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please read ch2 fisrt then ch3 then ch1 sorry

Part 2 Phew that was a hot night must go and get the air con----Air con €8 per night and well worth it----well off we go to get breaky ham cheese cereals fresh friut bread mmmmmm feeling hungry now!!!!!!oh heck I've just been collared for wash up duties, the staff thinks this is hilarious oh well have to work breakfast off some how!!!of down to the beach frozen water in backpack rolls from Marias and Greek yoghurts---aaaahhhhhh beach sun loungers favourite place €8 for 2 loungers and sunshade, not changed since last year. ah where's the book ---Linda you awake,yes shutup I'm doing my Suduko oooopppps I'm going in the sea--good !!!!!wonder what she meant???? bbbbbrrrrrr its cold when you first get in but you soon aclimatise lavely----back on lounger, read book, fall asleep,what a hard life----what time is it? 49 dgrees--what? 49 degrees--no I said what time is it ooohhhh19:30 time to go back to the Amphi----must get an airbed----get ready to go to the Enigma, mmmm food--- 2hrs later down to Marias to get filled rolls juice fresh peaches and drinks--off to Amphi----put on aircon thats better off to bed fall asleep reading zzzzzzzzzz

june 2006

Well folks its about time I wrote a little about our wonderful holiday and that is said very sincerely Linda and I have had a wonderful time this time --the best ever--- As said on numerous occassions our flight was at 06:00---We left Hereford at 00:45 a nice steady run to the Highwayman Security Park just outside the Cardiff Airport arrived at airport at 03:00 to find we were about 30th in the queue, checked in oooooppppppssssssplease pay excess weight over there at the cash desk----£20---few what will we pay to come back!!!!!!!!Went and had breakfast then off to departure lounge--flight away early well 10 mins tail wind --no dramas--and There It Was RHODES AIRPORT yippeee we're early cheers bus driver-----open the door to the plane few feel that warmth aaaahhhh bliss--through customs no probs baggage again no probs uot to the coach simple (I like this flight)

June 2006

into Pefkos by 14:00 --down to the pool by 14:30 YYEEEHHHsssssss The Amphi was bliss Kate and the family was there to greet us and a new young lady on reception Maria from ArchAngelos---slap on the sun cream fry fry fry both sides aaahhhh that's better ---of to the Enigma for our first meal the usual Melon and Parma Ham followed by Moussaka then Flambeyed Pineapple yummy great big hugs from all cor its like being part of the family--then off to Marias to see the 'boys' and Janet and what a treat Maria was there as well more hugs and kisses from another part of the family phew we're home!!!!back to the Amphi for drinks on the balcony then bed zzzzzzzzzzzzzhere endeth the first day watch this space for the nect episode


Part 3
I shall skip the next few days as we did our usual relaxing things like beach sleep read swim eat, thoroughly chilling out on the loungers and well just unravelling the old stressed bodies. We go to see Philip at Philosophia for Sunday lunch and a great welcome we got as normal, wonderful food as normal.
Here we go again up to see Friendly George to get the car --5 days this year for €80 not bad eh, after lots of chat finding out how his family were, George showed us to our car and said ‘Will you try this new one out for me and tell me what its like’ sure then he points to it ‘George what is that’ he shows us a bright yellow Chrysler Matiz  Ok George we’ll give it a go --800cc 3 cylinder bang goes my street cred!! George there’s no petrol in it ---enough for 80 klms we sit in the pram on wheels and are surprised how comfortable it is oh well off we go right off to Maria’s shop for some goodies. Oh no Tassos has seen us , get up off the floor will yuh --yellow peril Tassos cries holding his sides --we leave to Tassos’s jokes and jibes--well its mae somebody happy well done little car!!!!back to Amphi and chuckling night night little car zzzzzzzzzsee you in the morning.
Breakfast as normal oh no I’m on the washup rota again --morning little car Ok off to Lardos first to get some petrol flipping heck its taken nearly €40 that should last the week----off towards Prassonissi we go now there’s an interesting road Im sure that takes us to Hawaiian Beach woops we end up in a sewerage depot should have turned right there -- well Linda what do you think of the little car? Not bad very comfortable and the aircon is brill--must admit it has surprised me too--off we go again and end up at a little church called Agios Georgious with monks quarters on two sides absolutely fabulous and the views as well ok Hawaiian beach must be over there, off we go and ohh what’s this The Silk Factory Where the heck is the beach!!! Must have gone the wrong way cos there’s the main road!!!!!confused ----oh well on towards Prassonissi ----Hey there looks a good road to go on so off we go mmmmmwonder what that round circle is on that hill, funny a triangle on that one-- must be a druids meeting place--- whats that a smashed up tank wooopppppsssss we’re on the Army’s firing range --about turn fly little car --we get back on the road --impressive this car is growing on us---phew off to Monolithos and safety ---Monolithos castle towering as a centurion on guard duty , standing on a plinth of rock surveying the captured land around, waiting for the next invasion to repel, off we go down to the beach around the winding road down and down to the end ---we have a smashing meal at the cantina then its back towards Sianna to get dad his honey --we have got my dad honey from various places in Greece but there is none to compare with the Thyme honey of Sianna-well so my dad says-- 4 tins please Christina (bang goes the luggage allowance again) after many hugs we go on our way againto find some of the secluded beaches along the Aegean Coastline and some of the best fish tavernas on the island.


This little car is not bad on the hills---better start heading back which way will we go lets go and have a look at the dam----off we trundle---the dam is as we remembered it with the church by the side and some picnic tables oh well time to leave off to Gennadi and then to Lardosthen Pefkos and straight to the Enigma for foooood No am not going to Maria’s tonight --ok we will then---phew they’re closed.back to Amphi for zzzzzz night night little carzzzzzzzzzz
After a discussion with Jannet at Maria’s with reference to the collages we went to find the stationers at Archangelos this was no small feat as the roads were being ripped up and the diversion took you through streets that our little car was finding tough to negotiate with lots of scratches on the walls, we come out on the upper road and behold there we are outside the stationers---in we go with the collages---have you got any frames to fit these collages please ---they are over there the assistant took us to the shelf--is that all you’ve got --she produces 3---I can get you some more for Friday from Athens--the assistant phoned Athens yes they have them in stock and will be here on Friday around lunch time---would you like me to pay now---no that’s ok---what fantastic service off we trundle where shall we go now ---to the |Italian hotel at Profitas Illias when we get there it was absolutely fabulous  We had 2 cappuccino coffees served by a waiter in a white coat very plush and what a place to stay---ooopppss forgot to say what it is called The Elafos Hotel go there you won’t be disappointed and the air is a little cooler as well-well off for a ride around to find the new road back to Lardos via Learma another great day in the car even had to turn the aircon lower it was getting to cold!!!usual place for food and back to the Amphi ---night night little carzzzzzzzz this is getting addictive zzzzzzzz
Breakfast sssshhhhh must creep out of dining room -----caught drat washing up duties---off to Rhodes Town park in the usual place by St. John’s Gate (free parking) opposite the stadium then mutch about looking for Linda’s birthday present got it (its not till later in the year but still) we have a great time then go to the cross at Filemos Linda stays in the car and I go off, camera in hand, whoop’s tripped over an iron bar in the floor and the only person who came initially to see if I was ok was a Thomson rep --was very impressed by the way she reacted ---pride knocked I go off to the car and tell Linda what happened--
We then head back south towards Kamiros and back to Pefkos food at Enigma then off to Maria’s shop phew only Janette on back to Amphi --night night little carzzzzzzzzzz
Deciding to stay by the pool as our friends were coming to meet up and have a spot of lunch so a lazy day by the pool.

july 2006

We go and get the frames from the stationers but its halfday closing so we had to wait 3 hrs for the shop to open Joanne our friend came with us to buy a white blouse so we had a good chin wag and lunch out, poor Goran had to get ready for work big sigh aaaahhhhh we did see him later as we went to Lindos Pines for a drink (5 star hotel) expensive!!!!!! A great day again how many great days can you have !!!!!!!! Oh well we had to take our little car back to George reluctantly----well what did you think of the car asked George
Brill we both said a little under powered but hey we are on holiday oh we have left the car with three quarters of petrol ------ you come on Sunday and have a car on me George said --what a great guy---we give him one of the collages and his face lit up like a Cheshire cat -- he was so gratious.
We now had to walk again over to Enigma then down to Maria’s then back to the Amphi ---zzzzz
The next few days are taken up with our friends, chilling out, taking the collages to various destinations saying goodbye to all our friends ---and then home--no delays at the airport, very good flight arrived early in Cardiff and for the first time we arrive in sunshine----get the car then back home!!!!!
Well hope you enjoy this little ditty-----
Phil and Linda

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