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I love my country. She may not be perfect, but I love her just the same.

Even if we have faux freedom, as some would say, at least we could still freely go around places without being scared. We could laugh, shop, jump and all that. In other places, they don't even have any semblance of freedom.

Even if I'm not the best English language speaker in the world, I find myself speaking it more often than not. Does that make me love my country even less? No. I love my country.

I do get disappointed due to a lot of negative factors here and there, but even with all her scars, I have grown to love my country.

There was a time that I couldn't even admit I was Filipino. I have been mistaken to be from this and that Asian country and seldom do they get it right. I don't know why. I think I look the part. Being Filipino, I mean. Sometimes I'm peeved, but most of the time, I'm relieved.

There was also a time I blamed my ancestors for fighting for freedom that they never did win. If people want so much to leave the country, why did we stop being a commonwealth?

My views changed when I read history books to heart and the commentaries made by Ambeth Ocampo. There is much to love about our country. Yes, there are many despicable things happening and there is a reason why we're still not part of what is considered the FIRST WORLD, but our culture is rich. We are diverse, but if we could be more united, then...

It's still not too late.

Our country could still be better.

We have our flaws, but our goodness outweighs them. I believe that.

Yes, there are scoundrels out there, but there are more people who are caring and hospitable.

Inward Sojourn

"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." ~St. Augustine

I love traveling.

No matter how different our cultures and our upbringings are, we learn that we are also very much the same.

"Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends".-MAYA ANGELOU, "Passports to Understanding"

Yes, people around the world have a lot of similarities, whether we admit it or not. It's also great to learn about different cultures, art, and whatever else...to have unity in diversity.

It is also a great joy to meet true friends from different countries and all over each one's motherland. We might meet some disagreeable people along the way, but more often than not, lasting friendships usually begin during traveling.

Yes, there are those who become close friends only during the entire trip, but there are those that stay close to your heart forever.

When a stranger writes about a certain place, you can imagine what that stranger experienced. That writer may transport you to another place in time, and as a tag-line of a certain sweet product said, "your imagination is your limit" and all writers dream of that.

Yet, the moments you share with your travel companions are precious and you will cherish them forever as long as you live or as long as you can remember.

So more than virtually traveling to a certain place, I believe, these pages of different members of Virtual Tourist could also help you plan your next trip.

If you are checking my pages, please do check the dates. I do try to update them from time to time, but sometimes I overlook things. I still have to muster enough energy before I could write about the places I have been to when I was much, much younger.

"Life is a journey"

Inward traveling is not so different. You go to your desired destination by hypnotherapy, retreats, and so many other ways.

I am still unfinished with my journey, or else I would've crossed over to the next life... ;p

It's been more than seven years since I joined Virtual Tourist and I'm loving it. I know that we cannot please everybody and not everyone pleases us, but I have met people from all over via this wonderful site that are like family to me.

If only I could attend every meet, but unfortunately, I can't.

I even had to miss the big VT meet in Boracay because it was my baby cousin's wedding. I am glad that, with some very minor hitches, it was a success. Judging by the pictures, videos, and testimonies, everyone had fun so I'm a bit envious, but my cousin's monumental event was very important to me and my family.

"Happiness depends more on the inward disposition of mind than on outward circumstances."-Benjamin Franklin

There are lots of fun activities we can do around our country. I haven't explored her much yet. Before exploring my own backyard, I have traveled here and there(my pictures are just too old and some of the stories have long been forgotten, that's why I couldn't update my pages much) before getting to know my own country. Hopefully, since I don't think I'll get out of the country any time soon, I would love to go around her as often as I can. I need to learn the different cultures of my country. Some tourists even know destinations that I have not even heard of. Shame on me.

There are many fauna and flora in this country. Thankfully, environmentalists are trying to preserve them.

I am also trying to do my part. Hope you are too!

Road trips are great, especially the scenic routes. True, you would reach your destination much, much later, but you would discover a lot of things too. You just have to keep your eyes wide open.

I love going to museums, but a lot of kids seem to get bored with lots of them. Thankfully, people have thought of ways to make going to a museum a fun learning experience or experiences.

With all the hullabaloo of being ashamed of having the worst airports in the world, I still love our airports. True, there are much room for improvements and all that jazz, but if you've been around for quite some time like me or longer, you would notice that we've gone a long, long way.

Like you, I hope they fix the system, but for now...


To those leaving, thanks for visiting our country and for those arriving, here's a warm welcome: MABUHAY!

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