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yo this theos page,am 20,student........from ghana,west africa.am in touch with nature and love the natural smell of it,its a beautiful world in which we live,though that fact dies slowly day by day,with the wars,epidemics,natural disasters,deforestations,nuclear test and so on.....yet and still welcome to my world ......ghana formerly known as the gold coast,personally id have preferred its still called by that name,well it came about because our shores where then claim to be filled with gold dust and all,living in that world today is one hell of a wild imagination lol,yet how much i wish the good old days where here.....i love ghana and no matter how far i go ill always be a black star in her sky,i havent been through much of her landscap,ive been in accra all my life and thats one bad quotient on my side,perhaps school and all are to blame,i get the chance one day 2 explore her, and beleive me where ill go no one has ever been and will ever be..........till then i do my bes t 2 broadcast her beauty and do what i love most songwriting,poetry,drawing,gaming etc. long live africa ,long live ghana.

A walk to remember.

Why visit GHANA ?
Ghana is an amazingly friendly country
With wonderful, unspoilt places to visit
The tourist development is very low key
So what is there to see and do?
The Ghana Experience: an overview of our Tours
Discover Ghana Tours; more detail about places to visit: golden beaches, historical Slave Forts, National Parks and details of tours.
Special interests: There is plenty of opportunity to organise your holiday to indulge your special interests.
Experience African Culture: learn African Drumming or cooking. Support community based projects and stay overnight in a local home.
Discover Ghana wildlife by taking a foot safari to find elephants and crocodiles take a canoe to spot hippos or try your hand at deep sea fishing.
Bird watching; Ghana has a similar potential for birding as The Gambia but it has been discovered by few visitors. Enjoy birding in the rainforest, the wetlands, dry savannah or take a river trip.

In memoraim of the golden coast.



SIZE: 239,538 square kilometers (92,100 sq. mi.)
POPULATION: 17.5 million
LANGUAGE: English is the official language. Indigenous languages spoken are Akan, Ga, Ewe, and Hausa.
RELIGION: Christian, Islam, and other African traditional religions.
CURRENCY: CEDI=100 pesewas. Foreign currencies are freely exchanged at Forex Bureaux or banks.
SEASONS: Two main seasons: dry and wet. The dry season is from November to March; the wet season from April to October. Temperatures are between 21-38 degrees centigrade, (69.8-100.4 degrees Fahrenheit).
PRINCIPAL CITIES: Accra, the capital, has a population of 2.5 million. Kumasi, with 1.5 million people, is the capital of the Ashanti region. Sekondi-Takoradi has an artificial harbor; it is the first modern port built in Ghana. Other major cities include Tamale, Tema, and Cape Coast.


This is the capital of Ghana and the center of the nation's cultural, financial, and legal institutions. Accra is a bustling modern metropolis offering a variety of historical and cultural sites.
- National Museum
- National Arts Center
- The W.E.B. Dubois Home and Gravesite
- Makola market
- Artist Alliance Gallery
- Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park and Mausoleum
- University of Ghana

This is a region of great geographical interest. It is known for its contrasting landscapes from the Keta lagoon basin, below sea level, to Mt. Afadjato. The capital Ho, is a large agricultural center for cocoa, tobacco, and teak.
- Volta Lake
- Ada Beach Resort
- Keta Lagoon
- Tafi Monkey Reserve
- Lipke Caves
- Wli Waterfalls

Koforidua is the capital of this region. It is a region that offers a richly varied landscape of tropical forest, rivers and lakes.
- Boti Falls
- Aburi Botanical Gardens
- The Akonedi Shrine
- The Akosombo Dam

West of Accra, Cape Coast is the capital of the central region. This region is famous for its ancient forts, castles, and beautiful coconut palm shaded beaches.
- Cape Coast Castle
- Elmina Castle
- Fort St. Jago
- Kakum-Assin Attandanso Nature Park
- Brenu Beach
- University of Cape Coast

The twin city of Sekondi-Takoradi is the location where Ghana's principal exports of bauxite, cocoa, coffee, timber, and manganese are shipped to world markets. There are also beautiful beaches, historic forts, and villages on stilts.
- Busua Pleasure Beach
- Fort San Sebastian
- Nzulezo Stilt Village
- Nkroful, Dr Nkrumah Birthplace

This is a region with extensive rainfall and rich productive soil. Hence its designated name is the "Breadbasket" of Ghana.
- Kintampo Waterfalls
- Buabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary

The Ashanti region is known for its ancient royalty and has one of the richest goldmines in the world. Kumasi, the capital, has been dubbed the "Garden City" because of its treelined roads and gardens.
- Royal Mausoleum of Ashanti Kings
- Armed Forces and Prempeh H. Museums
- Kumasi Cultural Center
- Ntonso, Adinkra Cloth Village
- Bonwire, Kente Cloth Village
- Lake Bosomtwi
- Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

Tamale, the capital, is the fourth largest city in Ghana. It is accessible by road and air from Accra with a varied mix of cultures and religions.
- Mole National Park
- Larabanga Mosque

The capital city, Bolgatanga, lies 810 km north of Accra. It is a region with a mixture of rich indigenous architecture and culture.
- Bolga Handicrafts Market
- Oracle of Tongo
- Paga Crocodile Pond

The capital, Wa, lies 895 km from Accra and is situated with a vast savanna grassland.
- Wa Naa's Sovereign Palace
- Gbelle Game Reserve

Visitors Survival Guide!

Greeting is an important social function that marks an open heart and mind. It also expresses one's concern for the other. Refusing or failing to greet another person may indicate that you either harbour ill will or do not care for the other's welfare.

Do not forget that the smile is also a form of greeting. Please make an effort to pick up some of our simple vernacular greeting forms and win our hearts over.
Greeting Equivalent in Akan
Please Mepaokyew
Good Morning Maache
Good Afternoon Maa ha
Good Evening Maa - Adjo
Good Night Da-Yie
Farewell Nantee-yie
Welcome Akwaaba
Thank you Medaase

A handshake is a popular way of greeting in Ghana, especially among males. When you shake hands, please apply the same hand pressure as is offered.

When you are shaking hands with a number of people, start from the extreme right and proceed towards the left.

Use of the Left Hand
The left hand has limited functions in Ghana. In fact the use of the left hand for certain activities is considered an anathema. That is one reason why, when our men wear traditional cloth, we throw the fabric over the left hand. In particular avoid receiving or giving, gesticulating in speech, waving at a person or pointing things out with the left hands.

If you are naturally left handed, it is not your fault, and it is no offence. But you can avoid public embarrassment of complications by keeping something (e.g. your guide book, camera, souvenir etc.) in the left hand.

Dress Code
Ghanaians consider it respectful to dress decently for social functions especially for visits to the palaces. It is considered disrespectful to attend such functions in crumpled dirty clothes, T-shirts, unkept hair.

Our old folks are also not very happy to see a woman or lady dressed in shorts or trousers (slacks). When sitting in the presence of eminent people or elders, please do not sit cross-legged. Visitors are held in very, very high esteem in our society and we expect that you exhibit an acceptable standard of dressing and decorum.

If you are wearing a hat or cap, please remove it when speaking with an elderly person. That shows your outward respect for our traditions.

Palace Etiquette
Our chiefs enjoy receiving foreigners and interacting with them. We have already told you about dressing to the palace. There are other etiquettes that you need to observe. When you are invited to greet a chief or the king, for example, move up towards him and stop short a point from where he is seated, stop and bow. He may graciously invite you to come for a handshake.

On formal occasions, we do not speak directly to the king, or chief, for that matter communication at the royal court is a three-way affair through a spokesman (linguist) called "Okyeame" who replicates the conversation. The visitor faces the Okyeame and delivers his message to the chief. The chief gives his reply or response to the Okyeame who renders it to the visitor. It is that simple and interesting. This has been our practice from time immemorial.

N.B. Normally, visitors to our palaces have to make customary offerings of friendship to their royal hosts. This consists entirely of drinks: Aromatic Schnapps, Gin and or money, the amount and quantities depending on the size or enthusiasm of the group.


Several international airlines, including Ghana Airways (sorry, not anymore they are defunct), operate regular scheduled flights in Ghana from major cities in North America. Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


Ghana Missions and Embassies abroad will assist in issuing individual as well as group visas.

Health Requirements

Please do not forget to bring your health Certificate which shows that you have a yellow fever vaccination. You are also advised to consult your doctor well in advance of your visit so that you may begin the usual anti-malaria treatment.


Bounded on the South by the Atlantic Ocean and on the West by La Cote d"ivoire, the East by Togo and the North by Burkina Faso. Ghana is a tropical country. The South Western part is located within the warm wet forest zone similar to the Amazon. Accra, the capital, is located in the dry equatorial cones. Kumasi is in the wet savanna. It lies between 4? and 11 ? North at the equator and has a coastline of 540 km.

Northern Ghana has a range season from about April to October. The rest,
of the year is hot and dry, with temperatures up to about 38?C. In Southern Ghana the rains last from April to June and again from September to October. Generally temperatures are between 21 - 31?C. The rains are usually restricted to specific times each day during the rainy season; they are not continuous throughout the day.

Packing the Right Clothing

Since the climate is warm and tropical all year round be sure to pack light washable cotton clothing and casual wear. Do not forget your sunglasses and comfortable walking shoes. There are no restrictions on what men and women may wear. Slacks and shorts for both sexes are permissible.

If you are bringing along any electrical appliances, they should operate on or be adaptable to 220 volts. Electric outlets in Ghana accept either 3pronged, or sometimes 2-pronged. British or Continental European type plus or converters.

Ghana"s currency is the cedi which comes in denominations of 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000. Coins come in denominations of 50, 100, 200 and 500. Foreign currency can be freely exchanged at any Forex Bureaux in the country.

Apart from Forex Bureaux, some commercial banks also exchange foreign currency. Banks are normally open from 8:30 am - 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Most large commercial banks will also have automatic teller machines located outside and available during and after hours. Most will take VISA and a few other check cards.

Traveller"s Cheques

All banks and Forex Bureaux accept Traveller"s Cheques although the rate of exchange may be slightly lower than for cash transaction.

Credit Cards

The most widely accepted credit cards are American Express, Dinners, and Visa. Your car may be used for payment at nearly all airlines, leading hotels and major supermarkets. Using your credit card in Ghana can be risky though. There have been numerous instances of credit card fraud in Ghana. A credit card number can be recorded and sold, even at the best facilities.


Tipping is permitted in hotels, restaurants, etc. It is rarely added to the bill. Whenever it is not added the quality of service should dictate your generating to the waiter, taxi driver, porter, guide etc.


Ghana, offers a wide range of hotel accommodation for her growing economy and tourist industry; cosmopolitan, metropolitan, town and country hotels and park lodges of

varying comfort, elegance and convenience. Ghana"s hotels are classified according to the international star-system with 5-star are the highest and one-star being the minimum international acceptable quality. In addition, there are local budget hotels with minimum standards of sanitation and comfort. The grade of a hotel in Ghana is indefinable and the Hotel License issued by the Ghana Tourist Board is displayed at the hotel reception. (see our hotels section on this site to search for specific hotels)

planning a trip 2 ghana.


Most major hotels also have business centres which provide secretarial and courier services. You can make long distance telephone calls within the country. Collect calls to the USA Europe and Asia also available. Accra Information is 666884. USA direct dial is 019900, UK is 0194.


Urban Ghana, especially in the metropolitan centres, pulsates in the evening with everything from "heritage" dances in the cultural centres to theatres, cinema houses showing Ghanaian films, discos, pubs, street cafes and casinos. Consult your hotel reception for what is on and where to go.

Useful Tips

Medial facilities

Modern private and public hospitals and clinics are available in all cities and big towns. Tourist should contact travelers" medical insurance companies to cover any medical contingencies while away from their home countries.

Barbars and Hairdressers

They are available in most hotels.


Available in most hotels.

Drinking Water

Safe but it is advisable for visitors to use bottled dinking water which is available for sale in hotels and super markets.

Restricted Areas for Photography and Filming
None except Osu Castle and Military installations.

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