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BeatChick Feb 23, 2009 at 10:54 PM

Happy birthday, Allyson!! :) Glad you journeyed to Key West & Mexico, my fellow Cincinnatian!!

Geoff_Wright's Profile Photo
Geoff_Wright Feb 18, 2009 at 11:16 PM

Hi Allyson, Happy Birthday to you (again, LOL!). Hope you're well and happy. Write soon. Regards from Cornwall. Geoff x x

hjohnso4's Profile Photo
hjohnso4 Dec 22, 2005 at 9:29 AM

Merry Christmas! May the New Year bring you Travel...

valSmallFry's Profile Photo
valSmallFry May 31, 2005 at 7:20 AM

i am here! but i don't know what in the heck i'm doing! this site is sort of confusing... i'll figure it out i think..

atoteva Feb 19, 2005 at 12:10 PM

Happy birthday !!!

Luisanna's Profile Photo
Luisanna Feb 19, 2005 at 11:07 AM

Happy birthday, that's reason enough for another beer!

ettenaj's Profile Photo
ettenaj Feb 19, 2005 at 8:29 AM

many happy returns of the day, best wishes from England

NC_Ziggy's Profile Photo
NC_Ziggy Feb 19, 2005 at 8:21 AM

Hi Allyson! Hope you have a Happy Happy Birthday and the coming year will be your Best Ever! Greetings & Best Wishes from North Carolina! ;-)

CALSF's Profile Photo
CALSF Feb 19, 2005 at 7:53 AM

Happy birthday, Allyson. Greetings from California!

alucas's Profile Photo
alucas Feb 19, 2005 at 7:38 AM

Happy Birthday, Allyson, from Colchester