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Take the train and save money and more :-) - Land Rheinland-Pfalz

Take the train and save money and more :-)

Rheinland-Pfalz Ticket, saves money!

Thank you again to our VT member @abalada for having told me about the Rheinland-Pfalz Ticket, one of the German Ländertickets, which is a fantastic option to explore the whole state of Rheinland-Pfalz. It is available for any day of the week and is valid one day:
Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m. (of next day) and
Saturday & Sunday from midnight to midnight.
As a single ticket it is 19 € and as group ticket (2-5 persons, status 2009) it costs 27 €. A speciality of the group ticket is that it is valid also for parents or gradparents with more than 5 kids, although they must be under 15 years and must belong to the family.

This ticket is valid not only in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz but also in the western neighbour state of Saarland. If you look at the website, although it is in German, you can see the parts it covers on the map. Move the bar on the right side and you can zoom in and out of the map. It also covers trips to several out-of-state towns: Limburg and Wiesbaden (state of Hesse) and Mannheim (state of Baden Württemberg). The ticket allows to take along your bicycle without additional fee.

It covers only regional trains, and not IC, ICE or EC trains!! But this does not matter because the regional train connections are excellent. Booking this ticket via internet is an additional 3,50 € fee (because it will be sent to your home adress). Buying the ticket at a Deutsche Bahn counter costs an additional 2 € fee. But the ticket machines are eay to operate and present at any train station within the region. They have menus for several European languages and accept credit cards, local bank cards (Cirrus) and cash. So there is no real need to buy this ticket in advance.

In addition, the ticket includes discounts for the ferry St. Goar-St. Goarshausen (to Loreley) and on all KD-line boats (20%).

© Ingrid D., June 2009 (So please do not copy my text or photos without my permission.), update March 2011: website exchanged.


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KD boat Stolzenfels, lean back and see castles :) - Land Rheinland-Pfalz

KD boat Stolzenfels, lean back and see castles :)

(KD) Boat trip through Rhein valley :-)

A boat tour on Rhein river, especially in the section between Bingen and Koblenz (Coblenz), is something highly recommended and a truly unforgettable trip! Even during rain and cold weather! I just came back from such a tour with friends from Australia and they had a fantastic time. Well, that’s the to-do part and I have covered this already in the to-do tips. Here I want to focus on the are several practical things to consider in case you would like to do this as well.

1. Decide on the time frame you have for your trip:
If you have time enough and like to be on boats, then you might consider buying a return ticket for your trip. KD’s return tickets are only slightly more than their one-way-tickets. A one way ticket for the distance between Bingen and Boppard is 19,90 € for example while the return ticket for this journey is 21,20 € only. But while the downstream journey takes only 2 hours 20 minutes, the upstream one is 4 hours – a result of Rhein river’s strong current. I did this round trip once and yes it is fascinating, because you can see the castles again but then from a different perspective. But it is only suitable if you have enough time and if you do not plan to visit one or more of the villages along the journey.

2. Decide on the section you want to visit by boat:
To my experience, many people start the boat tour already in Mainz. Well, when I board the boat in Bingen, it is already full with people. I cannot judge about the part between Mainz and Bingen, but this is wide open space and lacks the dramatic views of the valley later on. I usually get off the boat at Boppard, simply because my trips are day trips from where I live (approx. 90 min away by train). From my experience of driving along the part north of Boppard I can say that it is nice yes, but does not have that many of castles to look at as the part between Bingen and Boppard has. So in case you come to see the castles, you might like to get off the boat at Boppard as well.
In any case: plan well if you get off the boat on the right or left side of the river. This depends on where you have your car, where you have your base or how you will continue your journey. For example: you come by car, park in Bingen, board in Bingen, then you should get off the boat on the same river side as Bingen is located: the left side. You also can get off on the right side, but this means that you need to take a ferry back to your “right” or correct side. It might involve a bit of walking back to your car. If you come by train and have your base east of your point of entry on the boat it does not matter where you get off the boat, because both train lines “back” will stop at either Mainz or Wiesbaden where you can change trains to wherever you are based at.

3. Decide if you want to interrupt your journey (and get back on the boat later):
It is easy to get off the boat and get onto another KD boat later. You only have to tell the boat staff where you want to get off to make sure that the boat will stop there. And the staff might mark your ticket so that you can get on the next boat. You only have to carefully check when the next boat lands to make sure that you won’t miss it. Get off – get on is easy for all the villages on the left and right river bank in case you only want to stroll through the village. It becomes a bit tricky if you want to visit Pfalzgrafenstein Castle. KD boats land and leave in Kaub at 25 min past the hour and the ferry from the castle back to Kaub usually leaves every half hour (at the hour). You should be sure to walk back to the KD pier quickly, it is approx. 300 m to walk from the castle ferry.

4. Decide on the sightseeing after you got off from the boat:
This is quite easy as well because all of the villages you can get off the boat are very much charming. I personally prefer Boppard because it has a very lovely riverside, it is one of the rare villages at Rhein where the houses are located directly at the river and not behind road or train tracks.

5. Combine KD boat tour and train rides:
In case you continue your journey by train, either to go back to your car or your next destination) make sure you know how far it is to the train station and when the train leaves. Trains back to direction Bingen (left side river bank) are every hour and to Rüdesheim (right side river bank) twice per hour, so plan carefully and make sure you set an alarm and don’t forget the time during your sightseeing or lunch. I forgot this during my recent trip and when we were on our way to the train station after sightseeing St. Goar…. We saw our train leaving, haha. So we had to wait another hour and were making a lot of bad silly jokes about that lousy tour guide :-)
Trains on the left side back to Bingen:
Boppard: at xx:08 every hour, arrives in Bingen (Rhein) at xx:54,
St. Goar: at xx:20 every hour, arrives in Bingen (Rhein) at xx:54,
Oberwesel: at xx:27 every hour, arrives in Bingen (Rhein) at xx:54,
Bacharach: at xx:30 every hour, arrives in Bingen (Rhein) at xx:54;

Trains on the right side back to Rüdesheim:
Braubach: at xx:08 and xx:23, arrives in Rüdesheim at xx:54 or xx:09,
Kamp Bornhofen: at xx:19 and xx:34, arrives in Rüdesheim at xx:54 or xx:09,
St. Goarshausen: at xx:30 and xx:54, arrives in Rüdesheim at xx:54 or xx:09,
Kaub: at xx:23 and xx:40, arrives in Rüdesheim at xx:54 or xx:09.

I am forever grateful to our VT member @abalada for having told me the tricks when it comes to buying tickets. First of all, in case you are a group of 10 and more, you get a discount of 10% on KD boats (inform them by phone before you get on the boat). Second: if you are travelling by train, get the Rheinland-Pfalz Ticket and you save as much as 20% on KD boats!!! Thanks again @abalada for this very very helpful tip :-)
(more about this ticket in a separate transport tip).

© Ingrid D., June 2009 (So please do not copy my text or photos without my permission.), update March 2011: website exchanged.


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Ferry in Lorch (Upper Rhein Valley) - Land Rheinland-Pfalz

Ferry in Lorch (Upper Rhein Valley)

Ferries: Crossing Father Rhine in style

Most of the (Rheinland-) Pfalz’s eastern border is formed by Rhein river. So it is quite logical that crossing states into or out of Palatine is not always easy. It often means detours to the next bridge or ferry. Now I have counted the Rhine crossing options of whole Rheinland-Pfalz: 18 ferries, 6 motorways and 14 streets (4 of them alone only for Koblenz). This is due to the quite big width of the river, which makes bridge building quite expensive and challening (thanks Kenny for having explained this to me some time ago). So ferries are easier to find and use – provided you don’t have phobias. Some are only for bikers and pedestrians.
Usually, times of operation are between around 6 a.m. and 8 p.m.; it can vary in winter and on weekends they often operate until 10 p.m.
Prices are mostly similar – 3 € per car (including passengers), bikes 0,50 €, adults 1,30 € and kids 0,50 € (prices 2009).

German Wikipedia has a list of all Rhein ferries and their location, if of interest.

A good website of all Rhein ferries lists also the exact times of operation and often links to the ferry operator for prices.
Check here for ferries between Kappel and Ingelheim (Kappel is in southern Baden-Württemberg and Ingelheim near Mainz and Wiesbaden) and ferries between Bingen and Bad Godesberg (Bingen is west of Mainz/Wiesbaden and Bad Godesberg is close to Bonn).

VTer Marit (aka Rusket) has a very nice page about Sankt Goar, where she stayed in a youth hostel above the town and watched the ferries. Make sure you don’t miss reading Marit’s Sankt Goar transport and her travelogue Dancing across Father Rhine !

One remark though, in case you are not used to take ferries when you drive around: please respect the traffic signs and marks on the street, see photo 4: this white mark on the street is where you have to stop the car when you want to get on the ferry. It helps to let the cars get off easier from the incoming ferry.

© Ingrid D., November 2007 (So please do not copy my text or photos without my permission.), update January 2009: photo exchange and text revamp.

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