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i'm an IT Support Specialist in minneapolis, minnesota.

next trip - somewhere family friendly! my first child, a boy, is due in june 2008!

About My Overseas Travels

well, i haven't done too much yet - but i'm working on it! my first overseas trip was to Amsterdam in spring of 2003.

in spring of 2004, i caught a flight into frankfurt, germany. the next morning i caught a train and headed to prague. i did that whole trip alone - which was great, because i could do my own thing. BUT, i was also lonely as all get out. especially in prague - it's such a romantic place!

in march of 2005, my best friend and I went to seoul, south korea. after a few days exploring that city (i thought of it as a smaller, shorter version of new york city), we went to beijing, china. i fell in love with beijing - even though i unfortunately didn't care much for the food.

in june of 2005, i traveled with my best friend to madrid, spain. he works for the airline, so we were able to make just a quick one-day trip for a seriously discounted price. i was so exhausted when i got back, but i'd definitely do it again.

in march of 2006, my boyfriend and i went to egypt. we spent in cairo, and caught a train to luxor as well for a few days. this was my boyfriend's first overseas trip for pleasure, and when people asked him: "why egypt?" he responded with, "if i'm going to see the world, i might as well start at the beginning!" how beautiful is that.

november 2006 - i went to prague again - but this time with my man! so i wasn't so lonely this time around :) we also went to vienna for a couple of days (hey, i had to get at least ONE new country on my Visited List).

november 2007 - my boyfriend and i went to turkey, travelling through istanbul, selcuk/ephesus and the cappadocia region. it was absolutely gorgeous.

Life in the Great Middlewest

i'm from des moines, the depressed, gloomy capital of iowa. i go back every few months to see my family, although they've since moved about twenty minutes further south of des moines to a very small town called prole (population 20-something).

prole is actually quite nice - it's really just a dirt road, some houses, and lots of open fields. horses and farming dominate the landscape. it's beautiful in the summertime.

my grandmother is a cowboy/ appalachian mountains/ trailer-park type (bless her heart, i adore her), and as i was growing up she used to take me around to all these small iowa towns. today, i still love truck stop diners with their greasy people and greasier food.

i've always dreamed of big cities, but i have an appreciation for the ebbs and flows of country life... iced tea brewed in sunlight, wild dandelions that grow taller than a 6-year old, relaxing away a sunday afternoon on the porch and waving to the neighbors as they go past...

funny, but the thing i miss most living in the city is the sound of crickets. i believe it was erykah badu who did a song on her last album with the music of crickets in the background. it immediately conjures up a landscape peppered with trees instead of skyscrapers. sometimes i do miss that.

for more pics of small town Iowa and Missouri, take a look at my Mississippi River Tour

Roaming the USA

i didn't start seeing the rest of the country until i was in my 20s. the last seven years of my life have taught me that travel is the only thing that makes working bearable ...


my pops lives in seattle, so i make it out there every so often -

i've been to kansas city, missouri a few times, when my best friend lived there -

i spent a week in NYC, so far my favorite city on earth -

a weekend in los angeles, clubbing in hollywood -

lots of weekends in chicago and one great big party -

lots of weekends in detroit with my boyfriend's family -

and several days in las vegas.

i've loved it all. the only area left that i want to explore are the southern states - especially new orleans and black, rural towns.

Next Trip!

After Turkey in November 2007, I'm considering India, Ethiopia, Ghana or Peru!

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