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Hi everybody and welcome :)

My name is Unnur Osk and I am 26 years old. I come froma small town in Iceland called Hafnarfjordur, not so far away from our capital Reykjavik where I am currently living.
On my homepage I will tell you about my travels around the world and try to give you some advice ;-)
Below you can read a little bit about my travelling...

I hope you like it :)


I have been to Spain a few times, one of my favourites country.
First time I went overseas I went to Canary Islands with my family when I was 10, really nice, although I don't remember so much about it;-) I have also travelled to Benidorm and Costa Del Sol (Torremolinos), nice places.
In the summer of 2001 me and my friends went to Sevilla to study spanish in a summer school, CLIC. THE most beautiful city that I have seen, so many things to see and do. The heat can be unbearable but it only takes you about 1-2 hrs to get to the beach at Cadiz by bus.

The picture is of Plaza de Espana. It's not mine. Please contact me if it's your picture and I will give you credit for it.


Sweden is the country that I love, maybe it's because I have many relatives out there?!
The first time I went to Sweden was when I was 12 years old then I went to Östersund, in the north of Sweden. Beccause of how young I was I could speak swedish within 2 weeks.. not so bad heh..?? I have also been to Malmö and Stockholm. All of these places I liked very much but I stayed the longest in Stockholm. I worked there for 6 months as an au-pair.
Stockholm is a very beautiful city, a city that I can see myself living in.
It can get very cold out there, even I, the Icelander got cold. (-20).
It's very easy to travel around there with trains and cheap. If you want to travel the cheapest by train out of Stockholm then buy the ''last minute'' ticket.

Again, this picture is not mine. Please contact me if it's yours.


I went to Greenland the 17 th of June.. AMAZING. So beautiful to see all this ice, landscape and colourful houses :D
I went on this daytour with Air Iceland (I work there..). We flew from Reykjavík to Kulusuk on the east coast of Greenland. Walked to village, walked around went to this souvenir shop and the church. After that we got to see the drumdance and sailed between the icebergs on motorboats. Absolutely stunning.
I will show you some pictures later

Around The World In 80 days

Yepp.. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it :D

My 3 girlfriends and I began our trip january 31st 2004. We flew from Keflavík, Iceland to London and stayed there for one night. We woke up early next morning and took a train to Heathrow. The horror began right away. We saw 2000 people standing in a line waiting for to be checked in, we honostly thought we would lose our flight. But an angel from the airline came and helped us and we got on the plain and sat there for 12 1/2 hrs to Singapore.

Singapore is a wonderful city and very clean.. I think every one says that... We stayed in Singapore for five days. We flew from the heat to cold in Hong Kong. I think I have never seen so high buildings before. Hong Kong didn't really impress me.. maybe it's because it was SO cold.. so we took the train to Beijing, 26hrs!! But it was nice to see the country, the real China. In Beijing we found it very difficult to express yourself, but we made it to the Great Wall wich was our main goal. From there we flew to Kunming and stayed there for few days before we went to Thailand.
One word for Thailand, WOW! I fell in love :) Advice for you who are going to Bangkok, stay at the Backpackers street, Khao San rd. AMAZING. We spent wonderful 12 days there, but I'm going back someday.
Next stop, Vietnam. Also a wonderful country. There we visited small village in northern Vietnam called Sapa. So wonderful people. We also went to Halong Bay which is absoloutely stunning!
We only had 7 short days in Vietnam. Next we decided to go to the Philippines, but we decided to follow the advice we got from people not to go ther, too dangerous for four little girls! Instead we stayed in Australia for 3 weeks, we were in Sydney, Alice Springs, saw Uluru (Ayers Rock) and went on a road trip, we just drove and drove... :D After 3 WONDERFUL weeks in Australia (You have to go there) we flew to New Zealand and spent 4 days there. Beautiful country, I can understand why they filmed Lord of the Rings there. Reminded me though too much of Iceland :(
Wonderfulwonderful Fiji Islands were next. The people who live in the Fiji Islands are like one big happy family and you can't stop smiling while you stay there. It truly is a paradise on earth :D
Our last stop was USA. The day we were supposed to fly they wouldn't let us out of the country because we didn't have the tickets from USA! But 2 days later we were allowed to go. Spend few days in a suburb out of L.A. and drove then to Las Vegas. MAN!!! After have spent all of our money in the casinos we went back to the suburb and took a train to Hollywood. But we didn't see a one famous person there :(
After 9 days in the USA we flew back to London and two days later we were in Iceland again.
This was hell of an adventure, and I reccomend that YOU ALL GO AROUND THE WORLD!!!! cheers

p.s. we have a website http://www.stfan.org/heimsreisa. It's in icelandic, but you can see some photos ;)

My second backpacking trip

It has always been a dream of mine to go backpacking through South America. December 2007 my trip to S-America began.
My friend and I flew from Iceland to USA and spent the holidays in Las Vegas. After the holidays we took the bus to San Diego and drove to Mexico with some friends and spent the new years there. It was awesome. We drove 1000 k's and ended up in a cute little town called Mulege. Love that place !
After the new years we drove back to San Diego, met up with my friends girlfriend and then all three of us flew to Guatemala.
Guatemala is such a beautiful country, and I reccomend that to anyone to go there ! Lovely people there.
We spent three weeks in Guatemala, and flew up to Flores to see Tikal.
Best place in Guatamala: Lake Atitlan
Worst place in Guatemala: Guatemala City !

After our three wonderful weeks in Guatemala we flew to Rio de Janeiro Brazil, were we met up with our friend. The carnival was about to start and we had rented an apartment at Copacabana.
The sun was TERRIBLE, got som terrible sunburn just before the carnival. The carnival was excellent. If you're planning to attend the carnival, meet up with locals, they know where the partys at.
Best place in Brazil: Iguazu Falls
Rio was ok

We spent about 3 weeks in Brazil and took the bus over to Argentina.
They have great buses in Argentina, sleeping buses, and great service included.
We went straight to Buenos Aires, which I love. You could see people out on the streets dancing tango.
We spent few days in BA, and went to a small town just outside of BA to attend another Carnival... The town was ***ty, the carnival sucked, and my friends passports got stolen ! Not a good day we had there....
We also went to Mendoza and Salta, great cities.

After 3 great weeks in Argentina, we took a bus over to Chile. It was a horrible bus ride. It was a daytime bus and we went up to 3800 meters above sea level, so I didn't feel so good.
We went on a Bob Dylan concerts in Santiago.
We only spent a week in Chile.

From Chile we went on a 3day jeep ride to Bolivia and saw world largest salt flats, AMAZING ! Never seen anything like that.
We spent the easter time at Lake Titicaca.
We only spent about a week in Bolivia, and the whole time we never stayed at under 3500 m. above sea level. At the highest we went up to 4800 meters. I did not feel good at that time.
We didn't really like Bolivia, didn't like the people and the poverty was terrible.

After easter we went over to Peru. I love love loooove Peru. The people are so nice and Peru is a really beautiful country.
From Lake Titicaca we took a bus to Cusco, spent a couple of days there and took train/bus to Aguas Calientes, which is a really small town/village just below Machu Picchu. We took a bus up to Machu Picchu the next morning around 7, therefor we had very few tourists. Machu Picchu is so beautiful. We spent the whole day there.
We also went to Arequipa, Nazca and Lima.

We spent about 3 weeks in Peru, and loved every second of it.

After Peru we went home after 4 months of travelling.

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