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Earth: the final frontier. These are the voyages of Eve and Ash. Their life-long mission: to explore strange new countries; to seek out new places and civilizations; to boldly go where so many others have already gone before.

A preview

At the time of building this page, October 2005, Mother Nature seems to be having her bit of fun with the lives of people. The Tsunami, rain-torrents in Bombay, hurricanes' Katrina & Rita, the earthquake in Pakistan and India, and now news on huricane Wendy to occur in a few days!

Add to this, recent acts of terrorism and the smell of war everywhere, and maybe it's due time we stopped taking our lives for granted and step back and appreciate what we have; that we have opportunities to travel and explore the world and find pleasures in the simplest things.


People say my generation is jaded; brought up in a time when there's no faith in God, government or people. But whatever created my generation came before me. We didn't make all this up ... our attitudes, our ways of looking at life; we learnt by example.

It's a tough time to be young, yet somehow we all learn to cope ... and in the end ... all you really need is a good plan!

- Wicked Minds

Partners In Crime

Here we are - two individuals in love, trapped on opposite sides of the world. With a 12-hour time-difference between us, we couldn't be any further apart.

However, there is a spark of hope for a future together, and, until then, we have but a few special weeks every year to meet and explore new places with each other.

....So what you shall subsequently see within our travelogues is not just your standard tour-guide-where-to-plant-your-feet advice, but rather a recap of our adventures. We do not aim to give you, our readers, plain statistics like so much information already available out there at the click of a button, but rather detailed experiences - weird or not, good and bad, while on our trips around the world.

...why don't you just tag along and take a look at the world through our eyes?


NEWSFLASH - UPDATE: Since the original writing of this we managed to overcome the 12-hour time difference and we are now living not only on the same side of the world, but also at the same address - oh and we share the same last name! :-D
Wedding Pics

Pandorra & a box of secrets

The only thing better than travelling and seeing new places, is to travel and see new places together with the love of my life. Can't wait for our next adventure, and until that time comes, I'll keep myself busy with work, school, and a multitude of classes and activities....

An Escape from plain existence

My likes? Adventure sports and travelling definitely, late nights with the one I'm so crazy about, sketching, hacking (systems security really), alsations, mobikes, sunsets on deserted mountain tops, long winter beach strolls, GOD, life & love... - much more actually but I wouldn't be able to fit 'em all in here.

"I do not want my house to be walled in on all sides and my windows to be stuffed. I want the cultures of all the lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible” - Mahatma Gandhi

On the footsteps of Tintin...

Remember the bald chap from all those comics with the three tufts of hair ... yep thats right - Tintin .. from the illustrator Herge? Well he was one of the first topics of discussion Ash and I had when we first met, and we both are still as fascinated today with the chap and his adventures as we were when we were little. Oh yeah - not to forget Snowy, the world's most adorable pup!

One of our travel goals is to follow in the footsteps of Tintin and visit all the places he has been to - yes, Moon might provide a bit of a challenge, but one never knows....

To follow shortly - our travel itinerary!


Memory - [mem.o.ry] An act or an instance of remembering or recollecting incidents. The main reason which led Eve and me towards finding ways of documenting our little adventures into easily recollectable formats for whenever we need to reminisce from sometime in the future.

Many thanks to Virtual Tourist for giving us this opportunity. Besides what better way could we find than to schedule our trips beforehand and to budget our travels down to the last cent.

Which reminds me of an extract from a little poem Rememberance by Faiz.

...and if remembrance comes, like the morning breeze
laden with a thosand rose petals,
so let it be!

...and if remembrance comes, searing, with the pain
from some forgotten niche, of some forgotten time,
so let it be!

For when life ends and nothing else remains, then all that we will have are our memories.

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.

- Mark Twain

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