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Living in the Land of Oz!!

Well, we've now been living here a month. So are we still travellers?! We've managed to get ourselves a little appartment in Bondi, just 5 minutes from the beach, sharing with two other English girls. Neither of us has managed to get a job yet... though not for the sake of trying. Though admittedly, i don't think either of us has tried overly hard!!

Actually, we haven't really done anything too touristy. I think we're both under the impression that now that we live here we can do whatever we want whenever we want. We've been to Manly and Palm Beach (where Home & Away is set!)... we've seen the Opera House and The Bridge... but nothing else too local... we've shopped, but i'm not sure that really counts??!

Anyway, until further notice, Bondi will be our home. For about 3 more months i reckon (enough time to earn some money to move on with!)... it's actually quite cool being able to tell people back home that we live in Bondi.. it has to be one of the most heard of places in Oz!!!

And no, we can't surf yet!!! But there is time. A surfboard resides in our appartment, so it's just a matter of time before we muster the courage to take it on an outing to the beach!!!

Our First Roadtrip!!

Well, having said that we're not real tourists... I think I'm about to discredit us!! We were watching TV on a lazy Sunday evening, and up popped an advert for the Quiksilver Pro Surfing Competition up in Queensland. Of course, it was all an unrealistic idea... until we really began to think about it. By Monday evening we were on the road!! We spent the morning researching Campervan Hire... and found our lovely little BLT... and away into the sunset we went.

Not the nearest of places, we had to make a pitstop, and spent night one at Port Macquarie... had a very guilty non-travelleresque Maccy D's for breakfast, and off we continued. By Tuesday evening we were in Coolangatta!! Not the most interesting place on the planet... but it was holding the anticipated surf comp!!

So... we spent the next two days on the beach watching the surfing!! First the womens 2nd heats, then the mens first heats. Not that we know anything about surfing, but we did see Kelly Slater and Sonny Garcia (I know my tv!).... And knowing me, i took lots of photo's... (still to be developed sorry!).

Anyway, satisfied with what we'd seen, we decided to get on the road again and headed off to Byron Bay. I love that place!! We only really got there in time to eat and drink... so that's what we did... and ended up chilling out on the beach until 6am... not quite a beach party, but near enough!! Needless to say, we spent most of the next day recovering... well, sleeping... before deciding it was time to explore the town. Very relaxed is the best description, with a few hippies thrown in. We've both decided that Byron will be our first destination on our way up the coast from Sydney! If you have any better ideas... feel free to let us know.....

Nothing Exciting to Report!!!

Well some of you have been asking me to update the webpage with all the exciting things we've been doing... I'm not being lazy (trust me, i would much rather be doing that than the monotony of reconciliations at work!!)... we just haven't done anything too interesting lately. The weather hasn't been great so we haven't even managed to get to the beach at the weekend. Why do we live in Bondi?!!

I've got myself a 3 month job now, so we'll be here til the end of June. Which is actually longer then we anticipated staying in Sydney... but the money will make the following two months a better holiday. That's what I have to keep telling myself anyway!! So we'll be on the road for July and August... and our lives should get a bit more interesting then! I will definitely let you know what we're up to... The edited version of course!!!

You'll just have to keep on checking anyway. You never know with us what we'll get up to... We're off out for a 70's 80's night tonight... so there may just be something worth adding on Monday!!!


Three Weeks To Go And Counting...

Well I cannot believe that we only have 3 weeks left here in Sydney. I feel like my job has been a bit of a prison sentence, but it's all been worth it for the much needed mooler!!

It also means just 3 weekends in Sydney left too : ( .... This weekend we're off to Port Stephens, in the hope of seeing the Whales migrate. Apparetnly it was meant to be last weekend, but i'm hoping that Whales don't stick to a definite calendar or timetable. I don't think they have a diary to consult, but you never know?! It's a bank holiday over here so we've rented a nice house... with a dvd player and BBQ... which i think might possibly become the highlights of the trip (it's meant to rain, typically)!! It should be a nice relaxing weekend away from home regardless....

The following weekend Ali found us an 'interesting' Winter Magic Fair in Katoomba, so we're back off to the Blue Mountains to watch the local festivities for the day. A bit of culture I think....

Then... the following weekend the parents arrive!!

You will probably now know that the parents have decided to descend upon us to travel up the coast.... it means we've slightly had to change the travel plans, but we will will get a bit of luxury for the 3 weeks they're here, opposed to the usual slumming it at hostels!! It also means we have a definite definite departure date!!! We leave here on Saturday 2nd July... and i'm just counting the days til we hit the sun again!! Sunshine Coast here we come......

Nothing more to report, so I'll get back after the weekend and let you know how it all went!



We're back home again : (

Well unable to work out how to move this page to my Sydney page, and move my Cumbria page to my homepage, it'll all have to be a bit muddled up.... nothing too strenuous though... so i'm sure you'll work it out!!

We got back from the travels in January 2006, so it's been a little over 6 months now... and are we missing the old life?? You bet... what i would do to be back in Australia.......

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Comments (5)

  • traveloturc's Profile Photo
    Dec 14, 2007 at 1:24 AM

    Happy birthday to you from Istanbul/Turkiye...I wish that you realize all your dreams good luck !!!))))

  • DaveyJones's Profile Photo
    Dec 14, 2006 at 10:05 AM

    Happy Birthday!! Great Pictures! Cheers!!!

  • Macem's Profile Photo
    Oct 7, 2005 at 3:30 AM

    Got pics thanks Enjoyed your site. See you back in Cumbria

  • Aug 4, 2005 at 1:55 PM

    Hi guys, Hope your both well. Looks like your having a fab time. hope to see you for a night out in notts when you get back!!!! Bye for now love Kris x

  • NC_Ziggy's Profile Photo
    Apr 6, 2005 at 3:34 PM

    Hi Rachel! Nice homepage! Hope to see you more often here... Remember, "If you build it, they will come!" Greetings & Best Wishes from North Carolina! ;-)

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