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¤´¯) ¸.¤°´¯`¸´¯`°¤.¸ (¯`¤ HELLO MY FRIENDS! ¤´¯) ¸.¤°´¯`¸´¯`°¤.¸ (¯`¤

I’m **NICO** and as a lot of people in this web site I have the TRAVEL BUG and another bug called PHOTOGRAPHY, besides another less dangerous bug called an ARCHITECTURAL LOVER.
Oh yes, I travelling
to see NEW places,
to smell a NEW air,
to listen to NEW voices,
to taste NEW food,
to grab a NEW train

It doesn’t matter what will be my next destination, for me IT IS IMPORTANT TO GO somewhere again!!

Fortunately the VT community is so full of people who like sharing their past experiences of travelling that we , and I, can enjoy them and be (at least) a Virtual Tourist! .


I like both CROWED PLACES (there should be a good reason why they are crowded, right?) and OFF THE BEATEN PATHS (I adore being the only one foreigner among the locals :O)) ). And I love speaking with them using my fluent hand gestures language ;)

My ideal destination?
It’s too expensive having a tour among the **STARS**
:) or spending a week on the beach of the Sea of Tranquillity so I am taking advantage of living on this beautiful planet to discover its beauties (waiting for a “low cost flight” to Sirius)!

Let me show you the trips I have made since I have met VT ............

2006 - The year of WATER !
___( A big river, some alpine streams, the sea and a lovely lake)____

EGYPT: The gift of the sacred river: the Nile.
A cruise along the Nile, stopping at places which make up the first chapter of our history books. Luxor. Karnak, Kom Ombo, Edfu, Philae, Abu Simbel, Cairo.
Looking for a off the beaten path around Cairo, I met VT for the first time.
I found what I was searching in marimar_72’s pages and started reading
about that place and then almost everything she had posted at that time.

PUGLIA - (SOUTH ITALY): Welcome to the land of Frederick II
where he built his enigmatic octagonal castle among conic trulli and multi shape olives! (just for laughs, region aka the stiletto heel of Italian peninsula)

ITALY: A few hours or some days to . . .
VALLE D’AOSTA – Hiking in the smallest of all the Alpine pearls
ALPE DEVERO – Trudging along Alpine lakes and grazing cows
VENEZIA - A short break in the city I love
TRIESTE - Breath the air of Mitteleuropa and of the Austro-Hungarian empire, sipping a coffee in the biggest square facing the sea

MONTREAUX (CH): I love Christmas Markets (1)!
and this enchanting town on the lake.

► (25 Feb ’06) - “ I am going inside the Great Pyramid !!”
► Looking at shores&life along the Nile floating on a boat
► Reaching the amazing Temple of Philae by a tiny boat
”I have drunk water from the Nile” but as I am thirsty,
. . . . . . . . I’m waiting to drink it again!

2007 - The year of YELLOW!
The colour of sand & of Van Gogh’s sunflowers
______( = masterpieces of nature and of human hand )_______

MOROCCO: A sensorial trip which wakes up all our senses
from the bewitching Marrakech to the boundless desert and between them two weeks of imperial towns and hectic souks. (just some pics)
AMSTERDAM: the city reflexes in the water
of its canals with narrow houses, bridges and Van Gogh

ITALY: A few hours or some days to . . .
PADOVA – One of the several masterpieces of Italian art is here (Cappella degli Scrovegni with Giotto Frescos).
MILANO – When cows invaded Milano streets.
ITALIAN LAKES – Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta, Mergozzo Lake
VARALLO – A bit of meditation wandering among artistic chapels. (link)
TORINO – The first capital of Italy

Looking at colourful zellij tiles, smelling spices, listening to voices in a souk,
touching carpets, feeling the desert sand under your feet, sipping a mint tea
► Enjoying a red sunset among the sand dunes in the Sahara desert (Morocco).

► Unbelievable moment! Only Van Gogh and I A-L-O-N-E in the Sunflowers room
(exactly the same as here ) 30 min before the closing time of his museum.
► Get addicted to the beauty of Amsterdam ; its canals, its houses, its bridges.

►15 min of pure aesthetic contemplation of Giotto Frescos (Padova,Italy) enjoy!

2008 - The year of the –EST TRIPS !
_____(= the longest, the funniest and the best trip so far)_____

SWITZERLAND: (ENGADINA) snowshoeing . . . .
near to heaven (2456 metres - Muottas Muragl).

SPAIN: (one of) the longest trips of my life!
More of 3 weeks from Valencia to Madrid, going by to Barcelona and Bilbao
(& San Sebastian, Burgos, Salamanca, Segovia, Toledo, Consuegra, Cuenca . . .)
My First VTmeeting could not have taken place in a country as friendly as Spain
is,and, in fact, after 30min of my arrival in Madrid I had my first VTmeeting with
the first VT member that I have known. Many thanks again to Redang for the
nice stroll among the beautiful squares of the city. I fell in love with the capital.

USA & CANADA: the funniest trip of my life!
Unforgettable souvenirs in my travel notebook (including my
I CHICAGO T-shirt ;):captivating from the culture to the landscapes (some pics)
First time in the USA but in spite of this and in spite I had left alone I wasn’t a
solo traveller there. I still remember the friendly face of Tom_in_madison waiting
for me at the Chicago airport !! Thanks a lot Tom for all you have done for me.
Without your huge help my trip there wouldn’t have been so unforgettable!

NORTH EUROPE: - the best trip of my life!

In the land of the Vikings, the Nordic light, the magnificent nature, the bright amber and of my favourite design!

ITALY: A few hours or some days to . . .
CHAMOIS – snowshoeing . . . in the shadow of the Matterhorn/Cervino
CINQUE TERRE – 5 charming villages perched above the sea.
TORINO – The first capital of Italy
BORROMEO ISLANDS – My favourite corner of the Lake Maggiore
MONTE MOTTARONE – Enjoying Alpine views the first day of winter

TRENTO-INNSBRUCK-MUNICH: I love Christmas Markets (2)!
so much that I crossed three borders to enjoy them (Italy-Austria-Germany)
and to enrich my Christmas cups collection ;)))

Casa Batllo by Gaudi in Barcelona. One of “my” 7wonders! (link)
► The breathtaking view of Toledo from the other side of its river.
► Breathing the spiritual atmosphere spreads in Burgos ( Spain ).

Feeling myself as at home and among good friends in Chicago
► Walking in a 3D book among F.L. Wright’s houses in Oak Park
► Lying down for a short nap :O) on the grass at Gehry's Pavillion
► Listening to the deafening Sound of Nature:NiagaraFalls,Canada

► The amazing beauty and immense majesty of the Norwegian fjords (Norway)
► Wordless looking at TurningTorso-Calatrava’s skyscraper in Malmö(Sweden)
► Going to the airport on foot! Admiring a sunset behind the while walls of Visby

Bergen – Oslo 489 km of wonderful landscape.

► I travelled by train in the USA. Isn’t it odd enough?

2009 –
From NORTH ▲
to SOUTH, ▼
from EAST ►
to WEST ◄
of Europe and the Mediterranean !

_________(= a year full of W O N D E R F U L trips)_________

TUNISIA: A mosaic of sensations, lights, colours, sounds and contrasts
from the ancient Carthage to the futuristic set of Star Wars.
Another super meeting this time with an(other) architect! I have still fixed in
my mind Elisabcn instructing me about the 4 basic rules to survive in Tunisia,
going back from Sfax, driving crossing the Chott El Jerid, looking for Sidi Meta,
and much more … (Elisa, il berber di Matmata sarà ancora la piangendo?)

UK: London, the everlasting myth in the land of the Queens.
Wandering from Dover to Cardiff among fairy tale castles, Gothic churches, historical colleges and mysterious megaliths, with a bit of British fair play!

PORTUGAL: Where the land finishes and the sea begins.
From Cascais&Lisbon with their huge meetings to Porto “meeting” A.Siza(few pics)
Unforgettable Euromeeting! (5th VT Meeting Portugal 2009 “29-31 May”)!
It was my first one but it was so funny that I decided it would been the first of
a long series of meetings.THANK YOU ALL for the wonderful days we had here.
Spending my time with you Sibel, Santi, Ove, …all you, was a great time!
The Rossio Square in Lisbon will be our meeting point in my mind forever

ISTANBUL: Suspended between Europe & Asia,
rich in Churches & Mosques, markets & people, street food & Turkish coffee and among them the Bosporus.

THE BALKANS: A trip through history of yesterday and today,
against the bewitching backdrop of a Croatian/Bosnian&Herzegovinan/Slovenian landscape.

ITALY: A few hours or some days to . . .
VALLE D’AOSTA – looking for smiling villages buried under a thick layer of snow.
MONTE MOTTARONE – snowshoeing under the moonlight.

BELGIUM & GERMANY: I love Christmas Markets (3)!
and the lands of Rubens, Charlemagne and the River Rhine I toured.

► A genuine and energetic scrub in a hammam in the medina of Tunis
► Being the only one tourist wandering through the Medina of Sfax and
. . . . . . . the exciting journey to go back (Tunisia)

► Watching people on the Tube, a world by itself and “ Mind the Gap "
Leeds Castle, the place in England which took my breath away (UK)

► Taking many hours to simply gaze at theMostar bridge (BosniaHer)
► Walking up and down the Stradun only to go on enjoying Dubrovnik

► Feeling myself like an ant in front of the majestic Cologne Dome !

Mostar – Sarajevo (with a stop to the “smiling” Jablanica) – Ploče,
from the mountains of Herzegovina to the sea coast of Croatia.

2010 – “ NO TITLE”: ((( stuck at home for a while
_______(= rediscovering “la Bella Italia”)_______

DUBAI: always moving under skies
A 17 hour stopover was the occasion to explore this eccentric city wandering among the most beautiful skyscrapers…

THAILAND: A whirl of atmospheres without equal in the middle of Asia.
A trip where everything was stunning: temples, statues, markets, food monkeys, elephants and the Thais !!

SWITZERLAND: (VALAIS) Mountains, chocolate and cheeses.
What else? Wonderful landscapes, cuckoo clocks, cows fighting (on TV) and ...
Another great meeting “Swiss Meet in the Heart of The Alps” organized by
Patrick in Sion…walking,tasting wines and raclette,taking pics and lots of fun!
Thanks to Patrick and all you for the light-hearted days you gave to me & for the
yodeling Swiss cow! And for your warm welcome in spite of the cold weather!

ITALY:(LIGURIA) The glittering coast from GENOVA to PORTOFINO.
A land where quiet fishing villages have turned into ritzy busy resorts .
Thank you very much Chiara for the stroll along the CARUGGI and for your tip
“Look up! Genova is full of surprises that hanging over your head!”.Thanks also
to Alex and for your company during my dinner at the Genovese “institution”

ITALY:(VERONA+MANTOVA+TRENTO) Three artistic towns in a country where art is everywhere.
A weekend wandering from mountains of Bolzano & Trento, passing through Verona as far as the beautiful city of Mantova.
A WELCOME for a REAL VT friend was the occasion to spend some days
with a good company (at least for me, hope for him too) in nice places,
chatting a lot and enjoying Italian food. Thanks a lot Santi for your visit here.

BERLIN: the city with a highly eclectic array of architecture
Traditional and new landmarks (especially after my 22 years away).
Many many thanks to Birgit for the wonderful time we spent
together in her capital (I really hope to return it in Italy someday).
It is always a pleasure to share a place with a local,
but if the local is so nice as Birgit, your visit becomes SUPER!

ITALY: A few hours or some days to . . .
VALSESIA – starting the new year snowshoeing (and meeting a snowstorm)
CASALZUIGNO – the natural harmony of the Villa della Porta Bozzolo garden.
CHEGGIO (Val Antrona) – a wonderful Photographic Weekend surrounded by the Alps!

► Following the slopes of the architectural wonder of Burj Khalifa up and up
again as far as its top! 828m!!

The Thais!!! Their polite smiles, their gestures . . . . people in Thailand!
► Looking at the procession of pilgrims in Chiang Ray,DoiSuthep Temple
► Being assaulted by a group of monkeys resolute to steal my hair pin !
► Mae Klong: the most incredible market I‘ ve ever seen ON the railroad
tracks . . and when the train arrives…(*)

Le Temple de la raclette:5kinds of cheeses for our tasty dinner +a wine
tasting session + 5 good friends +the smell of cheese opening the door

► The perturbing beauty of the Angel of Resurrection, Staglieno (Genova)
► The extravagant colour palette of houses in Camogli and Portofino (IT).

Bangkok – Samut Sakhon – Mae Klong and the return journey until
the train broke down in the middle of nowhere !

2011 – the year of my
_______ 2 DREAM DESTINATIONS _______

INDIA: Incredible India!
A wonderful month in a wonderful country…

POLAND: Historical places
Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw

RUSSIA: Along the Volga River
Landscape, architecture and history

EAST EUROPE: Czech Republic & Slovakia
A trip among small and nice places

ITALY: A few hours or some days to . . .
CHEGGIO (Val Antrona) – Photographing the moon

► Moskow: a stroll on the Red Square

Indian railway waiting and taking the Indian trains !

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