Este sitio tiene más de 2,000 años de antigüedad, y su peculiar estilo arquitectónico es único en la región y en el mundo. El descubrimiento de sus estructuras circulares, llamado Guachimontones, en el occidente del país, ha causado gran admiración, y ha creado un nuevo enfoque y expectación hacia la búsqueda e investigación de las primigenias civilizaciones de todo Mesoamerica . Pareciera ser que Guachimontones fuera el punto de partida del eslabón olvidado de las culturas del occidente de Mexico.
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The site is over 2,000 years old, and the architectural style is unique to the region, and in the world. The discovery of circular structures named Guachimontones in the West part of the Country has caused great admiration and created a new scope and expectation towards the outlook and research of one of the first civilizations in the whole Mesoamerica. The archeological site of “Los Guachimontones seems to be the parting point of this forgotten link in Western Mexican cultures.
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Guachimontes has only excavated in the past ten years; it's now an UNESCO World Heritage site.
Going to Guachimontones, you can feel like you're really discovering something, not just following a well-worn tourist route.
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Guachimontones tan solo ha sido excavado durante los últimos diez años, y ahora es considerado Patrimonio de la Humanidad( UNESCO)
Yendo a Guachimontones se puede sentir como que vas a descubrir algo, y no solo recorrer una mas de las bien conocidas rutas de turistas.

La Iglesia de Teuchitlan. Guachimontones

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The small pyramids had poles for the ritual of the”volador” (flyer) ceremonies that are represented in the clay models typical of the western Mexican cultures. The figure of the god Ehecatl (god of the wind, also present in Teotihuacan) stands out among the figures that have been found. The monumental circles are associated with the ball courts and one of them circles is one of the biggest in all Mesoamerica

They follows principles of a cosmological nature.

This largest Mexican, pre-Hispanic ruin it flourished around the year 300 B.C. and had its heyday from 200 to 400 D.C. during the Classic Period.

The precinct has ten circular buildings; two ball courts, rectangular plaza, residential units and cultivated terraces that were built more than 2,000 years ago.

The monumental buildings called Guachimontones are made of four sections that included a circular altar with staircases, surrounded by a patio, and closed in with a banquette that is the base for various platforms.

These concentric circles with aforementioned characteristics represent Jalisco’s unique concultures of Mesoamerica is its unusual architectural style, defined by ceremonial centers in the form of concentric circles.The geometry of the circular ruins follows principles of a cosmological nature.

Valley of Tehuchitlan. View from Guachimontones

In the areas surrounding Teuchitlan there are also a great number of artifacts made of obsidian, a material that was utilized for the production of art pieces during the pre-Hispanic era. It is amply used in the production of tools during the period of the Guachimontones.

This is the largest and most complex site with this architecture, and is located in the center of the Tequila valleys, as you can see. (Agave= Tequila)
Tequila is only 35 minuts from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

La Paza de Teuchitlan- Guachimontones

La plaza central de Teuchitla, lugar natural por excelencia para conocer y tener los primeros contactos con los lugareños.

Se puede apreciar a la distancia, su amabilidad hacia todo turista, ya sea nacional o extranjero.

Su orgullo regional no se puede ocultar. Lo primero que te diran es si ya fuiste a la casa de la cultura(museo) y a las piramides.

Rosa Elena (my wife) Marita, Ches (Arq. Ignacio T)

Si hasta parecen Arqueologos, a poco no?

Al, studyin the best angle, Dee Ann contemplating.

Three centuries ago, formerly known as "Hacienda de Santa Maria de Miraflores"… today "Hacienda El Carmen Hotel & Spa"...the charm and elegance of Old Mexico blends with the comfort and style of today.
Hacienda El carmen is 7 minutes from teuchitlan- Guachimontones.

Hace tres siglos, formalmente conocida como "Hacienda de Santa Maria de Miraflores"… hoy "Hacienda El Carmen Hotel & Spa"...el encanto y la elegancia del viejo Mexico se combina con el confort y estilos del dia de hoy.

Unic ceramic models¡¡¡

West Mexican ceramic models have often been a useful tool for understanding the function of the circular architectural complexes of the Teuchitlan Tradition. In 2003, the Tequila Valley Regional Archaeological Project conducted extensive excavations near the village of Navajas in Jalisco to test for evidence of the performance of pole rituals and other ceremonial activities as seen in these ceramic models

This unprecedented concentration of fieldwork on a society long dismissed as a "tomb culture" provides fresh new data relating to subsistence, feasting, mortuary practices, and lineage based forms of social organization
This dominant culture-historical paradigm linking west Mexico to the rest of Mesoamerica.

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