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I think it is great to meet people from different countries, cultures, religions, continents. If possible, I always try to make friends with locals and exchange contact information to be able to continue the friendship also afterwards.
Also I am very patriotic and love my little strong stubborn nation :D and our beautiful pure nature and humble way of life. I am proud to come from country of technology and communications (e.g. Nokia) and of high education and welfare level. Yet we have lots of unspoiled wilderness.

I have noticed that despite the race and religion we all may have even a very similar sense of humor. One of my favorite sayings is "you got to have roots in order to get wings", and that is so true. I think it is important to know own roots and history and the most important happenings of your own country.
By growing the strong roots and building your own identity you can get the wings to become an understanding, international and loving person.

My traveling style

At this moment I have been to 53 countries. My travel map doesn't show the exact amount -I think one is missing- as I have countries that are not existing today but have clearly been separate own countries; e.g. East Germany - DDR. I haven't done all of my travel pages of those 50 countries yet; still a lot of scanning work to do in addition to the tip & photo posting and Intro writing itself.

I want to visit new countries to get new experiences. Though my heart aches for longing after some countries. I also like to try a little unusual holiday countries and not go with the masses. But me too, sometimes I need the sunshine, sea and lying down doing nothing.

I try to photograph everything, not just posing pictures or some statues. In addition to them I always keep my camera ready, and take a picture of some funny happening, perhaps meeting local animals, traffic - anything can happen. The best pictures are real life pictures and not planned.

As a traveler I am flexible and easily able to adapt to changing circumstances. I enjoy anything - no matter if traveling by bus, train, own car, ship, by air - and sleeping in anything from open air, a tent, car, private home/couch, to hostels, B&B's and fine hotels. I take every new situation during travel -good or bad- as a new experience. Usually for me it is easy to laugh to myself and my possible mistakes and funny and crazy situations that I face sometimes. I am very flexible and can adapt to the circumstances and take everything finally as humor, even if something fails. It is a new experience - again!

Who am I? What kind of a person? Hobbies?

I live in Helsinki, our capital, on the southern coast of Finland. My mother tongue is Finnish; I speak also fluent English, good Swedish, manage in German and speak little French too. I studied some basics of Spanish and Russian, and have earlier studied the basics of Hungarian too (but can't self speak any of these languages; just some understanding). Always when visiting a country, I try to learn a few phrases and words beforehand; if not for surviving then at least for being polite and nice.

I work as a Duty Officer and hold a BBA degree in Security Management.

I am a warm and big hearted person, a forever young Sagittarius personality. I am a crazy mixture of sensitivity and femininity combined to action and fearlessness. I enjoy ex tempore - type of things in life - even trips! I am curious and brave to see all kinds of destinations; not only typical tourist/mass destinations. The more original local things, the better!

I think age is just a number, your real age is what you feel inside. I wish to get connected to surfers of all ages!

Despite the action I enjoy lazy moments and days, too, and love privacy, silence, nature, doing things on my own too. I am an incurable optimist, mostly happy, a dreamer, a positive person, a wanderer by soul, an adventurer too. Sense of humor and sense of situational comics are part of me. I dare to admit that I believe in good in life.

I love to learn new things, also study something - if nothing else, then some language or music instrument. Or learn from other people and cultures. I read a lot; want to keep myself updated in world happenings. I also write (poems, diary, articles, maybe some day a book). Also I have had and still have quite action-based hobbies like voluntary defense, security and civil defense work and related.

I am a honest, open and straightforward - like most of us Finns are :) For me it is important to maintain respect for other people as well as nice good habits and behavior despite present world's openness, flexibility and relaxed atmosphere.

Still the Finnish nature - the ruska - phenomenon!

This is something even I as a born Finn always wonder like a child. When the autumn comes (September-October); all the leaves of the certain trees turn to yellow, orange, red and brownish.

In the north, Lapland, it is even more awesome.

The clear autumn days are the best time of the year for walks.

I just couldn't help this either - our sunsets...

I guess I already have advertised our sunsets and lakes a lot in some of my albums - but it just IS so breathtaking. Our short summers are like from movies.

I love to sit by a lake (a summer log house, perhaps) or terrace of the log house and watch the sun go down, until the end, and have wine. Of course we have the Midsummer time when you have to wait and wait...as the sun does really not set at all. You can read outside at midnight without any artificial light.

Land of the Midnight Sun and Thousands of lakes

This is a topic everybody has heard of I guess...but we really have some 100 000 lakes in Finland. In many of them the water is so clean that you can drink it. Not to speak about swimming.

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