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still amazed... thanks to Thomais....

June 16, 2009 - I have not been here all this time.... busy being a mom, wife, citizen of this concrete jungle, meeting new people... went to Kefalonia Oct 08 - blissy and with Thomais even more special (shew as procreated there); went to Puerto Rico and Florida Jan/Feb 09 - aaahhhh, oohhhhh family, warmth, caring, not having to think too much, pampering.... back to Athens, reality, struggles but all of that becomes irrelevant seeing our Thomais smile, grow, now one and starting to walk, try to babble away in Greek, Spanish and English and just living life. The way it should be and we continue... going to Kefalonia next week - to see grandpa, he's been taking care of veggies to make sure Thomais eats healthy!

August 23, 2008.... almost one year since I've been here... tons has occurred... greatest of all.. I am now a mother... and all my desire to travel, discover, challenge myself, thrill seeking, not wanting to be in one place for too long... it has reached a new zenith, new meaning... I now want to do all of this thru the eyes of my daughter and give her the opportunity to see the world thru the patience, flexibility, commitment, dedication, curiosity, excitement with the little things I learned when I was able to travel... I have not traveled anywhere in all this time... and for now.. I don't miss it at all... Financially it has not been possible... but reality is, I have not missed it... I went thru a fantastic period being pregnant filled with discoveries and satisfactions... and now that is multiplied by one million with my daughter Thomai Victoria Moshopoulos by our side..
All the powers of being know what will happen to us and if we'll be able to travel in the near future... for now we delight ourselves in living life to the fullest and raise a productive and loving new citizen of the world... hopefully another world traveler!!!

October 11, 2007 - the past 2 weeks have brought excitement, surprise and fear to our lives... Kostas and I will become parents by the end of May 2008... this magical land creating important changes to our days and reminding us we only live once. The baby will be a mix of the Land of the Gods and the Americas at its best - a new breed, breaking barriers and hopefully a future traveller. What more can we ask for?

September 17, 2007 - howdy.... yes, I now live in Athens... how is that?? I made the big jump, decided to join Kostas and I'm now living here... quite happy, excited and ready for more...
less than a month after my arrival... the wake up call.... reality hits... wonderful but too expensive.... the fires happened.... everyone concerned for one week.... then elections and no one remembers the victims of one of the largest ecological disasters ever....
I love to be in the middle of the mess, no doubt....
getting settled for now.... enjoying the ins and outs of neighborhood living, discovering the nuances of the culture and getting ready to learn the language...
this is the 6th country I have the opportunity to live in... who knows if I'll be here for good.... right now... I'd love to!!!!

July 27, 2007 -- enjoying the family in Florida big time.... strengthening the bonds and reconfirming who we are.....
the friends and old coworkers are all surviving the same reality -- personal life is moving along... most of their work situations stink.... crappy bosses, lack of consideration, manipulation, nepotism, etc... I am glad I removed myself from all of that, hopefully I won't have to deal with it again!!!!

***my pockets are screaming big time.... life in the USA is so expensive it is disgusting... there is no reason why the costs for food should be so high.... it is obvious profits being made by business owners are high and we the consumers end up supporting their lifestyle.....
I will not stop complaining about it.... and to think that I plan to move to Europe -- even pricier....

moving along the teaching curve!!!!

July 21, 2007 -- I left China 5 days ago.. it feels like an eternity, it is strange. I feel quite comfortable, cozy and loved in the US but still there is something not clicking and missing..
Is it the low prices and being able to eat well for little money -- I don't think so....
Is it the crazy taxi drivers in Dalian -- don't believe so... glad to still be alive after hundreds of hair raising experiences....
Is it the spitting, pushing, shoving --- nahhhhh
Is it the royal treatment, everywhere I went I was quite the sensation and curiosity towards me was the rule of the day.... bu shi, I cannot be that obnoxioius....

It is everything... for one year I was in China mode.... taking it all in, learning about it, getting close to the people, exchanging laughs, ideas, my heart and soul with many. I can do that here, no doubt and I make sure I do it. But it was very special in China because many of the great people I was surrounded by had never experienced what I had to offer and it was thrilling.
Letting people know that I've made choices, no one has told me what to do, the ideas I've had it's been up to me to pursue them and no one had crushed them -- many of the Chinese I shared myself with expressed their surprise about all of this and I insisted to each of them.... get ready, your time is coming and you need to go for it full force.
That is why I insist China is a place to be watched. Its people need to be understood, we must communicate with them... This upcoming generations want something else and it is very different from what the rest of the world wants. We have no choice but to deal with it and make this world of ours a better place.
I look forward to great news from some of my students -- they will succeed big time. I will be mighty proud when this happens.
The satisfaction of saying been there done that it is a great high right now.

great sights...

picture above: the ritual of a wedding in China is intense and lavish -- even when you don't have the money...
the obligatory photo session in public spaces is a must - as one Chinese young man told me (now separated from his wife) -- we need to do it...
I believe they are getting married too early and they don't know what they are getting into or the responsibilities acquired...
this is in Beijing - the main square off the Catholic Church - Wangfujing St.

June 2007: I plan to leave this wonderful land in 23 days... and I wonder why am I counting the days for everything lately.... for some great reason now I need to appreciate more and more each event and individual making my time so special.
I have seen so much in these past 11 months -- people, reactions, craziness, inconsistencies, realities, differences, similarities, warmth, carelessness, curiosity, possibilities, awkwardness, ignorance, the old vs. the new... everyday provided a new surprise, but only if I wanted to live it, enjoy it... I am glad I made the choice to do so and process it, digest it and express my view about it.
More memorable days/times and I move on to other stages and changes.. curiosity prevails, the desire for living insists...

Recently, I turned 40 years old; looking back the list of rewards and challenges is long and quite beautiful.
I have been to 33 countries in the world.
I have lived in five of them.
School and life have given me an awesome education.
I speak three languages very well, another three I could manage if I wanted to.
I had been married. I plan to get married again (January 2008-Athens, Greece).
I have worked at a psychiatric unit, supermarket, lawyer’s office, fast-food store, University department, tutored, taught at a public school and two Universities, worked with magazines, worked with poor children, worked with the cement industry and other great small jobs.
I have done volunteer work - helping others and myself.
I have owned a home.
I have owned a car.
I have seen life and death - physical and spiritual.
I have cried alone and with others.
I have lied and been lied to.
I have given my heart and been marveled by the beauty of love.
I have hurt others and also been hurt.
I have made mistakes and corrected some of them.
I have been poor financially and I have been comfortable.
My heart and emotions have been quite rich and become richer by the minute.
I have a great family and we learn every minute to love and respect each other even more.
I have gained many friends and lost some.
I am the queen of procrastination.
I need to do more than one thing at a time.
I love to be surrounded by people. I can also be alone when needed.
I hope to become a mother.
I hope to be a great wife and partner.
I hope to continue growing as a spiritual being.
I hope to avoid past mistakes.
I hope to continue receiving so I can give even more.
I was taught at an early age: “I trust the spirit within me.”
- This phrase has guided all my steps.
The ying and yang of my life shall continue. Now with greater meaning than ever.
Thanks to each person, soul and spirit that has touched my life. I could not be what I am without them.
All my love always. Yadira

just sending messages...

Picture -- bats or Fu? I touched the symbol and later told shop owners -- I am passing my Fu to you as I tried to bargain for lower prices -- it worked!!!

Feb. 07 - This semester teaching American Government at LNU-MSU in Dalian, China....
the excitement of sharing ideas/thoughts, the works with Chinese students eager to learn about other methods, styles, thinking..... too exciting....

** Trying to be objective at all levels.... going with the flow when the students want to pursue provoking thoughts.....
very lucky to be in this situation at this moment.... can't wait to see the results 20 years from now......

-went to Beijing middle of March... mahvelous.... miss the food.... the people.....
- went to Yunnan mid April... Lijiang rules, the roads and villages are like paintings.... Tiger Leaping Gorge??? DONE IT... WAO, WAO... you need to go and help preserve this jewel... stay at Sean's Guesthouse, try their plum wine and meet his daughters - one of the best presents I've given myself this year....
-just came back from Cambodia end of April.... Angkor Wat .... I need it - hope to go back one day - very special.......
May .. . wanto to plan a trip somewhere..... but I better behave!!! my students my coerce me to go to Shenyang and visit the smaller Forbidden City....
June -- I turn 40.... must celebrate in grandiose manner and hopefully somewhere...
On welcoming a new decade:
July - teaching ends here.... go to Seoul and back to USA... for how long???
August -- go to Puerto Rico - reconnect with the roots before returning to Greece?????
pandora's box is open..... what will I do with all the surprises?

I purchased some post cards at Leshan -- wonder where they are now....
two of them were black and white, all had different looks of the Buddha since its discovery...
In the '60's a natural disaster took place in the area -- the message sent to the population (wonder by whom?), the Buddha closed its eyes, he was sad because the people were suffering......
The following year, the Buddha had opened its eyes because order had been restored and the people were not suffering anymore.....
Hold on one second.... '60's wasn't a Cultural Revolution taking place in some places of the world, wasn't the belief in religions, Gods banned.... yet, the Buddha had the power to close and open its eyes just like that....
I just love these stories.....

in retrospect:

2006 was incredible in every aspect...
spiritual, physical, emotional, professional.... there is no beating being able to reach a new realm of existence, no pressures, calmness, being fulfilled with who I am and who and what surrounds me....
Many people, many cities.... all permitted me to be a part of their lives... some fleeting moments, others short but intense - just what I needed....
Now 2007 began, with greater bravado, strength, the assertiveness and willingness to continue intact...
I am ready, are you?

you can check out my PLS101 class websites....



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  • greencargirl's Profile Photo
    Jul 26, 2009 at 3:41 AM

    You have a beautiful baby girl! And you sound like a wonderful mother (best thing ever, right?). Enjoy all of it---- Susan, in Beijing

  • takla73's Profile Photo
    Jun 8, 2007 at 9:37 AM

    Happy Birthday and have a nice day YADIRA Greeting from Alexandria Egypt TAKLA

  • ghibli88's Profile Photo
    Jun 8, 2007 at 6:21 AM

    A warm Happy birthday to you,best wishes from cloudy Italy.

  • blue_sky04's Profile Photo
    May 7, 2007 at 4:56 PM

    Hi. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to Borobudur & Prambanan temples. I've not been to Angkor Wat so it's not in my list of great structures yet. Hope to visit it in the future. Greetings from Indonesia.

  • elva199's Profile Photo
    Aug 21, 2006 at 5:23 AM

    Have a nice time in Dalian, Yadira! Nice pages:) elva

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