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Chemin de Meditation

The way of meditation, from slavery to Enlightment. Maybe this is the way of travelers, from home to Another world.
The path is what each traveler follows on the earth. But this path is also on our mind.
The most important is : finish the trip and get to the destination OR wandering for discover new landscapes and new faces ??
I hope I will never finish my journey and never stay too much time in the same place.

This path is sand.
The spirit is the elephant : big but slow. And the monkey is our desires, our passions, etc. What to do ? When you start your journey, the monkey give the rythm, runs the elephant. But day by day, the elephant takes the advantage, and manage your life, with tranquility and peace. At the end, it is white, pure, without troubles.
Why I like this ? Because it's so close to some greek and european philosophies, as Stoïcism. And I like to think that I am on this way, maybe for all my life, without the ambition to become a wise woman, but just trying to change my life.

Open the Doors

I like this picture I took in Tibet. This is a picture of my soul : dark inside but bright when it's open like a door to the world.
Au fond de l'image, c'est le Potala, la residence des Dalai-Lama. La ville de Lhassa est totalement detruite par l'appetit des Chinois, qui ne respectent rien de l'antique culture tibetaine.
I used to read Alexandra David-Neel's books and she gave me the taste of travel. When I was young, I never dreamed that one day I can also touch the ground of Lhassa. But this day was a sad one and I cried because the Holy City is no more the city of Bouddha.
I believe that someday the gates of freedom will open for Tibet and Tibetan people.


Wild spaces in Tibet : only 3 colours : the dark blue of the Lake, the pale green of the fields and above, the white tone of peaks. Maybe the most beautiful landcape I ever see.

But this country is dying, because of Chinese people, settled down on this sacred land.
Tibetan are no more "at home", they became strangers in their own and ancient country.

Salle du Chapitre

Another place, another civilization, another country (mine) but the same target : peaceful through the light.
The life in a monastery (christian or buddhist) is quiet, out of the world but inside yourself. Travels and monasteries seem to be opposite way of life, but for me it's exactly the same : how to find myself, how to know myself. Out and In. I need both.

C'est la salle du Chapître d'un monastère Cistercien de Provence, Sylvacane. J'ai travaillé sur ces religieux du Moyen Age pour mon Masters d'Histoire médiévale : these monks were so powerful during that time in Europe. What I like in them, it is they skills to manage, in the same place and the same time of life, Vita activa and Vita contemplativa, a life of work and a life of spirituality. An utopia but, for me, the only purpose of Human Life.


Hunza Valley, North Pakistan……… where I met Love :-)

This valley is so beautiful…… but my troubles started in Baltit Fort………

La vie de Chateau

One of my (numerous) passion is History. When I was a teen, I didn't hang poster of singers or actors on the walls of my rooms but I decorated it with pictures of Kings and Knights. My favorite period was Middle Age and still now I always thrill when I visit some castles or monasteries. Ok, I'm strange, but I cure (sometimes).
This castle is Montaigu, in Aveyron, south France. I use to live there for weeks, inside the castle, wasting my time like a princess :-) So coool

Ce chateau a ete restaure pendant plus de 20 ans par une equipe toujours renouvellee de jeune apprentis. Le donjon est magnifique, avec une immense salle commune ou on peut s'amuser a reconstituer des banquet du Moyen Age.

Pakistan, my second home

I found love in Pakistan, and then this country became my second home.
I travel often there, in Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore and especially in the Nothern, Chitral, Gilgit and Skardu. I mixed my love of mountains with my personnal life……
I would never think that one day my life would be linked to this country, I never planned to start a new life in Pakistan. For a westerner, Pakistan is both dreadful and attractive. A very bad image among western people, due to media pledge while Pakistanis are warm for their guests.
It's true that daily life is sometimes difficult, hard for women but for men too. It's an Islamic republic and the situation is very conservative in some parts, like Peshawar or Tribal Areas.

C'est moi

This picture was taken this august in my parent's garden by my brother Benoit.

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