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We've seen much pessimism, much cynicism, and much negative approach among Chinese people because of heavy workload, quick tempo of modern life, etc. But if we live in a different way, we will find and get much more interesting.

Instead of three meals a day at fixed time, eat only when you feel hungry; instead of five or six dishes, take one and reduce other things in proportion.

Let us spend one natural day, and not be hurried or worried. Let us get up early and have a relaxed breakfast. Let us go for a country ramble, and taste the peace inside. Let us travel all around, and experience the culture diversity among folks.

Time is only the stream I go fishing in. No matter I get some or get none, I just enjoy the minute I am having and spending.

Autumn Feeling

All colors have faded on the fallen autumn leaves, which are reaching their lives' final stage, succumbing to the pressure of age. They are fluttering in the breeze, while they are float to the ground.

The leaves have to return to the earth where they came. Enriching the soil they have fed. For new life will appear in their stead.

For man, autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering together. For nature, it is a time of sowing, of scattering abroad.

Being Lonely

Being lonely is not only the sad feeling of lacking of friends or companions, but also a kind of quietude and peace insdie us.

Lying in bed, I watch out through the window. Fallen leaves are fluttering in the breeze, while they float to the ground. I can see all their colors have faded. A fishing boat is drifting on the branch of a quiet river. At this moment, I feel lonely. In loneliness, I feel myself existing.

To taste the loneliness, you don’t need to stay in a temple, or go into a forest.

If you have serenity in your heart, even standing in the bus station, or walking through an alley, you will reach the ambit of leisure, the compass of loneliness. Inside, you can fly in your mind setting aside the mundane affairs. That is why I say being lonely is a kind of quiet, of peace, even of leisure.

Being lonely, of course, will not last long. It will flash into your mind without a sign. Maybe you only have one second to feel it, to grasp it. Do not try to hold it, but enjoy it.

Being lonely by any other name would feel as quiet. “Hope keeps man alive,” while being lonely gives man serenity.

One Day

One day I will forget you
Forget your face, your voice
Finally your bashful smile
One day the impression of your each image will fade away
Your words will be gone with the wind
Now, they engrave on my memory
However, engraving will be blurred afterwards
If it is still profound,
I will wait further into the future
For distance between us is increasing progressively with dust

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