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Backpacking in the Philippines

Backpacking, Hiking and Mountaineering is my life. I have spent more than 16 years exploring the Philippine Islands- it's mountains in particular. I belong to an organization I co-founded: www.metropolitanms.org.

The Philippines is a rich hiking destination. Born out of fire, the islands were shaped by volcanic activities- thus the landscape is dotted by mountains- old volcanoes. It offers exotic jungle flora and fauna. It may not have the altitude of the great mountains but it has a unique characteristic of its own that I have classified it as a new activity on its own- Tropical Mountaineering! The experience is exhilirating on all aspects- body, mind and soul!

(visit our moutaineering group webpage at www.metropolitanms.org)

Freedom of Biking

Ever since I was a kid, biking was second to my feet in bringing me to different places. It gave me my first freedom and exploration. Later in life I have re-discovered its many aspects from sports-competition to adventure- adrenalin rushed trail rides to mutli day touring- a discovery of the island in a different prespective.

The best way to explore the island, its culture and its inhabitants is by bike. There you will truly see the smiles rather than flashes when riding a motorized vehicle. Sadly, biking is not so popular in the country who equates fast cars as luxurious and bikes only to the less priviledged in life.

Lately, I have made a pact to bike the entire Philippines before I die. I am currently doing legs of that life long journey.

Visit my cycling page- www.biketourphilippines.wordpress.com. Visit my tour maps at www.everytrail.com and look for me longh.

Manila Life

Eventhough I grew up in the adjacent province of Rizal, Manila is like the back of my hand. I have been to a lot of places in the world and I would still pick Manila hands down as one of the best places (to the tune of Manila by the Hotdogs). Its not as beautiful or organized. But its alive, soulful and interesting. Maybe because Manila tries so hard to become the rest of the world it evolved to feature a little of everything...

Being a historical buff, I mostly appreciate the historical and cultural information while touring Manila. I have also grew up with my father who have never grew tired of telling me the pre-war and the world war II experience. Sadly most of these intellectual historical treasures are not documented and those carrying them are rapidly dying out with those stories with them.

Other Outdoor Opportunities in the Philippines

7,101 Island- 7,101 ways to explore the Island. Let me count the ways. You havent been to the Philippines if the only place you have been to is its cities!

I have climbed, hiked, ran, raced, biked, swam, dived, kayaked, drove and flew around the country. Indeed there are a lot of activities the country has to offer.

Get up! Pack you Bags ! and Start Exploring !..

Provincial Life

Life in the province of Rizal. I was born and will die a Rizalian. The lowly province so critical, so strategic, so colorful, so historical but yet so neglected compared to the other provinces of its stature.

Maybe because it was raped and mutilated by Manila (nearly half of its progressive town annexed to Manila by the late president Marcos). Maybe because of the new name despite bearing our National Hero's name. But maybe because of the long tradition of "Trapos" ruling the province. I think residents here only considers one family as the only inhabitants who has intelligence. They have placed all the household into the political posts the only remaining ones are their house help and their dog. I wonder when will that be. Maybe its true that is why they get voted. Poor residents. Nevertheless, I will continue to be proud of this province.

Being a Martial Law Baby

Growing in the 70s, Learning in the 80s, Rebelling in the 90s and settling down in the 21st Century. I had the opportunity of growing without the distraction of the internet and television. Of playing amidst dragon flies and fireflies. Of having limited toys thus forcing us to be creative on anything available around us. Of the time when there was innocence while in the brink of discovery, rebellion and experimentation. When music were really music not some nonsense utterances and ejaculations. It might just be the "my time was the best time" syndrome but I will definitely argue that those were indeed the best of times.

A collection of cultural genres in the Philippines

Travelling and Eating

Two of the non-sport activities that I love is travelling and eating.

Travelling for me is the best education and the best prayer. You will learn a lot travelling and at the same time, you will come to the realities in life- like how blessed are you, how diverse we are, how inter connected are we etc. and if your lucky- eventually a spiritual fullfillment!

On the other hand- if there is one thing that we do every day, day in, day out its eating!.. so its just right and proper to be a food enthusiast. Learn the source and preparation. The stories behind a recipe. The variations. And finally to learn the places where the best is...

Eat Pray Love?

Eat, Travel and Make Love !

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