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If you've wondered upon this page, you have probably got too much time on your hands, much like myself...I'd say something cool like 'welcome to the dark side...' but really, there ain't much to see here that's weird or wonderful...in fact there's jack to see here. But hey, come on in....

Who am I? A man who can't believe how old he's getting (31 now, god...). Student life finished almost a year ago so now I'm a serious fellow!! Love me soccer (hey, I live in Australia....if I call it football I'll get beaten up), politics & indulging in jack all. I like to travel but am usually constricted by the almighty $$$$!

It's a travel site, so I'll talk about that. Been to London, Anfield (go the Reds!!!) Amsterdam, Den Haag, Groningen, Utrecht, Hoek Van Holland, Brussels, Lyon, Barca, Rome & the Vatican (the Big Kahuna was not in, unfortunately), Interlaken, Lisbon and 8 different German cities, 7 of which I covered during my World Cup trip of 2006.

Where else - India when I was 3 so that probably doesn't count, Korea twice now, Bangkok and Pattaya, Singapore countless times, Brunei, Java & Bali, Malaysia heaps (Kota Kinabalu's where I was born and bred - Go the Rhinos!!!). Auckland & Christchurch in NZ and despite being in Australia the last 10 years (Brisbane) I haven't ventured out further than the eastern seaboard.....just the nexus between Melbourne, Sydney and Brizzie plus Perth and Hobart. The weirdest trip had to be to the Korean DMZ-check it out on my Kyonggi-do travel page.

What am I up to - making exam questions!! Got a contract lecturing at UQ till the end of 2008, after which unemployment beckons. I'm starting to get involved into reality I suppose - my fantasy world now revolves around this website (dreaming of trips) and alcohol consumption-but never both at the same time!! Mind you the idea of growing up and leave my current lifestyle of pretending to be 18 is one I actually look forward to - the metabolism has gone, the hangovers linger for a week and most friends are married and now kept under lock and key. New friends, mainly born in the mid 1980s call me uncle so if anyone has any suggestions between bridging the gap between clubbing and attending wine tasting clubs or whatever else responsible 30something-ers do, please feel free to suggest them to me...oh, and a permanent job if you've got something lying around. I work for food, and the occasional fermented beverage.

Work Interests

Since this is about me, and since my research has allowed me to travel a fair bit I thought I'd put in a bit about my work so maybe who knows, some down and out Vice-Chancellor sees this and offers me a full professorship...

I am an Applied Labour Microeconomist by training, and increasingly by proclivity, though that has been a long time coming. I have always been more of a 'soft' (as defined by orthodox 'Economists') social scientist rather than a one of rigour, who views life as a nature of Mathematical beauty (personally I prefer them wimmin to them algebra, but that's just me...).

In terms of labelling, I've flown by anything on the far left from a Bolshevik, to a more realistic Menshevik, and now, perhaps I can only identify as an empirical realist within the realm of a Galbrathian view of the world, or perhaps a bit more Veblenian in nature-in short, a traditional Institutionalist.

My current research agenda is on Economics of Education (specifically overeducation), immigrant assimilation into the labour market, job satisfaction and to a lesser extent, gender discrimination in the labour market. My other interests currently not being looked at include the Economics of Language, in particular the cost of labour adjustment of language minority groups from changes in language policy that affects entry into labour markets. As well, I am interested in the development of South East Asian Economies, in particular Malaysia and Indonesia, and have begun dabbling in Sports Economics.

I'm still in the early days of my fledging career (I hope!!) and will try (I promise!!) to publish more vigorously in the future. at the moment I have 5 publications and hopefully a few more by next year:

Now the Ph. D's done I wonder if I'll be taken more seriously and get a proper lecturing job, but till then I feel like a long term backpacker who has no either where to go next, what with short term research contracts!!!

Is Home Where the Heart Is?

Whenever I am in Brisbane, I always can't wait to get away-it's too quiet, public transport is a legendary concept once spoken off in a council meeting 100 years ago, and is increasingly expensive and falling to pieces with all levels of government outdoing each other with budget surplurses to look good while our roads, pipes, rails, ports and schools get more and more out of date. Sydney is better, so is Melbourne, London, Harare and Timbuktu...get me out of here!!!

But when I'm overseas, I must say I do miss the place. The pace of life is just nice, neither too slow nor too fast. There's plenty of benches, parks, and water coolers (sounding old eh?). It's safe, people are friendly, and compared to many places I have been, the public toilets are quite clean...it seems my only problem with the place is being there!!

It's the same when I'm back in Kota Kinabalu-the governments are a 100 times worse than in Australia and the infrastructure, traffic and crime is all a lot worse. It's a nice holiday destination, but try working there where workers have no rights (governed by a Labour Ordinance Law created in 1962 when the British were still in charge). Plenty of rain but the taps tend to run dry. Plenty of energy sources but the electricity supply can be erratic. Plenty of people friendly to tourists but who treat each other like stray dogs-and plenty of stray dogs...

Then again, it has the most beautiful sunsets, lovely islands, a view of a mountain you cannot tire off-enough to make the frustrations of the day disappear-then you have the food!!

We always want the best of both worlds, but have to take the good with the bad. Still, if Brisbane could have KK's food and sunsets, and KK could have Brisbane's politeness and public spaces, the world would be a much nicer place to be, for ME!!!

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Comments (19)

  • Mar 27, 2008 at 5:39 PM

    thank you syetan for your help on safety in KK. I am thinking we will go, I really hope so!

  • denna's Profile Photo
    Jul 24, 2007 at 10:02 PM

    now i know why u are always in kk forum...and agree with what you said about brisbane and kk..i like brisbane too..peaceful place.. hope kk will be as clean and peaceful as brisbane

  • hez28's Profile Photo
    Jan 22, 2007 at 5:58 PM

    older and wiser ;) aiyo, i didn't get ur call pun? hmph. next time then.

  • Jan 17, 2007 at 7:12 AM

    Speedy response on where to stay at Kinabalu Park. Thanks so much. Hope you get a nice gal to share your life and travels with.

  • yamman's Profile Photo
    Jan 17, 2007 at 2:48 AM

    Thanks for your tips on the cost of living in Borneo syetan, I shall be in Borneo around June time, if your around I'll get you a beer cheers Steve.

  • myhome22's Profile Photo
    Nov 29, 2006 at 2:55 AM


  • ChrisThao's Profile Photo
    Jul 12, 2006 at 8:49 PM

    Thanks for all your tips and responses regarding my inquiries of Indonesia. Very helpful, my good man! Beers on me! Cheers!

  • hassan_abu's Profile Photo
    Mar 28, 2006 at 9:07 PM

    Nice National Geographi Info about KK. Luv it. Cheers, Abu

  • p_yenyen's Profile Photo
    Mar 23, 2006 at 5:17 PM

    Oh,.. i love padas rafting.. Still trying to go every year..

  • oisha's Profile Photo
    Feb 22, 2006 at 8:09 PM

    Wow! You make Padas sound so enticing! And don't worry, one day you will LOVE your sister. Happens to us all. Thanks for the fun read.

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