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Euromeeting in Cascais and more

The Euromeeting in Portugal last May was a success.
We gather people from all over. It was fun.
Thank you all for coming. Those who couldn't attend... I wait for you here in Lisbon for a smaller scale meeting anytime.

Working in my Lisbon pages with new tips about "what to visit", and my Portugal pages with new tips about Portuguese wines.

Here they are

07.07.07 New 7 Wonders of the World

The New 7 Wonders of the World were announced during the Official Declaration ceremony in Lisbon's Benfica Stadium, Portugal on Saturday, July 7, 2007 - 07.07.07.
The New7Wonders have been elected to represent global heritage throughout history
(take a look at some history).

The listing as announced in random order at the Official Declaration Ceremony on 07.07.07, are: The Great Wall of China, Petra, Chichén Itzá , the Statue of Christ Redeemer, the Colosseum, Machu Picchu and the Taj Mahal. More than 100 million votes were cast worldwide. The New 7 Wonders are all equal - there is no rank among the list.

Of course there are some peculiarities related to the "proportional democracy" on such kind of election but... that's the world we live in...

7 Wonders were chosen because the original list of Ancient Wonders, drawn up more than 2,000 years ago, contained 7 and because 7 has been shown time and time again to be the number of things that the average person can remember.

The Pyramids of Giza also were honored by the New7Wonders project as the only remaining of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World.

Bernard Weber, who launched the New7Wonders Foundation to unite the world by honoring our common heritage, announced the organization's next project: The New7Wonders of Nature.


What to say about my lovely town ? (we can not avoid some adjectives to the things we like)
Where I was born where I grew up, and where I like to return from my trips and time living outside.

"You love a city not for its seven or seventy-seven wonders, but because it has an answer to your special question" , Italo Calvino

I’m proud of being born and raised in my country -Portugal- which I like to live in and to return always after any trip or some time living abroad. Nevertheless, I’ve been lucky to live abroad in so different cultures such as Sweden, Brazil, USA or Malaysia, which make me a more judicious person about “things of life” and the “human nature”.

Born in the country of the “discoveries” and the “discoverers” (the ones depicted in the picture) I dreamed of traveling “all the world” when I was a little boy, not necessarily in a caravel but I always felt the impelling force for the journey and not needed much more stimulus to go and know. Talking about sea traveling -one of the “travels of my life” was in the 70 years old topsail four masted schooner Creoula, an ocean training ship which I partially sail between Lisbon - Azores - Lisbon. Really adventurous to sail a ship of 70 m long.

So far I have been to many places in this world, nevertheless, I haven't seen “anything” yet. There are still plenty of places in my wish list, but I have to regret I have no means -either time and money- to know “all the world” as I dreamed when I was a small boy.
Moreover, you don’t need to “travel the world” to discover the beauty and the unknown hidden in the small places nearby your home.

On top of that life is made of options at any moment and we do have to choose. We have to think on all the important items -family, work, traveling, fun- (not necessarily in this order at each time) and make a jigsaw puzzle with them.
But always, I say, always, carpe diem because tempus fugit.

And although I have a very messy passport full of stamps more and more I feel like a citizen of the world where the geopolitical divisions and the borders are meaningless.

Lisbon Pavement

you have to see this work of art

where to be "hidden" from the world

My niche is here - the mouth of Tejo river (yeah you can call it Tagus ;-) in front of Bugio fortress.... maybe one of the best places in the world
(please enlarge the picture)

Along with one of the places I love more definitely one of my favorite poems
Ithaca by Konstantinus Kavafis or Cavafis (1863-1933)

When you set out on the voyage to Ithaca,
pray that your journey may be long,
full of adventures, full of knowledge.

Of the Laestrygones and the Cyclopes
and of furious Poseidon, do not be afraid,
for such on your journey you shall never meet
if your thought remain lofty, if a select
emotion imbue your spirit and your body.
The Laestrygones and the Cyclopes
and furious Poseidon you will never meet
unless you drag them with you in your soul,
unless your soul raises them up before you.

Pray that your journey may be long
that many may those summer mornings be
when with pleasure, what untold delight
you enter harbors you've not seen before;
that you stop at a Phoenician market places
to acquire the goodly merchandise,
mother of pearl and coral, amber and ebony,
and voluptuous perfumes of every kind,
as lavish an amount of voluptuous perfumes as you can;
that you venture on to many Egyptian cities
to learn and yet again to learn from the sages.

But you must always keep Ithaca in mind.
The arrival there is your predestination.
Yet do not by any means hasten your voyage.
Let is best endure for many years,
until grown old at length you anchor at your island
rich with all you have acquired on the way.
You never hoped that Ithaca would give you riches.

Ithaca has given you the lovely voyage.
Without her you would not have ventured on the way.
She has nothing more to give you now.

Poor though you may find her, Ithaca has not deceived you.
Now that you have become so wise, so full of experience,
you will have understood the meaning of Ithaca.

The quest for Ithaca seems impossible but after all Ithaca it is life itself and that is the reason for traveling, go in search for - happy traveling.

UNESCO World Herritage Sites visited so far

The World Heritage List presently includes 890 properties forming part of the cultural and natural heritage which the World Heritage Committee considers as having outstanding universal value.

Luckily I’ve been to 269 sites so far: and if I have the chance I'll visit them all

-Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley

-Los Glaciares
-Iguazu National Park

-Greater Blue Mountains Area
-Sydney Opera House

-Hist. Cent. Salzburg
-Palace of Schönbrunn
-Semmering Railway
-Hist. Cent. Graz
-Wachau Cultural Landscape
-Fertö/Neusiedlersee Cultural Landscape
-Hist. Cent. Vienna

-Flemish Béguinages
-La Grand-Place, Brussels
-Lifts on the Canal du Centre
-Belfries of Belgium
-Hist. Cent. Brugge
-Houses of the Architect Victor Horta (Brussels)
-Notre-Dame Cathedral in Tournai
-Stoclet House

Bosnia and Herzegovina
-Old Bridge of Mostar
-Visegrad bridge

-Hist. Cent. Olinda
-Iguaçu National Park
-Hist. Cent. São Luís
-Central Amazon Conservation Complex

-Boyana Church
-Rock-Hewn Churches, Ivanovo
-Pirin National Park
-Rila Monastery


-Rocky Mountain Parks

-Churches of Chiloé
-Hist. Quarter of the Seaport, Valparaíso

-Hist. Complex Split +Palace of Diocletian
-Old City of Dubrovnik
-Plitvice Lakes Natl. Park
-Basilica in Porec
-Hist. City of Trogir
-Cathedral of St James, Šibenik
-Stari Grad Plain

Czech Republic
-Hist. Cent. Prague
-Hist. Cent. Český Krumlov
-Hist. Cent. Kutná Hora

-Roskilde Cathedral
-Kronborg Castle

-Ancient Thebes and Necropolis
-Islamic Cairo
-Memphis and Necropolis –Pyramid from Giza to Dahshur
-Nubian Monuments from Abu Simbel to Philae

-Hist. Cent. Tallinn

-Fortress of Suomenlinna
-Struve Geodetic Arc

-Chartres Cathedral
-Decorated Grottoes -Vézère Valley
-Palace and Park of Versailles
-Palace and Park of Fontainebleau
-Strasbourg - Grande île
-Cathedral of Notre-Dame, and Palace of Tau, Reims
-Paris, Banks of the Seine
-Canal du Midi
-Historic Fortified City of Carcassonne
-Pyrénées - Mont Perdu
-Routes of Santiago de Compostela in France
-Belfries of France
-Jurisdiction of Saint-Emilion
-The Loire Valley (Sully-sur-Loire - Chalonnes)
-Port of the Moon, Bordeaux

-Aachen Cathedral
-Speyer Cathedral
-Würzburg Residence
-Roman Monuments, Cathedral and Church of Our Lady, Trier
-Frontiers of the Roman Empire
-Hanseatic City of Lübeck
-Palaces and Parks, Potsdam and Berlin
-Maulbronn Monastery
-Bauhaus sites, Weimar and Dessau
-Cologne Cathedral
-Luther Memorials, Eisleben and Wittenberg
-Classical Weimar
-Museumsinsel (Museum Island), Berlin
-Upper Middle Rhine Valley
-Dresden Elbe Valley
-Town Hall, Bremen
-Berlin Modernism Housing Estates
-The Wadden Sea

-Acropolis, Athens
-Mount Athos
-Paleochristian and Byzantine Monuments, Thessalonika
-Arch. Site Olympia
-Arch. Site Vergina
-Arch. Site Delphi
-Arch. Site Epidaurus
-Monasteries of Daphni, Hossios Luckas and Nea Moni of Chios
-Arch. Sites Mycenae and Tiryns

Holy See
-Properties of the Holy See -Hist. Cent. Rome
-Vatican City

-Budapest, Banks of the Danube, and Buda Castle
-Old Village of Hollókö
-Tokaj Wine Region Landscape

-Borobudur Temple
-Prambanan Temple
-Tropical Rainforest of Sumatra

-Arch. Ensemble of the Bend of the Boyne
-Skellig Michael

-Old City of Acre
-White City of Tel-Aviv
-Bahá’i Holy Places (Haifa) and Western Galilee

-Church and Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie with "The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci
-Hist. Cent. Rome, Properties of the Holy See + San Paolo Fuori le Mura
-Hist. Cent. Florence
-Piazza del Duomo, Pisa
-Venice and its Lagoon
-Hist. Cent. San Gimignano
-City of Vicenza +Palladian Villas, Veneto
-Hist. Cent. Ferrara
-Hist. Cent. Naples
-Hist. Cent. Siena
-Ravenna Monuments

-Hist. Cent. Pienza
-Arch. Area Agrigento
-Pompei, Herculaneum + Torre Annunziata
-Botanical Garden Padua
-Modena Monuments
-Costiera Amalfitana
-Portovenere, Cinque Terre, + Islands
-Residences Royal House of Savoy
-Villa Romana del Casale
-Cilento +Vallo di Diano Natl. Park
-Hist. Cent. Urbino
-Villa Adriana Tivoli
-Assisi, Basilica S. Francesco
-City of Verona
-Villa d'Este Tivoli
-Baroque Towns of the Val di Noto
-Sacri Monti of Piedmont + Lombardy
-Etruscan Necropolises -Cerveteri + Tarquinia
-Val d'Orcia
-Syracuse +Necropolis of Pantalica
-Genoa- Palazzi dei Rolli
-Mantua + Sabbioneta
-Rhaetian Railway in the Albula
-The Dolomites

-Buddhist Monuments, Horyu-ji
-Himeji-jo castle
-Ancient Kyoto
-Ancient Nara
-Hiroshima Peace Memorial


-Hist. Cent. Riga

-Arch. Site Leptis Magna
-Arch. Site Sabratha
-Old Town Ghadamès

-Hist. Centre Vilnius

-City of Luxembourg

-Gunung Mulu Natl. Park
-Kinabalu Park
-Melaka and George Town

-Medina of Fez
-Hist. City Meknes
-Medina Marrakesh
-Medina Essaouira

-Defence Line of Amsterdam
-Mill Network -Kinderdijk-Elshout
-The Wadden Sea

New Zealand
-Te Wahipounamu Park
-Tongariro Natl. Park

-Bryggen (old wharf of Bergen)
-Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord
-Struve Geodetic Arc

-Rice Terraces

-Hist. Cent. Cracow
-Wieliczka Salt Mine
-Auschwitz Concentration Camp
-Hist. Cent. Warsaw
-Medieval Town Torun
-Castle of Malbork
-Kalwaria Zebrzydowska
-Centennial Hall Wroclaw
-Wooden Churches of Southern Poland

-Angra do Heroismo-Azores
-Convent of Christ Tomar
-Monast. St Maria da Vitória Batalha
-Monast. Hieronymites +Tower of Belém -Lisbon
-Hist. Cent. Évora
-Monast. Alcobaça
-Cultural Landscape Sintra
-Hist. Cent. Porto
-Prehistoric Rock-Art Sites in the Côa Valley
-Laurisilva of Madeira
-Alto Douro Wine Region
-Hist. Cent. Guimarães
-Landscape of the Pico Island Vineyards

Republic of Korea
-Changdeokgung Palace
-Gyeongju Hist. Areas
-Seokguram Grotto +Bulguksa Temple
-Royal Tombs Joseon Dynasty

Russian Federation
-Hist. Cent. Saint Petersburg
-Kremlin +Red Square, Moscow
-Archit. Ensemble in Sergiev Posad
-Church of the Ascension, Kolomenskoye
-Novodevichy Convent

San Marino
-San Marino

-Historic Town of Banská Štiavnica

-Skocjan Caves

-Alhambra, Generalife +Albayzin, Granada
-Burgos Cathedral
-Hist. Cent. Cordoba
-Monast. of the Escurial
-Works of Antoni Gaudi
-Altamira Cave
-Monuments of Oviedo +Asturias
-Old Town Avila
-Old Town Segovia +Aqueduct
-Santiago de Compostela
-Hist. City of Toledo
-Mudejar Architecture of Aragon
-Old Town Caceres
-Cathedral, Alcazar +Archivo de Indias -Seville
-Old City Salamanca
-Arch. Ensemble of Merida
-Route of Santiago de Compostela
-Monast. St Maria de Guadalupe
-Donana National Park
-Hist. Town Cuenca
-La Lonja de la Seda de Valencia
-Las Medulas
-Palau de la Musica Catalana +Hospital de Sant Pau -Barcelona
-Pyrenees - Mont Perdu
-Univ. of Alcala de Henares
-Arch. Ensemble of Tarraco
-Romanesque Churches Vall de Boi
-Palmeral of Elche
-Roman Walls -Lugo
-Aranjuez Cultural Landscape
-Renaissance Ensembles -Ubeda and Baeza
-Vizcaya Bridge, Bilbao
-Tower of Hercules

-Royal Domain -Drottningholm
-Hanseatic Town -Visby
-Church Village of Gammelstad -Lulea
-Laponian Area
-Naval Port Karlskrona
-Agrictl. Landscape Oland
-Kvarken Archipelago/High Coast
-Varberg Radio Station
-Struve Geodetic Arc

-Convent of St Gall
-Old City Berne
-Vineyard Terraces, Lavaux
-Rhaetian Railway in the Albula
-Swiss Tectonic Arena Sardona
-La Chaux-de-Fonds

United Kingdom + Northern Ireland
-Giant's Causeway
-Blenheim Palace
-City of Bath
-Westminster Palace +Abbey +Saint Margaret's Church
-Tower of London
-Maritime Greenwich
-Royal Botanic Gardens -Kew

United States of America
-Everglades Natl. Park
-Independence Hall
-Olympic Natl. Park
-Statue of Liberty
-Monticello +Univ of Virginia in Charlottesville


Some VT people I really meet out of this virtual world

aaaarrgh Ld
Acirfa Ld
adawn412 Ld
Aggeliki At
alucas Ld Mb St
alusru Ld Mb At St Ka
anand1560 KL
Anne-Lieze St
Appleseed81 At St
audrey118 KL Ld Lx
AussieMadCow Ld St
AyurinHiro Ky
Backpackermoose Ld At St
Balfor Mb
barryg23 Ld
beach_dog Ld Mb At St Ka
belsaita At St Ka
benazer Ka
bernd_L Mb At St Ka
bernish Ld
BluBluBlu Ld
blumia Ka
BodX Ld
bradbrown Ld
brewjohnson Ka
cachaseiro Ld Mb St Ka
californiadreamin73 At St
cardesigner Cd
carmela71 Ld Mb At St Ka
carmen. Be
catnl Ka
chiabh KL
chrishc Ld Mb Lx
cnango St Ka
Co48 Mb At St Ka
christine.j Ka
Dabs Ld Mb
DAO Mb St Ka
daphne_b Be
dar76 KL
dhina Ka
dila Mb Ka
dejavu2gb Ld
dfactor KL KS
dora_heta KL
dr.firas Ka
Durfun Ld Mb Lx
eden_teuling Mb
Ekaterinenburg Ka
Elena_blue St Be Ka
elucas Mb St
emilienoelle Ka
EviP Lx
Fen Ld Ka
fgh Ka
film Ld
flyingkiwi KL
FruitLover St
Gammy1968 At St Ka
garry123 Ld
Geisha_Girl Mb
giampiero6 St Ka
GillianMcLaughl Ld Mb
gillybob St
gingerbird Ld
girladventure Ka
globetrott Lx Ka
gone_with_wind Lx Oe
grets Ld
haldane Ld Mb
hanoun Ld Mb
Hikerpark At St Ka
Hosell Mb
huggy93 Ld
Igraine Mb At St Ka
inguuna Mb
iris2002 Ld
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JamesWtc Ka
janetanne At St
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JessH Ka
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johngayton At St
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JulesH Ld
Kaspian Ld Mb St Ka
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Leipzig Ka
lina112 Mb
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LoriPori Ld Mb At St Ka
Lyndahall Ld
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Mahieu Mb St Ka
Manyana Ld Mb
Mardaska At St
Mariajoy Ld
matcrazy0 Ka
matcrazy1 Ka
Maurizioago CC Ka
Mavl St
meenoi KL
mickybleck Ka
minanga KL
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Myndo Ka
Nemorino Ka
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Orkaena St
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p_yenyen KL KS
Pakistaniguy Mb
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Paulo&Rosario At St Be
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petertktan KL
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PetraE Ld
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portgrl Al Po Ga Cs CR Si Cd
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Princess_Emily At St Ka
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razmatac Ld
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redang Al Po Bj Cs CR Si Md
revontulet St
RhineRoll Ld Ka
ricky52 Ld Mb Ka
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Roggeveen Ka
romina78 Ld
RonDace Ld
royslaven Ka
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Saasaan St
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saccharinicity Mb
sachara Mb At St Ka
salsa_girl Mb At St Ka
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sara_slo Cs CR Si
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Seppoman Ka
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SirRichard Mb
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Stephanie Ld Mb At St Ka
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TheView At St Ka
TheWanderingCamel Lx
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Waalewiener Ld Mb At St Ka
Willettsworld Ld
Willy_wonka Mb
yumyum Ka
yurijade KL
zuriga Ld
zweiblumen Mb

Al -Almada; At -Athens; Be -Belém; Bj -Barajas; CC -Costa de Caparica; Cd –Carnide; CR -Cabo da Roca; Cs -Cascais; Ga -Vila Nova de Gaia; Ka -Karlsruhe; KL -Kuala Lumpur; KS -Kuala Selangor; Ky –Kyoto; Lx -Lisbon; Ld -London; Mb -Marbella; Md -Madrid; Oe -Oeiras; Po -Porto; Si -Sintra; St -Santorini; Tp - Tripoli

My VT Meetings
in Europe
some huge ones
EuroVT Meeting Marbella 5-6-7 May 2006
EuroVT Meeting Santorini 1-2-3 June 2007
EuroVT Meeting Karlsruhe May 30- June 1 2008

in Asia

in Africa

All photos by a2lopes otherwise stated

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  • AyurinHiro's Profile Photo
    Nov 9, 2014 at 11:41 AM

    Hi,Antonio! How are you? I'm sure you are enjoying meeting people from around the world! Recently Martin_S commented our page and we got to know he knows you. He says Hi to you.Wow, what a small world! Hope to see you again.

  • a2lopes's Profile Photo
    Mar 5, 2014 at 1:24 PM

    thank you so much to all friends for the birthday wishes
    I don't come here very often right now
    but I toast to all virtualtourist friends

  • mpileggi's Profile Photo
    Feb 11, 2014 at 9:02 AM

    Happy belated birthday, Antonio! I rarely get on VT these days. Hope you had a fabulous birthday!!

  • Puma_Azul's Profile Photo
    Feb 4, 2014 at 12:09 PM

    Lo siento Antonio, se me pasó tu cumpleaños....espero que te la hayas pasado muuuuuy bien, abrazos desde México

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    Feb 4, 2014 at 11:32 AM

    Happy belated Birthday Antonio!
    Your intro pic is still today a great moment of your meeting. Thank for sharing .

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    Feb 4, 2014 at 1:04 AM

    Happy belated birthday, Antonio! Sorry for the delays, but I wasn't online yesterday.

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    Feb 3, 2014 at 12:32 PM

    Hope you had a great birthday!

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    Feb 3, 2014 at 10:30 AM

    Tillykke med fødselsdagen ;-)

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    Feb 3, 2014 at 10:14 AM

    Bon anniversaire Antonio! Greetings from the Swiss Alps ;-) Patrick

  • SOLODANCER's Profile Photo
    Feb 3, 2014 at 7:21 AM

    A big hug to you Antonio for the great day. I hope you partied well and wake up to many many good wishes for which you so deserve!

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