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Not this time however ...

I am moving to Prague, Czech Republic ...
I've never been there and I don't know a thing about it :)
So, I don't know when I'll have a computer in there
and when I'll post again and/or travel again.

wish you best

Hello there : )

Hi there,

I'm not much into describing myself.
You can find my personal web page here : Underplot 2003
And my official personal page here : Underplot

that's it :) photos you see is a Sofia downtown:)

Is Bulgaria in Europe ? ...

As crewrower terribly good noticed my home page's title leaves a question unanswered .... Is it Bulgaria in Europe then, since you have to travel to there and return back ?

Well ... it seams harder to explain than it might seem.
If one googles for bulgaria+europe+map he might easily decide Bulgaria is in Europe and put an end of this story ... However that is no sooo ... naturally true you see ...

--- or is more complicated ... ---

(if you seem to get lost in my explanation - think of that : black is sometimes a shade of white or silver isn't it ? ( if you seem to lose me on the explanation of my explanation I can't do anything - just follow the text ... ))

--- or we should consider a bit of a history here ---

So ... many many years ago ... around ... well exaclty 811 years before Columbus discovered America, a khan named Asparuh founded Bulgaria ... Later - at the time germans were still savage clans we were christians, we had our own alphabet and great kings... Bulgaria was a place of progress and culture.
However ... in 1396 Ottoman empire takes over all our lands and keeps us in slavery for about 500 years, thus we miss all the progress - technical and cultural that other countries made in 1700s and 1800s

--- and new history of the country ---

However in 1878 1/3 of Bulgaria is set free and in 1886 we get back most of our teritory. You could probably try to imagine how hard is to recover after 500 years of slavery ... but we did a great start... However very soon we were stroke by 1st world war (for those who didn't pay attention in history classes - 1914) and while we still recover from the war - the 2nd world war (ehm ... you really need to pay attention in class - 1939). Then ... well ... right after the war we were enslaved by Russia in 1945 and we got free in 1989 ...

--- so, just a bad luck or what ? ---

well ... c'e`st la vie` ...
anyway we have much to do to catch the european countries ...
we do our best, but still the 250Eur airplane ticket to France (for exmaple) is the monthly payroll and not much people can afford it (and we're not talking hotel expences and stuff on top of the plane ticket)

--- then why the hell would I visit bulgaria ---

heeey ... that's the trick ! even if we don't have high standart of life in here,
we have 5 star hotels too ! :)))) and we have mountains great for skiing, we
have beautiful sea shore, we have awsome spa resorts, and history places ...
all this at a very modest prices (well .. compared to London let's say)

--- so? stop the jibberish and make a conclusion!!! ---

weeel ... let me think of final phrase ... you can have great time in Rome, Budapest or Paris ... but if you would like to have great time for less money, or just want to do great skking or skuba diving , or you are just curious ... then go get a sofia plane

--- who the hell are you and why you explain this after all ---

I'm a bulgarian guy, I do software and feel good :)
If you forgot why is all this - take a look at the 1st paragraph of this article :)

--- conclusion plsssss ----

mmm right .. almost forgot to answer article's title ...

In theory Bulgaria is part of Europe (map says so),
In practice there's a huuuuge difference and we're still not in Europe (I say so)

Bulgaria comprehensive information

Bulgaria on Wikipedia

Ok - conviced, but how do you get there ?

By plane :) Or ship :) Or car, bus, feet - whatever you prefer.
However - for deals about Sofia you can see my deals list

I don't belive this jibberish non sense

it's up to you actually ... if you're interested in bulgaria maybe you should check other bulgarians on VT :

Sofia members of VT

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