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To Live and Die in L.A.......it's the place to be!

Now what can I say about L.A.? It's pretty much how it's depicted on TV (or at least I think so when it comes to the extremes). Beverly Hills, Santa Monica Hills, PV.....nice big homes with nice big beaches and lot's of Starbucks all around. Then they have the Compton area and the likes which is always seen as ghetto in the movies. It's actually not that bad, just compared to Beverly Hills of course it looks run down. Now where would you find me? In the bougie area high up in some hills or near the railroad tracks? I'm actually in between. I'm 10-15 minutes from those nice areas, from the hills, from the beaches, from the "ghetto" area which ALWAYS has the best hole in the wall places to eat, from the suburbs. My area is really a mix so of course I'm loving it, but like my title says.....to live and die in L.A. I know I'm probably going to end up here when I settle down since all my family is here so I want to live it up and see as much of the world as I can WHILE I still can. I take every opportunity to travel and intend on doing so for a long time to come.

On living in a bubble.....

During my college times....oh how that past year seemed so long ago, I lived in the beautiful city of Irvine. So neat and so clean....Where you can't even park on the side of the streets and the sidewalk crack you saw yesterday has magically disappeared. No, but I did enjoy Irvine living. There's not too much nightlife when it comes to clubs like L.A. I mean the hotspot was at D&B's in Irvine Spectrum, but with not much of a downtown to go to, there were parties every weekend. Oh those college kids and their craziness. So there was always something to do anyways. Everyone drove nice cars or fixed up cars (I unfortunately don't so I covered mines with a tarp that had a nice car painted onto it...hey I wanted to fit in). But my time there was a big part of my life and I really do miss it. Yeah now that I'm back in my hometown there's more places to go to, but I don't have as many ppl to go there with anymore. Not like in college when you can just walk into ppl's apartments (assuming that you know at least one person living there.) It's great though. I loved being around my friends whenever I felt like it and just crashing on ppl's couches if you needed to. The weekdays were spent hanging out on campus then chilling at someone's apartment after. No need to even go out. Then come Thursday, the party night of Irvine, ppl were always meeting up other ppl at wherever the place of the night would be. Anyways, now that I took a trip down memory lane (ah, one year ago...sigh), I'll let all you lovely wanderers of the world get on with your wandering.

The city of Irvine.....

where ppl swim in pools with their clothes on for fun


One of my most favorite things to do is eat. I love trying food anywhere and everywhere, but I must admit, I'm not much of a critic. Most places I eat taste great. I'm easily pleased or maybe I just don't have a sophisticated enough palette yet to tell good food from bad, but anyways in a few of my more local travel pages I have shared some of my favorite places to eat ( I won't list allll the places I eat for the risk of sounding like a phone book ). I wanted to share them just so everyone else can try them out and revel in the wonder that is food.

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