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I recommend to all those who want to read the introductory words which follow that they also read my "Travel Pages(6)" by clicking on the above link. This will serve as a supplement to what is found below. Read as much or as little as you like, it goes without saying. I look forward to hearing from you---should you wish to comment.-Ron Price, Tasmania, Australia
Pioneering Over Five Epochs is a tapestry of statements, reviews and comments which I have placed here for this "Virtual Tourist.com Site." This tapestry concerns itself with various themes in the social sciences and humanities, with travel and with movies, with television and with a list of subjects and topics too long to list here.

I attempt to endow these many themes and topics with many layers of meaning and, in the process, try to evoke a complex range of responses in readers. I am a Canadian who has lived in Australia since 1971. I moved here to teach school; I married for a second time in 1975, am now a permanent resident, and published many books in cyberspace.

I have, I trust, evolved an individual voice and style of writing by fusing together much from the humanities and the social and physical sciences, from my own life and my Faith-the Baha'i Faith--which I hope appeals to both the novitiate, the veteran and people on a multitude of spiritual and secular paths. There is, too, a certain and an inevitable autobiographical aspect to my bits of poetry and prose which readers will find here. In some ways these postings can be seen as one long diary, journal and commentary on life, my life, the life of my society and the ongoing narrative of the emergence from obscurity of the religion I have been associated with for over 50 years, a religion which claims to be the latest of the Abrahamic Faiths.

Outline # 1 of Ron Price's Internet Activity



1. Everything I do with other people online is part of my particular type of social networking. My social networking is associated with three basic activities: (a) the creation of a personal webpage that serves as a home base, a central hub, for my writing, for teaching and consolidation, that is, community building, for service and social activism, as well as for feedback from others---should they wish; (b) the creation of a detailed personal profile which I post at over 8000 internet sites and which readers at these sites can access, again, if they wish; and finally (c) posting my writing at these 8000+ sites, and interacting with others about my posts and theirs. In the process I promote my website, and my writing, at these 8000+ internet sites.

2. In the last decade, 2003 to 2013, I have created an extensive audience or readership. I address myself to a small circle, a large crowd or single individuals. I try to make of my interactions more than the typical ones found at sites like Facebook and twitter. The interactions or connections at such popular social networking sites often reduce friendship to a feeling or an image, a sense of connection to faraway or nearby friends about everyday things based, for the most part, on very short, pithy posts.

Such connections involve posts that often contain little about one’s true difficulties in life and, when they do, they are succinct, pithy, and in a few words. A world of privacy and an image is created. There is nothing wrong with that, with this type of site and networking style, but it is not my style, not my approach, not my MO, modus operandi, to use a who-dun-it term.

3. I post a great deal about what I think in the form of prose and poetry, generally more extended pieces of writing than the posts found in the Facebook and twitter world. My posts are far beyond the one-liners, the jokes, what I did today, what I ate for dinner, I poke you, I like this and I don’t like that, the ‘here are some photos of this’ and ‘here are some pictures of that’, ‘here is a video of this’ and ‘here is a piece of music,’ etc.

Outline # 2 of Ron Price's Internet Activity


1. My website has been on the internet for the last 17 years: 1997-2013. It is part of a tapestry, or perhaps a jig-saw puzzle is a more accurate word, for all my poetry and prose both at my website and elsewhere in cyberspace at those 8000+ sites mentioned above. I have dozens of links at my site, some linked to my writing at other internet sites, and some linked to resources created by others. I have created a large thread of words across the internet since leaving the world of jobs in the late 1990s and taking a sea-change at the age of 55.

2. My cyberspace creation is made by a now self-employed individual: a retired teacher and lecturer, tutor and adult educator, taxi-driver and ice-cream salesman. I am now a poet and publisher, writer and author, editor and scholar, researcher and blogger, scribbler and sampler within the immense commentariat and blogosphere that is the world-wide-web.

3. I am now 69 and I attempt to endow various themes and a wide range of subjects in the arts and sciences with many layers of meaning. In these last 16 years on the world-wide-web I have evoked a complex range of responses in readers who come upon my work, responses which range from lavish enthusiasm to utter indifference and quite intense criticism. The solitary work of literary creation requires a type of talent, some earned ability or unearned gift of grace which is almost never collaborative. Social networking may expose readers to this or that book, this or that video or piece of music, this or that restaurant, food dish or pleasurable activity, this or that idea or cause.

3.1 The solitude I require to create an essay, a poem or a book requires my ability to draw on the globally interrelated, interdependent and interlocked system of the WWW to market my wares. Until my work is ready to be placed in cyberspace the activity is intensely private, although I often draw on the work of other writers in composing my own literary creations. The marketing of my work is also private, and then the feedback comes in or it does not as the case may be. Not everything I write in cyberspace is commented on by others.

Outline # 3 of Ron Price's Internet Activity


I will continue to use my website as the central hub for my literary work, for my internet teaching and learning activity, for my now several million words and many books on the internet in this 2nd decade of the 21st century. My writing is found in the form of: essays and blogs, poems and articles, ebooks and message boards, threads and special topic sites, indeed a myriad types of discussions. I do not engage, though, in any sort of aggressive proselytising or heated exchange at those 8000 websites that are part of this personal and industrious exercise. When what I write produces vehemence and invective, heated criticism at some site, I simply leave if I am unable to cool the emotional climate at the site.

Sometimes I am banned before this occurs for a variety of reasons: Christians only, Muslims only or some other form of exclusivist site-policy. Sometimes what I write is considered spam and, even after I defend my case, I am sometimes excluded from some site. In cyberspace as in any real space, one cannot win all the time.


1. I have tried over the last several decades of my life, looking back as far as my own junior youth in the 1950s, to develop a writing style which, while fusing together material from many academic disciplines, from my own life as well as from my value, belief and attitude base, aims to be both provocative and intellectually stimulating on the one hand and light and entertaining on the other. In writing, as in daily life though, one wins sometimes and one loses at other times; one’s writing appeals to some and not to others. One’s value, belief and attitude base is a set of assumptions around which one places one’s emotions and then proceeds to act and argue one’s case before the court of life.

2. I possess an obvious enthusiasm for my evolving values, beliefs and attitudes as well as the several causes I promote or I would not have been associated with them in their overt form---for 60 years; nor would I be promoting my ideas in a multitude of forms, subtle and not-so-subtle, on the internet as I do and have done since retiring from FT work in 1999, PT in 2003 and most casual-volunteer work in 2005.

Outline # 4 of Ron Price's Internet Activity


1. I now have several million readers on the internet. It is difficult to guesstimate readership precisely in cyberspace when there are now nearly 300 million sites and over 2 billion users, and when one writes at as many sites as I do. Many of the sites at which I post my writing and interact with others keep me informed about how many people click-on to what I have written.

2. I am engaged in varying degrees of frequency and intensity, in parts of this tapestry, this jig-saw puzzle, this literary product, this creation, this immense pile of words with hundreds of people with whom I correspond on occasion as a result. I keep most of this correspondence as infrequent as possible or I would drown in this new form of letter writing: the email and the internet post.


1.This amazing technical facility, the world wide web, has made this literary success, this form of publishing, possible. This teaching and learning exercise, this form of service and often social activism, among the many other functions of my writing in the now wide and extensive dialogue I now have with diverse publics is an enriching one. If my writing had been left in the hands of the traditional hard and soft-cover publishers, where it had been without success for the most part from 1981 to 2001, these publishing results with my now extensive readership would never have been achieved.

2.It is my hope that what I write as a result of this self-employment, this literary vocation and avocation, this pleasurable occupation of my leisure time, resonates with both the novitiate and the veteran on the one hand and the great diversity of people who are on a multitude of paths in their journey through life.

Outline # 5 of Ron Price's Internet Activity


When accessing what I write in cyberspace you can Google: Ron Price, but be aware that there are more than 4000 other Ron Prices now on the web. Some of them are men of fame and others of notoriety. You can also google: Pioneering Over Five Epochs or Ron Price forums or Ron Price followed by…..many other words and phrases literally several 1000 possibilities to access what I have written. My website, to reiterate, is found at: http://www.ronpriceepoch.com/ My email address is: ronprice9@gmail.com is you want to write to me.



2010-2013-Retired and on an old-age pension in George Town, Tasmania
1999-2009-Writer & Author, Poet & Publisher, Editor & Researcher. Retired Teacher & Lecturer, Tutor & Adult Educator, Taxi-Driver & Ice-Cream Salesman, George Town Tasmania Australia
2002-2005-Program Presenter City Park Radio Launceston
1999-2004-Tutor &/or President George Town School for Seniors Inc
--------ABOVE THIS LINE ARE MY YEARS OF RETIREMENT----------------------
1988-1999 -Lecturer in General Studies & Human Services West Australian Department of Training
1986-1987 -Acting Lecturer in Management Studies & Co-ordinator of Further Education Unit at Hedland College in South Hedland WA
1982-1985 -Adult Educator Open College of Tafe Katherine NT
1981 -Maintenance Scheduler Renison Bell Zeehan Tasmania
1980-Unemployed due to illness and recovery
1979-Editor External Studies Unit Tasmanian CAE; Youth Worker Resource Centre Association; Lecturer in Organizational Behaviour Tasmanian CAE; Radio Journalist ABC---all in Launceston Tasmania
1976-1978 -Lecturer in Social Sciences & Humanities Ballarat CAE Ballarat, Victoria
1975 - Lecturer in Behavioural Studies Whitehorse Technical College, Box Hill Victoria
1974 -Senior Tutor in Education Studies Tasmanian CAE Launceston, Tasmania
1972-1973 -High School Teacher South Australian Education Department
1971-Primary School Teacher Whyalla South Australia
1969-1971 Primary School Teacher Prince Edward County Board of Education Picton Ontario Canada
1969-Systems Analyst Bad Boy Co Ltd Toronto Ontario
1967-68 -Community Teacher Department of Indian Affairs & Northern Development Frobisher Bay NWT Canada
1959-67 -Summer jobs-1 to 4 months each- from grade 10 to end of university
1949-1967 - Attended 2 primary schools, 2 high schools and 2 universities in Canada: McMaster Uni-1963-1966, Windsor Teachers’ College-1966/7
1944-1963 -Childhood(1944-57) and adolescence(1957-63) in and around Hamilton Ontario
1943 to 1944-Conception in October 1943 to birth in July 1944 in Hamilton Ontario


I have been married twice for a total of 46 years. My second wife is a Tasmanian, aged 66. We’ve had one child: age 36. I have two step-children: ages: 47 and 42, three step-grandchildren, ages 19, 17 and 2, as well as one grandchild aged 2 years. All of the above applies in July 2013. I am 69, am a Canadian who moved to Australia in 1971 and have written several books--all available on the internet. I retired from full-time teaching in 1999, part-time teaching in 2003 and volunteer teaching/work in 2005 after 32 years in classrooms as a teacher and another 18 as a student. In addition, I have been a member of the Baha’i Faith for 53 years. Bio-data: 6ft, 230 lbs, eyes-brown/hair-grey, Caucasian.

My website is found at: http://www.ronpriceepoch.com/ You can also go to any search engine and type: Ron Price followed by any one of a number of words in addition to: poetry, forums, blogs, literature, history, bipolar disorder, psychology, sociology, media studies, inter alia, to access my writing________________________
End of document

GOOGLE-MICROSOFT: My Early Life in Cyberspace: Pt1

In the first year after I retired from FT work, July 1999 to July 2000, Google officially became the world's largest search engine. With its introduction of a billion-page index by June 2000 much of the internet's content became available in a searchable format at one search engine. In the next several years, 2000-2005, as I was retiring from PT work as well as casual and most volunteer activity that had occupied me for decades, Google entered into a series of partnerships and made a series of innovations that brought their vast internet enterprize billions of users in the international marketplace. Again, I was one.

Not only did Google have billions of users, but internet users like myself throughout the world gained access to billions of web documents in Google’s growing index/library. The information revolution set off in the closing decade of the 20th century by the invention of the World Wide Web transformed irreversibly much of human activity. Internet communication, which has the ability to transmit in seconds the entire contents of libraries that took centuries of study to amass, vastly enriched the intellectual life of anyone able to use it, as well as providing sophisticated training in a broad range of professional fields. It was a finer and more useful library than any of those in the small towns where I would spend my retirement in the years ahead. It was also a library with a myriad locations in which I could interact with others and engage in learning and teaching in ways I had never dreamt of in the first five decades of my life as a student and teacher: 1949-1999.

GOOGLE-MICROSOFT: Finding Millions of Readers

There are now several hundred thousand readers, as I say above, engaged in parts of my internet tapestry, my jig-saw puzzle, my literary product, my creation, my immense pile of words across the internet--and hundreds of people with whom I correspond on occasion as a result. This amazing technical facility, the world wide web, has made this literary success possible. If my writing had been left in the hands of the traditional hard and soft cover publishers, where it had been without success when I was employed full time as a teacher, lecturer, adult educator and casual/volunteer teacher from 1981 to 2001, these results would never have been achieved.

I have been asked how I have come to have so many readers at my website and on my internet tapestry of writing that I have created across the world-wide-web. My literary product is just another form of published writing in addition to the traditional forms in the hands of publishers. The literally hundreds of thousands of readers(perhaps even millions since it has become impossible to keep even an accurate account of all those who come across what I write and see the name of the Cause) I have at locations on my tapestry of prose and poetry, a tapestry I have sewn in a loose-fitting warp and weft across the internet, are found at over 8000 websites where I have registered: forums, message boards, discussion sites, blogs, locations for debate and the exchange of views. They are sites to place essays, articles, books, ebooks, poems and other genres of writing. I have registered at this multitude of sites, placed the many forms of my literary output there and engaged in discussions with literally thousands of people, little by little and day by day over the last decade. I enjoy these results without ever having to deal with publishers as I did for two decades without any success.

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    Jul 22, 2008 at 11:28 PM

    You write a very thoughtful analyses of your life and being, interesting, I like the way you refer to other writers and thinkers. thought provoking. Greetings from West Cork!

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    Jan 30, 2008 at 2:08 PM

    I have just returned to VT after a few months of total indolence and travel. So wonderful to see a fellow Hobartian on here, and active in the forums. We even have friends in common in the Ba'hai community. Looking forward to meeting up one day, Sharon

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    Oct 2, 2007 at 3:12 PM

    hello ron n hope to see more of your pages and pixs. am sure you have lots to offer in your life journey!!

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