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Come Experience the Unique !!!!!!

Keralam the land renowned as God's Own Country.
It is called widely as Kerala, but I like to
call it in its traditional style - KeralaM.

With the Arabian sea on the west, the western-ghats towering on the east and networked by forty four rivers, Keralam enjoys an equable climate and various unique geographical and cultural features that have made it one of the most sought after tourism destinations in the World.

Welcome to Keralam - the land that prudently guards the splendors of the past. Explore the winding ways the history suffused with spicy flavors of romance, conquests….

Keralam is Rated as one of the eight -'Must-See' destinations in the world by The 'National Geographic Traveler'.

Discover the Paradise, where hospitality is not an industry, but an embedded value of local culture, where various religious group, castes live in a harmony.

A long shoreline with serene beaches. Tranquil stretches of emerald backwaters.

Lush hill stations and exotic wildlife.
Waterfalls, sprawling plantations, paddy fields , coconut trees....
Ever green nature.....

Share your days with Aayurvedam, the most ancient and scientific health care system (- originated here...)

The Mother of all martial arts in the world, Kalarippayatt -is from my land Keralam.

Enchanting Classical art forms, Ritual Art forms, Folk art forms......
Round the year Magical festivals .....
Historic and cultural monuments.
Variety of exotic cuisine…….

Keralam, situated in the southernmost tip of India, has the most advanced society with their traditional life style, the only state in India that achieved the 100% literacy.
No place on earth is perhaps as breathtakingly naturally EVER-GREEN as Keralam.
Transport yourself to this ancient land.

and lot more.....

All of which offer you a unique experience.
And what's more, everyone of these charming destinations is only a two hours drive from the other. A singular advantage no other destination offers.

You must visit this land , to make your trip ever memorable...
Experience the yet unexplored and unique chattels that this land holds for you !!!



Emerald Backwaters…!!! *

Forty-four rivers and lots of canals act as the nerves of this beautiful land. This allows Keralam to offer a long way of natural backwaters. A cruise in the 'Kettuvallam' ( traditional houseboats of Keralam ) is one of the enduring images of the backwaters.
Treat your eyes with the lushness of green of coconut tress, paddy fields….on the two sides. Feel the freshness of pure cool air…!

The 'Kettuvallams' are well furnished and offer adequate accommodation for whole family.
Sitting rooms, bedrooms, kitchen etc are arranged in these 'Kettuvallams'. Yes, our craftsmen have created a unique atmosphere onboard, a luxurious, self-contained world from which to observe rural life of Keralam flowing gently by. 'Kettuvallam' ensures privacy for guests including honeymooners.
There are cozy double bedrooms with en suite bathroom, beautifully furnished sitting-room- complete with its own sun deck at the bow or on the top floor. Power is supplied by discrete solar panels hidden on the roof.
The Guests are attended by a personal cook and boatmen..

Day cruise, Night cruise, 24 Hrs curies….. no matter, you can choose type and duration of the ride.
You can also select the type of Kettuvallam according to your pocket….
Some Kettuvallams are propelled from the bow and stern by the two boatmen using punting poles while some have outboard silent motor.


Verdant Wildlife….!

Keralam boasts of more than a dozen of wild life sanctuaries filled with rare species of flora and fauna. Indian elephants, wild boars, tigers, lion-tailed monkeys, ibex, leopard,…….are commonly found here.

Periar wildlife sanctuary, Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary, Eravikulam wildlife sanctuary, Muthanga wildlife sanctuary, Thekkady wildlife sanctuary…. are some of them.

Experience the thick vegetation. Listen to the songs of birds and murmuring streams.
Be a part of nature, where you forget yourself.
Take bath in the refreshing waterfalls that kisses lot of medicinal plants on the way!

The best time to visit the wildlife sanctuaries are October to May last.


Mist clad Hill-stations of Keralam

Find yourself in a world among the clouds in the verdant hills of Keralam..
Lakkidi, Waynad, Munnar, Chinnar are some examples for this unexplored hill-stations of Keralam where time seems to stand still and where the pristine mountains and the cool climate is sure to take your breath away. Cradled in the tropical vegetation and under the azure sky of these high ranges, showcases Keralam in all its splendor.

Untouched by the hub of city life yet not so far away from it.
It is to this unique land that we invite you to submerge in the ambience and serenity of its dark woods coupled with the rich and varied animal life.
The natural green surroundings and tranquil setting is an idyllic spot for the perfect retreat !!!

Take a scenic journey through winding ways to wilderness garnished with the aroma of spices. Be mesmerized by the fragrance of wild flowers and challenge the limits of sky with infinite diversities of birds. Destination of unmatched beauty and bounty.


Crafts !!!! *

Admire the craftsmanship of traditional architecture of Kerlam.
Visit a 'Naalukett' or 'Ettukett' - traditional houses of Keralam- based on a modular concept that allows the house to grow in geometrical progression. The four wings of a 'Naalukett' are built around an open courtyard with or without a covered Varandhah on all four sides. The courtyard allows air and light to circulate and also provides for rain water..
The Kshethrams ( Temples ) of Keralam is a good examples of the ancient architecture knowledge and ability.
But unfortunately, Non-Hindu are not allowed in most of the Kshethrams ( Temples). In some Kshethrams do allow entry into the ground but not inside. But some allows every one to get inside. So, you must enquire if entry is permitted and the rules you have to follow (if permitted) in each particular Kshethrams (Temples) you visit.

The wooden and stone crafts in the 'Naalukett', 'Kshethrams' are very attractive.
'Aaranmula Kannaadi' ( traditional mirror made by a secret formula using metals and herbs ) is one of the famous craft from Keralam. Only two families knows this formula.
Keralam is also famous for the crafts made from brass, coconut fibers and other fibers, gold, silver, handlooms….
But take care…the purchase of ivory products in any form is illegal and punishable..!


Beaches that beckons you..!*

Enjoy the luxury of sun and surf in the unexplored beaches of this cute land….
The boundless blue of the Arabian sea and the unwinding miles of golden sanded beaches kissed by the surf which hisses at the feet of the swishing palms.

As Arabian sea laces in the west, Keralam is blessed with costal area of around 600 kilometers..!

The world famous Kovalam beach is here in Keralam.
The drive-in beach here in Payyambalam is very famous through which you can drive your vehicle through the sea for kilometers…..
The Queen of Arabian sea, Kochi is another example…
Lots and Lots of Clean Beaches bordered by the coconut trees, are here in this land.


Rich Heritage, Art forms, Culture

Enliven your life with the rich heritage of art and culture.
Life in full colors enacted through music and dance.

Nowhere in the world you can witness so many diversified and enthralling art forms.

Classical art forms like Kathakali, Mohiniaattam, Ottam Thullal etc…..
Ritual art forms like Theyyam, Thira, Mudiyeett, Kalamezhuth, Patayani…etc
Folk arts like Thiruvathirakkali, Oppana, Maargamkali etc……
reflect the cultural richness of the Keralam.

Also, these mystical art forms are the expression of the religious, social and communal freedom and the unity unique to Keralam, the Podium of myriad expressions.


Kalarippayatt - Mother of all martial arts in the world*
The mother of all martial arts in the world - Kalarippayatt was born in Keralam. Experts from other part of the world regard Kalarippayatt as the comprehensive system of martial training.
Kalarippayatt has specialized and indigenous medical preparations and methods of treatment.


Aayurvedam - Herbal, natural treatment

Nature yourself in the land that has natured Aayurvedam, the most ancient system of medicine.
Let the healing touch of nature soothe your body, mind and soul.
Let the pristine clean rain drops cool you physically, mentally and spiritually.

Treat yourself in the world-renowned authentic centers of Aayurvedam. Experience the miracle of the unique methods of healing that have belittled the credentials of modern medicine. Come to Keralam , live life, the Aayurvedic way - the way of life deeply rooted in the laws of nature, that synchronizes body, mind and soul in perfect harmony.

Take an Aayurvedic 'Uzhichil' ( traditional method of message used in Aayurvedam).

Aayurvedam - the time tested healthcare system from ancient India - was developed through centuries long research by sages, who were eminent scholars, abiding nature's rules. So Aayurvedam is extremely suitable for this age also.


Keralam - the Spice Capital of the world…!*
The name of Keralam is derived form the word KERAM which means Coconut in the Malayaalam ( language of Keralam )!!!!
Yes, the name itself points its relation to nature…!!!
Keralam - the land of Coconut and Spices….
History of Keralam is also closely related with its commerce. This lush land was famous for its spices and travelers around the world like the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, French, British… visited to trade and to gain control over this rich land. Spices was one of the reason for Vasco da Gama's ( from Portuguese ) quest for Indian subcontinent and its discovery via sea.

The 'Black Gold' - Pepper remains the King of spices of Keralam. But the spices like cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, mace, ginger, turmeric are equally famous and are produced in plenty.
Cashew nuts are widely cultivated.
The biggest fruit in the world -Jack fruit was originated here.

As in past, Keralam continues to be the spice capital of the world.
Green paddy fields will raise your poetic senses.
Coffee and Tea plantations in high-ranges are panoramic.

Visitors to Keralam, especially tourists, prefer to see for themselves how the different spices are grown, harvested, processed and packed.

Welcome to the Spice Capital of the World…!!


Land of diverse thrilling festivals

Celebrate life in the land of fairs and festivals.
All those uncountable number of festivals are the part of the life of the people as these are hatched by the warmth of the populace.

No other place in the world can boast of such number of fairs and festivals.
'Pooram', 'Kettukkazhcha', 'Onam', 'Ponkaala', 'Kalamezhuth', 'Thaalappoli'………
the list continues…

Eyewitness the Elephents ornamented in traditional style with 'Nettippattam'.. spectacular display of fireworks, huge chariots….

Be a part of the Round the year celebration of life…
Yes…Keralam has round the year festivals.
The Festive capital of the world….!!!!


Land of Hospitality and Cuisine…*

Surrender to the healthy temptations of Keralam's traditional food.
The people who considers the Guest as Gods…!!!
Keralam - the land of hospitality that comes from the heart…!!

Taste the traditional 'Sadya' of Keralam served on Banana leaves. You must not miss this 'Sadya' if you visit here.

Enjoy the delicious and authentic Malabar Cuisine redolent with the scent of spices. Mouth watering Malabari Chicken Biriyaani, Naadan Fish curry -with fresh sea fish cooked in rich spices and tomato gravy, soft boiled tapioca with generous lashings of grated coconut, the baked mutton, the meat and the chicken stew, Karimeen fry, fried praws…… Relish the traste of Malabarian halwa, tender coconut soufflé or its famed banana chips….

The most variety of breakfast with 'Putt', 'Appam', 'Dosa', 'Vada', 'Ada' etc etc etc……
Try 'Kappa' and fish curry…

The cuisine of Keralam is much like its culture itself - diverse, complete, tasty and rich…

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