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Nature and Human always related

It has been ages since i've wrote about my journey. I haven't talk about the last trip i had, the trip before and the previous adventure i've been. It so much of experience and the hard time i've gone through as a single traveler. I've met lots of people, i've made lots of friends along the way, but still, the experience is not the same, maybe we took lots of same picture and yet, we still have different story to tell.

For the past 5 years, i am traveling on my own, i had great time, and i've learned alot, i fall in love with the nature i've seen which i cant see it in my country, but couple of months ago, i have break my own tradition. I was traveling with my schoolmate from secondary school and i take my mom along on that trip. But, its just a present for mom coz once she said, "you get your sister and your cousin something from the trip but you didn't get me anything"...hahaha.. am i a wonderful kid, didn't get her mom a gift from her trips..but anyway, i have other plan for her.. i taken her to Bandung for shopping and going to volcanic area for a start. I am glad coz she had fun. Next plan, i'll take my whole family going on holiday as they always hearing me going here and there but they just never had a chance to do the same as i had.

Anyway, the last trip i wrote was about how i got sick from almost drowning in phi phi island and beck the guy who have lost lots of things in his life over tsunami hits in phi phi island. Can you imagine how long ago it was?? it has been a few years since i last wrote about my trip. Its not that i am lazy but i just not having any inspiration to write, and i have not having time to write. Trust me, every journey i went, i have journal with me all the time, but the last 2 trips i had which is in Indonesia, i did not write anything as i went there because of my friends want to travel with me, and i take my mom for holiday, so its not about my journey but its their, therefore there are not much of story to tell about it. But i will write something about my last single trip in china. Its another whole new experience which i think its really meant. You'll read them and you know what i mean :)

Anyway, this is just a start and this is an update, but its not the end :) I love the experience i had and i am going to collect for more. I wish i could write better and publish my story to the whole world but then again, virtualtourist, always a start for me with all the comments i get, its just my short story of my short journey.

Travel to relaxing

Travel is a interesting activities to relax or to get knowledge in some places, but to me, i will travel once in a year just to relax.

I am starting to have this addicted to travel when my boss was assign me to singapore for job purpose, and that is my first time step out of malaysia, that was early last year 2004 and i went there for 3 days and i have very nice experience even it for work purpose. Since i have 3 days experience in singapore, then i starting to do some saving for my yearly hobby, that is travelling.

Travelling can make you a better person somehow. To me, travelling can make me more indipendent and more knowledgeble, whenever you go to other people places, you can learn something new from them, you can get to know about people culture, races, religion, their places and the way of people life.

Travel will cost you a lot of money and you have to spent for a lot of things, to have a lower cost of travelling, we have to know how to budget on place to stay, cost of foods, but in the mean time you want to have a very wonderful and relaxing vacation and of course at a nice place. I love to have a good vacation with lower cost of holiday.

I hope i will get a better place to stay with nice view around it, so i can relaxing and feels the peace of mind.

The two towers

In malaysia we have two towers. The towers which make malaysia the fastest growing country with unique building surrounding it.

KL Tower: The first tower has been built up in Kuala Lumpur is Menara Kuala Lumpur ( KL Tower ), which constructed over a period of four years and completed in May 1996. Menara Kuala Lumpur is the tallest telecommunication tower in Asia and third tallest in the world. It also appears to be taller than the Petronas Towers, because it is built on a hill. Amidst the city of Kuala Lumpur stands the Menara Kuala Lumpur at 515m above sea level.

The Twin towers (KLCC) : The Petronas tower also known as the twin towers. The Petronas Towers is the highest buildings in the world with 452 meters tall. Malaysians are proud to have this building and it also known as a building with bamboo shape.

Thailand - Koh Samui is awesome

Well well well, after so long i been gone, here i am, im back. Do you know where i went for the last vacation ?? i went to KOH SAMUI, thailand, it awesome and i still miss the beach, the sound of the wave, the wind and the night breeze.

The destination I was this time is in Koh Samui, Thailand, down to the south east site of Thailand. I was there for 4 night and 5 days, but the travel from one site to another itself took us about almost half a day just for one way trip, but it still fun to us even it tiring.

KL to Koh Samui trip (warning!! This is non stop journey)

From KLIA to Hat Yai Airport (Flight – 2 Hrs)
From Hat Yai to Suratthani (Train – 5 Hrs)
From Suratthani to Koh Samui (Boat – 3 Hrs)

Sing City

This is my second times in Singapore, and this time i only have a chance to visit at a few places which is think it nice.

Singapore is a small growing country, Singapore also known as a lion country for some people. I am not sure what to say about this country besides knowing them as a very fast growing country. Singapore city is just like Kuala Lumpur but the building around here are surrounded by the seas and it make the environment here so beautiful, to me this lion country is just like any other growing country, but the building here are beautiful.

I was in Singapore last time only for 3 days 2 nights, I was assigned for work by my boss, that was in May 2004, and I came back on 15 Jan 05, just to company my boyfriend to the air port in Singapore, so I was here for another 2 Days 1 night, but in the second visit I have a chance to walk around just for awhile. I will be looking forward for the perfect visit in Singapore sometimes in the future.

Langkawi Island

Local folklore has it that Langkawi derived its name from the eagle or "helang" as it is known in the Malay language. "Lang" for short and in old Malay, "kawi" denotes reddish brown - thus, Langkawi simply means reddish brown eagle. Where once, a group of 99 islands lay under a curse of a wrongly accused princess, there is today a new beginning, a new light, and as result a new budding and thriving holiday hideaway. The Langkawi you see today has been transformed almost beyond recognition. This is the legendary island where now major international businessmen meet to form new ventures and conclude deals whilst relaxing. The curse that lasted for seven generations can surely be said to have been lifted.

The "kawi" also can be refer to the Malay word for "limestone". This unique limestone rock formation is emerging from floor of the mangrove swamp surrounding Langkawi islands and the sea.


Mersing is a small town on the East coast of peninsular Malaysia. It is visited mostly because this is the port for the Tioman island and other small offshore islands. It is possible to do some trekking in nearby forests.

The town is small enough to walk around. No need for taxi. There are no rickshaws or bus service in town. Taxis for out-of-town destinations. Taxi stn is next to city bus stn. The beach in Mersing is not for swimming

When Human are blind then the nature take place.

There will be a time when people become greedy with earth richness, they fight and kills each other for it, they will never realized the changes had happening on this earth.

When the tropical land sunny days become windy, then the snow come along, such a suddent flowers appear everywhere on the trees and grass, orange day come along, then falls takes over the land, and the beauty of the nature just there only for a minutes then come wind together with a darknees, then heavy raining come along.

People blind because of the earth richness, the body are everywhere on the sidewalk, just because of these people are blind, then the nature take place with cleaning up their dirty hand. The heavy raining swipe away all the bodies, because there are no more hand can clean the dirt that their made.

anyway, it just a words of the year from me... this is the 3rd time i have thing of something weired, but it just a command sense. but i have the real words for it, the original i worte it... i'll update it later!!

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