"To boldly go where no nutter has ever gone before!" alexeikarp's Profile

A little history...

Born in the 80's, in a vast evil empire called the USSR, as a child he already got his deal of traveling!

Aged 2 to 4, he lived in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Africa, where his father represented the forces of evil as a diplomat.

Aged 6, he moved (or was moved) to Luxembourg, where he remains up to this day.

As a young and spontaneous marketing researcher with a fetish for road trips, he gets to travel a lot, making the discovery of new people, styles of life, and the connection to nature the major part of his life.

My Character!

I am pretty much a stubborn, self-confident, outspoken, spontaneous, childish prat.

But other than that, I deeply enjoy philosophy and find myself commonly reflecting on the nature of the world. I tend to find myself somewhat shy towards people I do not know very well or when in large groups. However, if I know that the people I am with respect me, I easily make myself the leader.

Always having been a bit too mature for my age, when traveling and with good friends, I tend to let myself go, which can sometimes lead to ridiculous and humiliating situations!

I'm good at convincing people to do things for me and I am good at making useful contacts, which has always been an extremely useful quality, not only for work, but also for traveling.

I tend to be somewhat selective about the people that I am friends with. That is mostly because I get very easily bored with people that I can not learn anything from, that's why I mostly spend my time with people several years older than me.

Women are a very important part of my life. I enjoy being in a relationship and I enjoy caring and sharing with a girl. As most of my friends know, thought, I have an inexplicable fetish for all things Nordic, and this applies to girls too!

Being spontaneous and doing things the unconventional way is a very important part of my character. It gives me the satisfaction of knowing that I was one of the first people to do some particular things I've done and it makes me feel very special, which is a nice feeling to have in a world where a delusive amount of people listen to the same music, dress the same way and do the same things.

My Hobbies...

Well, my hobbies are many and I enjoy life very much!

My particular interest is, of course, travel. Then, there is the means of travel, which in my case is a 2003 Volvo S40 which I cherish with all my heart.

From there on, it's computers, work, going out with friends, dancing, drinking (sometimes ;) ), philosophy, cinematography, dance&house&jazz music... Well, the usual bunch!

As a sub-category of travel, I particularly enjoy planning trips, driving, hiking and doing unusual things in unusual places.

Driving (especially my Volvo) gives me an incredible amount of satisfaction!!!

Truth be told, I have a weakness for the opposite sex too...

My obsessions

Right, now not many people understand this, but I get this funny weakness in my knees when I encounter anything Nordic!

I've got a Scandinavian car, I eat Scandinavian food, my 3 last girlfriends were Scandinavian, Scandinavian scenery takes my heart away... It's more or less some mental disorder or hypnosis session gone wrong. But what the hell, I just love that place!

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“To boldly go where no nutter has ever gone before”

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