My hometown is Penang Island in Malaysia.

I have also spent some years in USA and in China. Most of my travels are in Asia covering Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, Nepal and most recenlty Laos. My other major visited countries are European countries and New Zealand.

How did it all start?

"My first flight was on Pakistan International Airlines from Penang to New York John F Kennedy Airport - to go to school in America . PIA offered the cheapest air fare then. That flight had numerous stop-overs - Kuala Lumpur, Colombo, layover in Karachi, Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Athens, Frankfurt, Paris and London. It was a great introduction to air travelling and going abroad. I got blocked ear and air sick too."

Like many, I will not be able to visit every country on earth. So on January 2006, I set a goal to receive a "real" postcard mailed from the place of origin of every country and territory with the nice postmarked stamp/s on the postcard itself - please do not mail postcard inside envelope.

Thanks to the help and generosity of fellow VTers and other travellers, I have received postcards sent from 246 countries and territories with 11 more challenging less travelled countries left.

I have added two other concurrent goals to cover more diverse and unique locations of each country as well as the wonders of our world heritage:
- 10 different postcards sent from each country.
- Postcard of all 981 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The list of received and wanted UNESCO WHS is found in one of my albums below.

If you are travelling or know someone residing in a remote country or UNESCO World Heritage site, hope you can send a postcard to me.

My postal address is:
SL Liew
G-8-4 Taman Bukit Jambul
11900 Penang, MALAYSIA

Thanks so much. I will always be glad to send you postcards too.

Aaland-7 <ABKHAZIA>-0 Albania-7 ANDORRA-10 Armenia-4 AUSTRIA>10 Azerbaijan-3 Azores-5 BELARUS-10 BELGIUM>10 BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA=10 BULGARIA-10 CROATIA>10 CYPRUS-10 CZECH REPUBLIC>10 DENMARK>10 ESTONIA-10 Faroe Islands-8 FRANCE>10 FINLAND>10 GEORGIA-10 GERMANY>10 GIBRALTAR-10 GREECE>10 Guernsey-8 HUNGARY-10 ICELAND-10 IRELAND-10 ISLE OF MAN-10 ITALY>10 Jersey-8 Kosovo-5 LATVIA-10 LEICHTENSTEIN-10 LITHUANIA-10 LUXEMBOURG-10 MACEDONIA-10 Madeira-3 MALTA-10 Moldova-4 MONACO=10 MONTENEGRO-10 Nagorno-Karabakh-1 NETHERLANDS>10 Northern Cyprus-4 NORWAY-10 POLAND>10 PORTUGAL>10 ROMANIA-10 RUSSIA>10 San Marino-8 SERBIA-10 SLOVAKIA-10 SLOVENIA-10 <SOUTH OSSETIA>-0 Sovereign Base Areas in Cyprus-1 SPAIN>10 SWEDEN>10 SWITZERLAND>10 Transnistria-4 TURKEY>10 UKRAINE-10 UNITED KINGDOM>10 Vatican City-9

Cyprus=Sovereign Base Area of Dhekelia
France=Belfort; Orleans; Toulon; Valence
Greece=Paros; Kefalonia
Italy=Campione d'Italia
Norway= Jan Mayen
Spain=Cabrera Island
United Kingdom=Loch Ness; St. Andrew

Greece=Temple Apollo Epicurius Bassae; Pythagoreion Heraion Samos; Archaeological Site Aigai Vergina
Turkey=Great Mosque-Hospital of Divrið; Neolithic Site of Çatalhöyük

Afghanistan-7 BAHRAIN-10 BANGLADESH-10 Bhutan-3 British Indian Ocean Territory-1 BRUNEI>10 CAMBODIA-10 CHINA>10 HONG KONG>10 INDIA>10 INDONESIA>10 IRAN>10 Iraq-6 ISRAEL-10 JAPAN>10 Jordan-7 KAZAKHSTAN-10 Kuwait-3 KYRGYZSTAN-10 LAOS>10 Lebanon-6 MACAO-10 MALAYSIA>10 Maldives-5 Mongolia-6 MYANMAR-10 NEPAL-10 NORTH KOREA-10 OMAN-10 PAKISTAN-10 Palestine-3 PHILIPPINES>10 QATAR-10 Saudi Arabia-9 SINGAPORE>10 SOUTH KOREA>10 SRI LANKA-10 Syria-6 TAIWAN>10 Tajikistan-2 THAILAND>10 Timor Leste-3 Turkmenistan-2 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES-10 Uzbekistan-7 VIETNAM>10 Yemen-3


India=Assam; Nicobar Island
Japan=Panda at Ueno Zoo

Afghanistan=Minaret of Jam
India=Manas Wildlife Sanctuary;Nanda Devi National Park
Iran=Tchogha Zanbil; Bisotun
Iraq=Ashur Qal'at Sherqat
Israel=Biblical Tels (Megiddo, Hazor, Beer Sheba); Sites of Human Evolution at Mount Carmel (Nahal Me’arot / Wadi el-Mughara Caves)
Kazakhstan=Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi; Saryarka – Steppe and Lakes of Northern Kazakhstan
Mongolia=Uvs Nuur Basin; Petroglyphic Complexes of the Mongolian Altai
Syria=Ancient Villages of North Syria - JebelSem’an Qal’atSem’an, KafrNabo, Sinkhar, Ba’uda, Rouweiha, QalbLozé, Deirouné, KafrAqareb

Anguilla-4 Antigua and Barbuda-6 ARGENTINA-10 ARUBA-10 BAHAMAS-10 BARBADOS-10 BELIZE>10 BERMUDA-10 BES Island-8 Bolivia-8 BRAZIL>10 British Virgin Islands-8 CANADA>10 CAYMAN ISLANDS-10 CHILE-10 Colombia-5 COSTA RICA-10 CUBA-10 Curacao-7 Dominica-5 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC-10 ECUADOR-10 El Salvador-8 Falkland Islands-3 French Guyana-6 Greenland-4 Grenada-7 Guadelope-6 Guatemala-8 Guyana-4 Haiti-2 Honduras-5 JAMAICA-10 Martinique-2 Montserrat-2 MEXICO>10 NICARAGUA-10 PANAMA-10 Paraguay-5 PERU>10 PUERTO RICO-10 Saint Barthelemey-4 Saint Kitts and Nevis-8 SAINT LUCIA-10 Saint Martin-4 Saint Pierre & Miquelon-3 Saint Vincent & Grenadines-4 Sint Maarten-8 South Georgia-1 SURINAME-10 TRINIDAD & TOBAGO-10 Turks & Caicos Islands-6 URUGUAY-10 United Nations-9 USA>10 US VIRGIN ISLANDS-10 VENEZUELA-10


Mexico= Panda at Chapultepec Zoo Mexico City
South Georgia= South Sandwich Island

Brazil= Discovery Coast Atlantic Forest Reserves
Canada=Nahanni National Park; Red Bay Basque Whaling Station
Colombia=Los Katíos National Park
Costa Rica=Cocos Island National Park
Cuba=Desembarco del Granma National Park; Archaeological Landscape, First Coffee Plantations, SE Cuba; Alejandro de Humboldt National Park
Honduras=Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve
Mexico=Whale Sanctuary of El Vizcaino; Earliest 16th-Century Monasteries on the Slopes of Popocatepetl; Historic Monuments Zone of Tlacotalpan; Ancient Maya City of Calakmul, Campeche; Luis Barragán House and Studio; Islands and Protected Areas of the Gulf of California; Camino Real de Tierra Adentro; Prehistoric Caves of Yagul and Mitla in the Central Valley of Oaxaca
Peru=Manú National Park

Map postcards of Northwest Territories; Nunavut; The Yukon

ALGERIA-10 Angola-4 Ascension Island-2 Benin-2 Botswana-4 Burkina Faso-5 Burundi-2 Cameroun-1 CANARY ISLANDS-10 Cape Verde-9 Chad-1 Central African Republic-2
<COMOROS>-0 Cote D'Ivoire-1 Djibouti-2 <DR CONGO KINSHASHA>-0 EGYPT>10 <EQUATORIAL GUINEA>-0 Eritrea-1 ETHIOPIA-10 FRENCH SOUTHERN ATLANTIC ISLANDS TAAF-10 Gabon-1 Ghana-4 Guinea-5 <GUINEA BISSAU>-0 Kenya-7 Lesotho-5 Liberia-1 LIBYA>10 Madagascar-6 Madeira-3 Malawi-3 Mali-4 Mauritania-1 MAURITIUS-10 Mayotte-3 MOROCCO>10 Mozambique-3 NAMIBIA-10 Niger-3 Nigeria-6 Republic of Congo-Brazzaville-2 Reunion-2 Rwanda-7 St. Helena-1 Sao Tome and Principe-1 Senegal-3 SEYCHELLES-10 Sierra Leone-2 <SOMALIA>-0 SOUTH AFRICA>10 <SOUTH SUDAN>-0 Sudan-4 Swaziland-9 Tanzania-8 The Gambia-1 Togo-3 Tristan da Cunha-2 Tunisia-6 Uganda-3 Western Sahara-1 Zambia-5 Zimbabwe-8

Spain= Melilla; Ceuta
Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic SADR (Western Sahara)
Somaliland (Somalia)

Cameroon=Dja Faunal Reserve; Lobeké National Park
Central African Republic=Manovo-Gounda St Floris National Park
Congo Republic=Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park
Cote d'Ivoire=Taï National Park; Comoé National Park; Historic town of Grand-Bassam
Democratic Republic Congo=Virunga National Park; Kahuzi-Biega National Park; Garamba National Park; Salonga National Park; Okapi Wildlife Reserve
Egypt=Abu Mena; Wadi Al-Hitan Whale Valley
Ethiopia=Lower Valley of the Omo, Konso Cultural Landscape
Gabon=Ecosystem and Relict Cultural Landscape of Lopé-Okanda
Gambia=James Island and Related Sites; Stone Circles of Senegambia
Ghana=Asante Traditional Buildings
Kenya=Lake Turkana National Parks; Sacred Mijikenda Kaya Forests
Malawi=Lake Malawi National Park; Chongoni Rock-Art Area
Mauritania=Banc d'Arguin National Park
Mozambique=Island of Mozambique
Niger=W National Park of Niger
Nigeria=Sukur Cultural Landscape; Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove
Senegal=Stone Circles of Senegambia
South Africa=Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape; Vredefort Dome; Richtersveld Cultural and Botanical Landscape
Tanzania=Ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani and Songo Mnara; Kondoa Rock-Art Sites
Tristan da Cunha=Gough - Inaccessible Islands
Tunisia=Ichkeul National Park
Zimbabwe=Matobo Hills

American Samoa-4 Antartica-3 British Antartica Territory-2 US Ross Island-1 NZ Ross Dependency-2 AUSTRALIA>10 Christmas Island-3 Cocos(Keeling) Islands-1 Cook Islands-2 Federation of Micronesia-3 Fiji-4 FRENCH POLYNESIA-10 Guam-2 Kiribati-2 Marshall Islands-5 Nauru-3 Niue-1 Norfolk Island-3 Northern Marianas Islands-4 New Caledonia-8 NEW ZEALAND>10 Palau-4 Papua New Guinea-7 Pitcairn Islands-1 Samoa-2 Solomon Islands-1
<TOKELAU>-0 Tonga-2 Tuvalu-1 Vanuatu-2 Wallis & Futuna-3


Antartica=Adélie Land (France); Australian Antarctic Territory; Norway Queen Maud; Argentine Antarctica; China Antartica Great Wall Post Office
Australia=Torres Strait Islands
New Zealand=Chatham
Papua New Guinea=Bougainville

Papua New Guinea=Kuk Early Agricultural Site
Pitcairn Islands=Henderson Island
Vanuatu=Chief Roi Mata’s Domain


Most recent new countries/territories received are:
191 - Senegal (postmarked July, 2007/MikeAtSea)
192 - Vanuatu (July 16, 2007 - postage 90c/mailed by Judz)
193 - St. Helena (July 14, 2007 - 35p/Junella)
194 - Madagascar (July 16, 2007/Sachara)
195 - Dominica (August, 2007- 90 cent/Wendy)
196 - Saint Pierre & Miquelon (August 7, 2007 - 75c)
197 - St Lucia (August, 2007/Edward)
198 - Federation of Micronesia (Sep 04, 2007 - 90c/Chris1275)
199 - Cocos (Keeling) Islands (Sep 14, 2007 - 50c/Iris)
200 - East Timor (Aug 29, 2007 from Dili - 50c/Ruth)

201 - North Korea (Sep 3, 2007 - 140 won/DSwede)
202 - Mayotte (Sep 27, 2007 - 20g stamp/Aranfati)
203 - Niue (Oct 4, 2007 - $2/Meshu)
204 - Guam (Oct 23, 2007 - 90 cents/Christine)
205 - St Kitts (Nov 21, 2007 - $1.20/rw-bigfoot)
206 - Maldives (Nov 2007 - Rf 10/BigKnickers1961)
207 - Republic of Congo-Brazzaville (Dec 6, 2007 - 500f/Narviking)
208 - Djibouti (Dec 6, 2007 - 70 FD/DAO)
209 - Solomon Islands (Dec 2007 - $2.90/John)
210 - Nevis (Dec 12, 2007 - $2.40/TheTravelSlut)

211 - Montserrat (Feb 7, 2008 - $2.75)
212 - Grenada (Mar 19, 2008 - $1/DAO)
213 - St. Martin (Mar 2008 - 2 Euro/DAO)
214 - Falkland Islands (Feb 22, 2008)
215 - Turkmenistan (Apr 2008 - Orhene)
216 - Marshall Islands (May 2008 - $1.13)
217 - Niger (Jun 27, 2008 - 1060F)
218 - Kiribati (Aug 5 2008 - 30c/Gunnajo)
219 - Ascension Island (Nov 18, 2008)
220a - Turks & Caicos (Dec 5, 2008 - $1/bigfishdiveclub)
220b - Turks & Caicos (Nov 11, 2009 -$1.20/Chris1275)

221a - Central African Republic (Feb 9, 2009 - 515F/Narviking)
221b - Central African Republic (Mar 12, 2009 - 515F/Chris1275)
222 - Western Sahara (Feb 25, 2009 - 15.50/Leonik)
223 - Mauritania (Feb 21, 2009 - 370UM/Leonik)
224 - Cameroun (Mar 14, 2009 - 200FFCA/Chris1275)
225 - Angola (Mar 7, 2009 - Narviking)
226 - Wallis and Futuna (May 20, 2009 - 103francs)
227 - American Samoa (Jun 25, 2009 - $1.28/Adam)
228 - Haiti (Jun 1, 2009 - 50gourdes/Abby)
229a - Burundi (Jul, 2009 - 810F)
229b - Burundi (Nov, 2009 - 810F/DAO)
230 - Palestine (Jul 7, 2009 - 250fils/agneszh)

231 - Chad (July 7, 2009 - 550F)
232 - Samoa (Aug 27, 2009 - $3/maril2)
233 - Guadelope (Sep 9, 2009)
234 - Tuvalu (Oct 24, 2009 - 50cents/Narviking)
235a - Kosovo (Dec 22, 2009 - E0.50/Leonik)
235b - Kosovo (May 1, 2010 - E0.50/grets)
236 - St. Barthelemey (Apr 12, 2010 - E0.92)
237 - French Southern Atlantic Lands (May 24, 2010 - E0.94)
238 - Transnistria (May 25, 2010 - 5.4L/DAO)
239 - Guinea (Jun 13, 2011 - 7000/Madeliene)
240 - Nauru (Aug 13, 2011 - $1.20s/Jan)

241 - Liberia (Aug 22, 2011 - $90/Melosh)
242 - Cote D'Ivoire (Oct 26, 2011 - 750F/Natalia)
243 - Sierra Leone (May 22, 2012 - 4500L/DAO)
244 - Gabon (Oct 16, 2012 - 500F/Jean-Pierre)
245 - Nagorno-Karabakh (Dec 5, 2012 - 250/ lotharscheer)
246 - British Indian Ocean Territory (Jan 16, 2013 - 35p)
247 - Sao Tome and Principe (Aug 6, 2013 - 25000 Db)
248 - Sovereign Base Areas in Cyprus (Feb 6, 2014)

- 249 - 250 - 251 - 252 - 253 - 254 - 255 - 256
(Akhasia, Comoros, DR Congo-Kinshasa, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Somalia/Somaliland, South Sudan, South Ossetia,Tokelau)


"One day, one passport, one currency, one language, one world.

Let us enjoy our diversity and differences, enjoy the moment.

Travel today, build our bridges for tomorrow - one world, one day."

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