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Hi Guys!

Who Am I?

I'm John. Welcome to my ramblings :)

There's garbiage and verbiage and all sorts of other "iages" on these piages - but enough of that - time to get started:

Aye, "Time, Time, Time"...that unsatisfiable lover, simultaneously fiend and friend - without you there is no existence and with you no satisfaction. Ach, I use the word "satisfaction" in its truest sense - to say that you are "satisfied" implies that you are finished with something: I'll NEVER be satisfied then...

Hmmm...digressions! But before I stop digressing tho', remember that the word "satisfactory" merely means OK-ish and so never be satisfied with being satisfactory ;-0

As an old drinking mate of mine once said: "If you can't be good, be brilliant!!"

Where am I?

I consider myself extraordinarily fortunate in life to have lived and worked in some stunning locations here in the UK and especially around Devon. I've lived and worked on both Exmoor and Dartmoor, I've woken to the dawns rising over Lynmouth Bay and caught the spectacular sunsets on my way to the pub after work. Walking up Widecombe Hill and strolling the High Moor will always be a treasured memory, as too will be catching a great pic of the stags in the Exe Cleave at the back of Simonsbath.

However memorable all these (plus much, much, more) are I've now landed (literally) on a place which surpasses everything I've ever experienced - the magical Island of Lundy - MY Island :-))

My Lundy Page will, I reckon, be a project which will last forever - well at least until the world runs out of beer or I turn teetotal - whichever comes first - HIC!

Everything Below This Title Is Old Stuff

Maybe I'll get round to having a clean up, but then maybe I won't...

Got to introduce Steed to you all - see personal album below - poor old Steed

And Steeds Prague adventures, his last travels before he is to be pensioned off: Old Steed's last travels

It seems that my friend Steed has been telling tales about my personal life. Well here's a pic of him "ON THE SAUCE" - hypocritical little goody two-shoes that he is!

Pic taken on the "Night Riviera" sleeper train from Paddington to The South West - tip to appear soon on my Widecombe page.

UPDATE: Unfortunately Steed has been quite literally "blown out" and will have to take early retirement, but he does have a son - Steed Jnr , of very much dubious parentage, who has recently come upon the scene - suspicion has it that he will want his own page - the young upstart! Ach, we'll have to see about that!!! Hmmmm, tsk, tsk.

Steed Jnr.'s first travelogue, from Colorado, should provide a little amusement, bear with him he is but a kid! - Hi It's Me!

Ha! Got my own page and finally got John drunk enough to put a link in - double Ha! Ha! And here it is: SteedJnr

If You Don't Like the Colour Green..........

.............then don't come to Devon! We do green, big-time, sometimes with a bit of russet thrown in - (I'm not sure what "RUSSET" actually means but it seemed to fit...........a very minor digression...............)

Also White, 'cos it has snowed over the last few days: Widecombe page again!!!

This is a pic taken from halfway (yes i do mean HALFway!) up Widecombe Hill and shows the village pretty much in its entirety. The church in the centre (St Pancras) is known as The Cathedral in the Moor and was built in the 14th century from local granite with the tower being added a couple of hundred years later. Considering there are only about 50 people living in the village itself we are privileged to have such a magnificent structure.

I used to live quite literally over the road from the church - if you enlarge the pic and look very very closely you can see me walking past it on my way to the pub!

The church plays a major role in village life, as well from the Sunday services, it is also used for local weddings (in good weather the bride, groom and guests usually assemble on the village green for photographs) and funerals. The church bell ringers are very good and practice regularly - it must be thirsty work because they all troop down to The Ruggle afterwards.

The Ruggle

The photo that used to beat the top of this page (but is now at the bottom
!!) is a scan of the postcard from my ex local pub, if you like pubs this is a real pub, the beer is excellent - straight from the barrels behind the bar, the food is all home-cooked, by either Di (see Ruggle Ladies) , the landlady, or one of the excellent local cooks and everything is sourced locally - Just had Chicken and Leek Pie, but only half a portion of mash. Ach - and am now in red wine heaven!!!

The rabbit pie is only on the menu when the local lads have been out shooting or ferreting and is well worth waiting for.

The pub was a private house until about a hundred years ago. The original pub used to be on top of the hill on the drovers road across the moor. Legend has it that the old pub was owned by the guy who also owned the local granite quarry but he got fed up with the fact that his cart drivers would stop off en route for longer than the average tea break and so he burned the place down - having been advised by a team of "time and motion" consultants!

Another legend is that the old pub was burned down by a consortium of local wives, pretty much for the same reason (but without having the consultants!).

Until about 10 or so years ago the pub did not even have a bar and sold only beer and cider fetched directly from the cellar, the sherry bottle was only brought out at Christmas because that was the only time that ladies were expected.

I personally used to cook at the other pub in the village - The Old Inn and we were also well worth a visit - my tip was to eat what is on the blackboards because that is what had been freshly cooked for the day - don't bother any more unless you like the freshly microwaved variety.

This is The Rugglestone Inn - other pics elsewhere...........can't remember where I put them, but will bring you up-to-date later.

Update - Found Some!!!

And where would they be? Ans: Down below and on my Widecombe Page, knew I'd put them somewhere!

This Pic! - serendipity - pure chance!

This was taken from the top of the road coming into Widecombe from the South, it was actually taken through the front window of the taxi on the evening as I was coming home from Lynton, and my blues started to lift......just have to drop my bag off and then down to the Ruggle for a swift half of shandy (as the barstaff know...plenty of lemonade in mine!). And then life will be sorted, simple pleasures are the best!

Ach, I might as well stick this bit here seeing as I seem to have run out of space on Chapter #1 (and the numbers match!!):

Useless piece of information #1: Did you realise that Ellis Island is actually more New Jersey than New York, but Liberty Island is all NY? See my "to do" tips on my: New York page.

Serendipity Number 2

I love this pic! It was taken from the train coming out of Yeovil, and like above sunset pic was pure chance, must have had camera on correct setting.

This homepage is becoming(???) a bit of a rambling mess - perhaps this is how my brain actually functions? Ach, well, such is life.........I'll just let it ramble (both my brain and my HP!) LOL ALL!

Steed says - "Yep, he's on the sauce again, rambling away, he'll end up in a straitjacket eventually, you mark my words!"

From My Window Many Moons Ago

Here I was sitting at computer, typing away, glanced up and here's my view: grabbed camera and here's the pic -



Serious Big Hugs To All Who Visit - give me a shout and I'll buy the beers (but only if you buy 2 first!) wherever I may be.

PS - I have since discovered what "Russet" means and not only that but what it is in French too!!


One thing about Widecombe I definitely miss is The Ruggle, my little sanctuary, where the day's pressures and hassles dissolve into pint glasses of amber fluid to be temporarily set aside and replaced with genial conversation, general merry-making, an odd song, a joke told in context and just general chill-out.

Hey - Update 17th July 2007 - revisited and nothing changes:) Always "Au Revoir" or "A Bientot", which works just as well - it will never be "Goodbye"!!

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