan - Sizdah Bedar
Dorugh-e Sizdah - Sizdah Bedar
Jashan-e Sadeh (Festival of Sadeh) (1) - History
Jashan-e Sadeh (Festival of Sadeh) (2)
Jashan-e Esfandegan
Khane tekani(spring cleaning)
Chahar Shanbeh Soori (1) - History
Chahar Shanbeh Soori (2)
Haji Firuz, The Herald of Nouroz


Symbols of Our Land Exhibition (1) New
Symbols of Our Land Exhibition (2) New
Arms & Armors & affiliated artifacts Exhibition
10000 years Art & Culture of Iran Exhibition (1)
10000 years Art & Culture of Iran Exhibition (2)
Sassanid Stucco Decoration Exhibition

2006-07 Travel Pages:

Dec 2007, Ostan-e Khorasan > Neyshabur:
Neyshabur, The Turquoise Land
Khayyam, Imamzadeh Mahroq, Shadiakh, Attar
Kamal ol-Molk, Shaer-e Kheshtmal, Shazan, Bazzar
> Tus:
Tous, Revive of Persian
Harounieh Dome, Exhibition, Tabaran
Mausoleum of Ferdowsi
Darvaze Razan, Ferdowsi Museum,Grave of Akhavan-Sales
> Mashhad:
Mashhad, The Capital of Nader Shah
Shrine,AbbasGholi,Gonbad Kheshti&Sabz,Kouh Sangi
> Khajeh Rabi:
Khajeh Rabi, The wonderful Safavid Art work
Khajeh Rabi, Exterior
Khajeh Rabi, Interior - Paintings
Khajeh Rabi, Interior - TileWorks

Nov 2007, Ostan-e Mazandaran > Ab Garm-e Larijan:
Ab Garm-e-Larijan Travel Page
one day in Ab Garm-e-Larijan

Oct 2007, Ostan-e Hamedan > Ali Sadr:
Ali Sadr, a Wonderful Water Cave
Ali Sadr Cave 1
Ali Sadr Cave 2

Oct 2007, Ostan-e Zanjan:
Zanjan Province
> Katale Khor Cave:
Katale Khor Cave 86.07.27
> Soltaniyeh:
Dome of Soltaniyeh, Oldest & Greatest one in World
Dome of Soltaniyeh & Citadel
1st floor, Sardab
2nd floor

Sep 2007, Ostan-e Qazvin > Qazvin:
Qazvin, The Safavid Capital
The Jame' Atiq Mosque & The Al-Nabi(Soltani)Mosque)
Bazar, Chehel(40) Soton, Aali Ghapo, Darb Koshk Gate, Museum of Qazvin, Chahar(4) Anbia

Jun 2007, Ostan-e Mazandaran > Lasem:
one day in Lasem

May 2006, Ostan-e Esfahan > Kashan:
Kashan, My trip to 8000 years ago
Khane Tabatabeiha ( Tabatabeiha house )
Khaneh Borujerdiha ( Borujerdi ha House )
Tappe Sialk (Sialk hills)
Baghe Fin (Fin Garden)
> Qamsar:
Qamsar, The Capital of Golab

Travels & Wish list:

Firstly I wish to see whole of Iran & see every monument.
& then trace Iran at this map: Achaemenid Persia.

Where I've been:
India [at 3 years old, no Memories]
Syria [at 8 years old, some blur Memories]
Saudi Arabia [at 14 years old, some more blur Memories]

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