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out in the dark

future is but a question mark
hands above my head
there in the dark
cant see for the brightness
staring me blind
happened just yesterday

london england

being here has opened my eyes again to who i am, and what i need to do with my life.
with freedom comes choice. and with choice comes confusion. there are no rights or wrongs. just to be.

morocco moon

i try to mediate by staring at the moon. this is a moroccan moon...when i in a real cross roads in my life and a testing and heavy blue time........but i took the time to heal with the moon and gather strength for women everywhere and those that appreciate women too.

hhhhhhoooooola. salam wailaikombonjourhellopronto!

seen alot of places and known alot of people now i am lost in this world and the only world i begin to exist in is one you cant see you can only feel it............

sunny days here to stay

Thankyou Spring
for restoring the earth to youth,
Thankyou Summer, for the glory
of the sun,
Thankyou Autumn, for the
joy of the fruits of labour
and harvest of work,
Thankyou Winter, your rage and
Restore to Nature her sleeping strength.

taking in the sun

The Spiritual place to go in London is the park. Under an Oak tree. As above, as below, as within as without. Or if there are no trees to be seen (??), go next to flowers, and to have space around you.
My spiritual retreats have been under many oak trees and laying on many a green grass...in my "time" in London, before that it was with the waves of the sea and the sand beneath my feet for 7 years....
I have felt spiritual and sexual urges and calmness when my deep femiminity arises over my feet legs and bosom, whilst i lay on my back, staring up the Great Oaks protective and strong branches, the roots underground carry me, lift me catch me, and ground me too.
My feet settle on his Trunk, and i close my eyes and rub the soles of my feet and toes onto the rough bark, pushing my feet harder into the tree trunk, he doesnt move, he is spiritualy strong, solid neeshan. the oaks gives so much and expect nothing in return.

basking in sunshine

whilst im laying and thinking under Oak, I thank allah that there is a time delay, that all our thoughts dont come true instantly. (we'd be in trouble if they did...) the element of time delay serves me, it allows me to think and feel about what i want and to make a new choice.
my thoughts and feelings create my life, and thats one thing that never changes. guaranteed!
I believe, feel think everytime you have a thought, or a prolonged "chronic" way of thinking, you are in fact in the creation process. something will manifest from those thoughts. Creation is always happening.

Something i read once: The Vibrations of mental forces are the finest and consequently, the most powerful in existence: Charles Haanel.

i need to become AWare not only of my actions, but very much so, my thoughts and feelings, and "choose"
my thoughts carefully, ofcourse i can have fun with this, because i am the masterpiece of my own life, i created my sculptor poem and painting. I am the master of my thoughts.

Making love to a one (night stand) whilst thinking of another........

its often easy for me to say i dont want this....or i didnt what that to happen, but as soon as i accept that my thoughts and awareness did. Then, this is really transforming. and beginning to get somewhere.

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