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Chapter 1

Mostly I have only dreamed of travlel. Until about a year ago when I met Simon. Since then things have been a very exciting series of changes, starting with my job....which he helped me get...and God willing this will be only chapter 1 of many adventures! But for now we are indeed at the beginning....every good travel plan starts by nesesity with funding....so here I am in Iraq. I hope that one day the people of this land will have peace. When that happens I will be able to come back as a visitor and explore all of the wonders of this biblical place. The land seems very barren we are lucky to be near water so we do have some plant life and of course desert animals. I was amazed at how many creatures live in this barren land....jakals, many types of birds, jack rabbits,mice, lizards and four of the five types of snake are deadly poisionous, there are also deadly scorpions and the infamous Camel Spiders...rumor has it they get as big as trucks!!, I unfoutunatly have only seen jackals, jack rabbits, wild dogs, lizards and some facinatiing birds. One is, I believe, a desert Warbaler and they are very entertaining...after four months here most anything is...these birds have what looks like a mohawk on the top of their heads and their song is loud and strong...they are not afraid of people and many of my evenings are spent on top of a bunker watching as one particular Warbaler pearches near me and sings his little head off....I love it ! During my R & R's I will be traveling to see many other exotic and interesting places. I am not into the very touristy things and would much rather be able to see and experience how the local people really live and seeing the country, not just the places all fixed up for tourists. There is not much to do here so I will have ample time for putting my travels on here after my trips. My first trip will be chapter 2 and I'm going to Belize and Guatemala. I leave in 8 days!! I'm so ready!! Chapter 1 pictures are of this place, the ones I feel safe posting, if peace ever blesses this country I will be able to post more of the pictures I have of the base. Happy travels to you. Leave it like you found it so the next traveler will feel like the first person ever to see it!

Simon, his fellow gen mechanic& Egyptian engineers

My Simon, he is third from the left and the only one smart enough to wear coveralls to do the greasy work, maybe cuz he is the only one who ever really got greasy! The other generator guy, first on the right....geez his is wearing white...and it's clean....hmmm. Simon is so much fun, he probably wont like this picture but they I think this shot captured the lighthearted nature of the moment....luv you babe!

The tent

This was the second tent I lived in the first was much smaller, out of the three I lived in this was my favorite...why you ask..cuz it was about 10 feet from the bathroom/shower conex!! You can see a corner of the conex building on the left in the foreground. As you can see the senery was spectacular....not!

Hooch Sweet Hooch !!!

Dosent look like much but trust me it is like a castle. I was only in tent for two and a half months some folks here were in tents for over 10 months!! It has it's own bathroom and I have a fridge and microwave, I refuse to get a TV as I am reading again and enjoying it very much!!

My June Bug

This is one of the reasons I'm here, so I can buy her what I want, like the chair she is sitting in and tons of books cuz she is very smart. And one day when she is a little bigger I want take her on a fun trip. June Bug is my niece and isnt she beautiful...gets that from her Mom!! My babys are much older and they are to busy being teenagers to send ole mom any photos!! But if by some miracle they do, (hint hint girls!) I will show them off as two of the other reasons I'm here. Love you girls!!

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