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Caffe Litta - Milan

Caffe Litta

Caffe Litta: Cosy bar

This is a bar I had actually forgotten about, but saw again when I was staying at the King Hotel Milan.
In 2003 I spent many nights here, since one of my best friends had her appartment right above the bar.
It's cosy, central and with a nice area outside the bar where one can sit down and look at the people passing, while sipping on the beer.
During the days it's more of a café, therefore the name.
They have the stronger type of Tennents here, but I mostly prefered a Heineken when I visited. Watch out though, since I one time got a non alcoholic beer, definitely without ordering it... Took me half the bottle to realise why the beer tasted so strange... :)

Dress Code: Normal bar, come as you want.

Address: Corso Magenta 19

Directions: Easy to find, just 2 meters from Hotel King Milan. From Via Cordusio, turn left onto Corso Magenta (the bar on your left after 5-600 meters). Or from Cadorna, turn right, then left onto Corso Magenta. The bar on your right after 70 meters.

Theme: Other

Review Helpfulness: 3 out of 5 stars

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  • Updated Mar 6, 2007
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Bar Magenta - Milan

Bar Magenta

Bar Magenta: Classic bar Bar Magenta Review

Bar Magenta gives me the feeling of an English bar. It’s situated close to the Cadorna train- and metrostation. It’s probably the most classic bar in the whole Milano, opened 1907 (!) and it was actually in this place they started the now very popular “aperitivo”.

It’s said to be crowded with celebrities, but I can’t say I’ve seen anyone… Probably gone there too late in the nights... :)

It’s open all day and evening, from 8am to 03am and you could get there for lunch, breakfast or just some beers in the evening.

There is of course also the possibility to eat, although I wouldn’t rank it as a restaurant.
The most important thing you should think about when entering this place is that you’ll pay in advance. Could be good to know so that you won’t stand in the line for a beer, only to get refused to get anything since you haven’t paid it…
So, directly when you enter, go to the right, and tell the lady there what you want to drink, pay – and you’ll be fine.

They have a lot of different beer and wine here, so I’m sure you’ll find something you like.
Harp, Tennent’s Extra or a Heineken is normally my choice here.

Dress Code: Dress normally.

Address: Corso Magenta/Via Carducci

Directions: Metro 1 & 2 - Cadorna

Via Carducci, 13. Get off at metrostation Cadorna and turn right. You’ll find the bar at the left side of the street, with a huge yellow sign on.

Theme: Eating and Drinking

Review Helpfulness: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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  • Updated Sep 23, 2006
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The gang after one beer... or two... - Milan

The gang after one beer... or two...

Birreria Accademia: A bit loud, but...

This is a nice place for a beer (or two...) in the south part of Milan centre. Closest metro station is Pagano (red line) I would guess.
Was here with my friends on a short trip, and it's really nice. Good service, but quite noisy. So if you're looking for a romantic date with lots of talking this is not the place. Loud music, and a lot of shouting to hear anything.
They have a very nice outside place, so during the summer months you can sit there, and in a more silent place. Small tables though, so if you're many people you'll have problem to find a chair for everyone.
They have quite many different beers to choose from, and also a menu for food. Which is available late. We got there around midnight, and it was still possible to get served food. Think a "birra media" cost around 5 euro. Not really sure, I just paid and looked happy... ;)

The birreria closed way too early, around 1am. So not a place if you want to stay long...
Apparently there is a much more famous "Birreria Accademia" in Venice. With lots of live music. Would guess, although there were none when we visited, there are quite many live bands also in Milano. But I don't know if they have anything in common with the bar in Venice.

Dress Code: Come as you are, as long as you aren't naked...

Address: Via Ravizza

Directions: Have no idea, we took at taxi there. Didn't cost much from the real central parts of the city though.

Theme: Eating and Drinking

Review Helpfulness: 3 out of 5 stars

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  • Written Sep 23, 2006
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Casablanca: Best discotec in Milan

... Casablanca. As Hollywood (see above) this place is very famous, but unlike Hollywood this place is really great! Costs a lot to get inside (at least 13 euro) but it's goes faster to get inside, the music is better, the people and the atmosphere is more nice, the girls are beautiful and if you don't want to see any drugs you don't have too... Total opposit to Hollywood that is...
The dancefloor is big, and if you're there early in the night you will probably also find a place to sit down if you prefer that. 10 euro for a beer/drink all night long, closes a 3 a clock in the morning. Afterwards you might think it's a good idea to spend another two hours at Hollywood, but please... GO HOME instead... :-)

Update september 2006: Casablanca is no more... :(( The whole place is destroyed, taken down and carried away. Instead there will be some kind of fashion center at the location, finished in a few years time.
So no more late nights there, never again will I kiss a girl there, never again will I attend a wedding party there, never again will I make a striptease there, never again will I snub a supermodel there (and thank God for that...).

So many great memories, will try to keep them deep in my heart!

On the other side, the staff is said to have been transfered to a new club, simply called the Club, some chilometers away. Guess I can perform the next striptease there...? :D

Dress Code: Fancy disco, so dress up good anc nice. Easier for guys to get inside quickly if you come there with a couple of girls.

Address: Corso Como

Directions: Corso Como, close to metrostation Garibaldi, green line. From the metro you can't miss the place, it has a big "Replay"-commercial above the entrance.

Theme: Dancing

Review Helpfulness: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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  • Updated Sep 19, 2006
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Bar Brera: Calm bar in the perfect place

Bar Brera is situated on the flank of the Via Brera, naturally in the zone Brera. It’s a calm place, perfect for those who like to just sit down and take a beer with their friends.
If you prefer to stay outside that is… Inside the music is quite loud, and you’ll have problems talking normal – at least if you want that your friends should hear what you say…
Outside it’s much nicer, waitresses that helps you as soon as you want to order something new and a perfect spot if you want to look at a lot of people. For sure there are many people to look at…
Bar Brera should, among other things, be the perfect place to sit at when the police decides to do another razzia against the illegal street vendors at Via Brera. Those guys should compete in the next Olympics according to me, I’ve never seen anyone running so fast as they do, when the police is coming.

The beer is good, cheap (4,50 euro last time I was there) and they have Harp. So what could be better…?
Well, it should be if they also had that normal Tennents-beer too, and not that just extra strong…
There are also the possibility to get something to eat there. Have never checked if they also have aperitivo, but during the nights you can order some sandwiches and snacks.

EDIT September 2006: This place is still good, but they have changed their choices of beer. There are no longer either Harp or Tennents, but instead you can have London Pride, or my favourite, the Chezch beer "Pilsen". Very good... :)

Dress Code: Come as you want.

Address: Via Brera, not sure of the number.

Directions: Brera-area (closest Metro is Lanza, green line). Then find Via Brera, and you'll find Bar Brera at the corner of the street.

Theme: People Watching

Review Helpfulness: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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  • Updated Sep 18, 2006
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Café l'Atlantique: One of my favourite discotheques in Milan

This discotheques is one of my favourites, except for Casablanca on Corso Como. Think I’ve been to Café Atlantique three times, with the first one being a birthday party for a really beautiful Mexican girl.

The music is normally really good, and the dancefloor is huge, although not as huge as at Alcatraz. Lots of good looking girls.

There is also a restaurant, and their aperitivo is famous – but since I haven’t tried it out I won’t say anything about it.

Quite expensive to get in, since this is one of the “hip” places in Milan, but with the 16-18 euro you pay you’ll also get a free drink at the bar.

Sometimes there are big parties here, like when a famous radiostation had a special night here. Not sure these nights are the best though, for us it was really boring, and the music was crap. Try to get here a normal day instead.

L’Atlantique is open Thursday-Sunday, 19.30-04.00 on Thursdays and Sundays, 21-04 on Friday-Saturday.

Drinks are, as at all discos in Milan, expensive. 8-12 euro for a beer/drink. Make sure you don’t lose your drink-card that you’ll get when you get inside – otherwise it will be a VERY expensive evening… If I don’t remember wrong I think you pay your entrance fee when you exit the place.

It’s possible to make a reservation, but on normal days you won’t have a problem to get in. I even got in when I came directly from a football game at San Siro, with a bag on my back…

Only problem with this place it’s really hard to get there if you don’t have a car or take a taxi. Closest Metro Station should be “Lodi”, and then you’ll have to walk for a long time. Just follow Corso Lodi until you reach the Piazzale Lodi, and then take onto Viale Umbria. Then you’ll find the disco to your right after quite long while.

Dress Code: No special rules, but the unofficial rule is that the nicer clothes you have - the faster you get inside.

Address: Viale Umbria 12

Phone: 02 55 19 39 06

Theme: Nightclub

Review Helpfulness: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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  • Updated Jan 9, 2005
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El Tropico Latino: So many memories...

Ah, El Tropico Latino… So many memories, and so many drinks, so many girls… :)

This bar/restaurant is situated very close to my former language-school, so it’s no surprise I’ve been there for a couple of times…

It’s a Mexican bar, which means their food is truly Mexican, although my Mexican friends says it’s not even close to be that – but whatever…

It’s a nice, cozy and small bar with 25-30 small tables and nice waitresses. Prices are normal, and if you’re lucky they might even be able to put up the big-screen-tv, so that you can watch a football game.

We started to go here with the school, as a welcome-evening. But after the staff tried to rip us off, poor drunken students, with making us pay twice or three times what we really should have paid, the school decided that place wasn’t the ideal place…

Didn’t care though, as I went back many more times – and never had any problems again.
This place also exists in two other locals in Milan, always worth a visit.

Dress Code: Come as you want.

Directions: Go to Piazza Lima, at the Corso Buenos Aires (metro Lima, red line) and then when you’re standing with your back against the big street, take the street to your left. At the end of the street you'll find the bar to your left.

Theme: Eating and Drinking

Review Helpfulness: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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  • Updated Jan 9, 2005
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Trattoria Toscana: Try to find an empty chair here...

Trattoria Toscana is one of the oldest bars/restaurants in Milan and a very popular place. There is place for 200 sitting persons in the bar, but it’s really hard to find an empty place. Beside the bar there is also a restaurant.

The Trattoria is built like a big garden, which makes you feel like you sit outside although you actually are on the inside. Open from 18.30 to 02.00.

Here you always pay your drink before ordering it at the bar, so remember this so you won’t have to stay in the line without getting anything when it’s finally your turn…

From the outside it looks quite bad, but when you enter and have walked through the alley you’ll find a fantastic place.
Beer costs 4,50-5 euro.

Dress Code: Dress nice, and you won't have a problem to get in.

Address: Corso di Porta Ticinese, 58

Directions: Just walk down the big street, and keep you eyes open. Might be a bit hard to find the sign.

Phone: 02 89 40 62 92

Theme: Eating and Drinking

Review Helpfulness: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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  • Updated Jan 9, 2005
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Le Trottoir: Live music-place

This was once one of the most classic bars in Milan, situated in Brera-zone. It was famous for it’s live music, where many artists had started their careers.

Unfortunately the place went bankrupt during the summer 2003 and the placed closed down, much to my sadness.

Much to my joy I later noticed Le Trottoir had re-opened again, this time in Naviglio, at the end of Corso di Porta Ticinese, or if you prefer, right in the middle of the Piazzale XXIV Maggio.

There is still very often live music by new artists and the atmosphere is still great. Now you can also sit outside and relax. Prices of the beer was around 4,50-5 euro if I don’t remember wrong.

Dress Code: Come as you want.

Address: Piazzale XXIV Maggio

Directions: Go down Corso di Ticinese, and at the end you'll find it. A big yellow building in the middle of the piazza. Might look a bit rough, but it is really good!

Theme: Live Music

Review Helpfulness: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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  • Updated Jan 9, 2005
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Alcatraz: Fantastic but strange discotheque Alcatraz Review

The disco Alcatraz gave me one of the most incredible experiences during my first year in Milan. The place is huge, with 3 different dance floors with different kinds of music.
The whole place is actually an old bus-station, but you can’t see much of all those buses nowadays…

We went there on a Saturday evening, without knowing what the program would be. Turned out that Saturday is always a Rock evening at Alcatraz, and many many people with leather vests and all other things that hardrockers must have turned up with us outside the entrance…

Some in our gang decided to make it an early evening, and went home. But we others decided to pay the 14 euro and get inside. Something I definitely don’t regret!

First thing I noticed when I got inside was the huge dance floor. It’s really really huge… Would guess it takes about 1500-1700 people. On the floor and on the stage were something I only thought existed in Las Vegas and in American movies. Cages, with half naked women dancing inside…! :)

My female friends accused me of looking only at the women inside the cages all night long… Haven’t heard anything so stupid… I was totally concentrated on the whole place, the music, some strange people and the whole atmosphere.

We didn’t stay until closing time (04.00) since apparently all of my friends didn’t like this kind of place. But me and Andrea (hi my dear friend!) had a blast!

If you aren’t into rockmusic you should try Alcatraz on a Friday instead, when the music is concentrated on 70- 80- and 90-ties. Most of the people there then are young students.

A little warning might also be on the place as it’s quite common with trouble at this place. More than once I’ve passed (lived close to Alcatraz the first year in Milan) and seen ambulances and police-cars outside the disco.

It’s also common with big concerts here, many big names have visited this place on their tours. In 2004 for example Travis, Bad Religion, Limp Bizkit, Europe and Nick Cave played there.

Dress Code: Totally depending on the evening, but normally you should be fine if you dress nice, or "rocky", if it's a Saturday night... :)

Address: Via Valtellina, 25.

Directions: Close to Zara on the yellow metroline. Even closer should the newly open metro-station Imbonati (also yellow line) be.

Theme: Dancing


Review Helpfulness: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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  • Updated Jan 9, 2005
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