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Hey there, and welcome to my VT page. I'm just a simple guy with simple ambitions in life, there's still so much to offer and I haven't discovered nearly everything there is too know yet.

During my time working with Norwegian Cruise Line, I've got to meet so many people and see so many places. I can safely say my years working on cruise ships were the years of traveling for me. Some of the great places I've been to are Mexico, Italy, Spain, Brazil, China and so much more. And who knows what the future holds for me? I'm excited at the prospect.

I believe that despite the mixes of society, the world offers TONS of cool people and of course places to see. I love all nationalities, and I hate the stereotypes some of them receive, when they're just as normal as any other decent human being. ^_^ With all the kind and nice people out there, I hope we can unite freely one day.

I cherish the family and friends I have, even if they don't know it. I even feel a bit of saudade (the Brazilian term for longing) over the good old days spent with all my friends, whether it be movies, hanging out, playing video games, etc. I miss them as we're all so busy now and have lives. But I'm thankful for the new friends I meet and experience as well. It's always great to experience any form of friendship, I say if you've gone through life without at least a couple of good friends, then it's a bleak life indeed.

Cheers to all my peeps around the world, and here's to new trials and fun ahead!

Traveling is a part of the story that is my life

People have been fascinated with my love for travel. Whenever I tell my stories of different things I've done, they listen in awe and can't believe they're talking to someone who would rather travel then have kids at 20 or finishing my bachelors in a field that I probably wouldn't succeed in. Settling down and pursuing education are on my list in the future, and hopefully I'm successful at both, because I really would like that eventually. But at this current time, I'd rather be crossing other countries and sights off my list. The more I travel, the more it seems my world is so small. I've broadened my horizons and have learned so much since my first international trip to London, England in 2002 when I was a mere whelp, getting to know myself and stumbling upon fascinating landmarks like Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London and Picadilly Circus, among so many others. When I returned home, I knew this is something I wanted to keep on doing. It helps to be surrounded by like-minded people who show a love for traveling as well, since most of my friends here at home are too busy with kids, work or relationships to even bother. Of course, I'm not judging them, becasue life's all about choices. We mold our own fates by our actions. They ask me why I travel, for what purpose? It's a tough answer. I don't think I'm running from anything, but, as a traveler here at VT once told me, I'm rather running TO something!

I wouldn't have traded my experiences around the world for anything!! I'm so blessed to have had the opportunity to travel to places like England, New York City, Spain, Chile, China, Brazil, South Africa and Italy (and those are just SOME countries where I've been). I hope I'm not gloating to you all, far be it. I'm just so proud to have been to so many lands and experienced different cultures. I'm glad I stumbled upon Virtual Tourist. For it's helped me to share my journeys with like-minded people. Traveling has become a part of my pysche, my personality and my passion.

Explore the world one step at a time!

As I've grown and matured, I've come to realize life is like a bucket list. There's so many things that I need to experience in life that I know I haven't scratched the surface of it all. I've done things from hanggliding to swimming with a dolphin and my first ever day safari in South Africa!! What to do next?!

Odd and unusual experiences, part of the territory

My travels have been relatively safe and normal. But of course, now and then, there are those strange things you encounter when you travel.

One story was when I went to New York in 2006. I was a young pup walking around Times Square when this came to me in the street and gave me a chat. He told me to accompany him down another block. Like the ignorant pup I was, I followed him to the Church of Scientology building. I was like, meh, no harm. He led me in and down a set of stairs to a basement like area. There was a movie theater there and they showed a film on Dianetics (sp?). There was one other person in there. Right away, I knew this wasn't to my liking and I made for an escape. A woman came out by the entrance and offered me Scientology propaganda. I refused. She didn't like that, and kept badgering me to accepting them. "You need this, you DO need this!!" She kept saying. This went back and forth until I faked an address back home and I left. I'm a proud Catholic!! I wouldn't be detered!!

Another experience I vaguely remember now was when I was working on cruise ships and we were in Punta Arenas, Chile. I was walking back to the ship after a day out in town and I was approached by a cop car. He asked me in Spanish what I did and where I worked, I showed him I worked on the cruise ship. I couldn't make it out well but I think he thought I was a criminal, maybe he saw on a poster that I had a resemblance to? It was a weird thing. I barely remember that experience, but it happened. I don't think I would've like going to prison in another country for being mistaken for someone I wasn't.

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