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Postigo Do Carvao Restaurant, Porto - Porto

Postigo Do Carvao Restaurant, Porto

Portuguese traditional food: Postigo Do Carvao Portuguese traditional food Review

We came upon this restaurant, while wandering around in the mist in Ribeira, looking for somewhere reasonably cheap to eat. As it was March, a lot of places weren't open. Although quite empty (this should have been a warning!), we decided the menu looked ok.

The restaurant was quite spacious, with tables and chairs set out on the ground floor, and on a raised platform to one side. A TV was showing a football match. There was only one waiter on duty, and he wasn't too busy as there were only 4 other diners!!

I enjoyed a beer while we chose from the menu, I chose steak with Roquefort cheese sauce, Joy also had a steak.

The appetizer tray appeared (we didn't know at this stage, that you only pay for what you eat (so if you don't want an appetizer, just move the tray away to one side)- see my appetizer tip above).

We'd only just finished eating the ham platter, when the waiter then appeared with some savoury pasties, (which we declined).

The empty restaurant, which felt quite cold and damp, didn't lead to a cosy dining experience,.
Apparently this is classed as a Restaurante Tipico and Bar, with Live Music.

Eventually our main courses arrived. I would like to be able to say that I enjoyed my meal, but I'm afraid that my steak was only luke warm, with a warmer cheese sauce on top. Normally, I would have asked for the waiter to change this, but I think I was just tired, hungry and ready to leave. I struggled to eat a few bites, and soon pushed my plate away. Joys food was slightly better.

On cue, the waiter arrived, with a selection of tired looking desserts, again we declined, and asked for the bill.

The bill was a long time in arriving, but we paid the 28.90 Euro's with a 50 euro note.

Apparently, a row then broke out between the waiter and one of the female kitchen staff (I missed this bit because I'd nipped to the toilet) due to there being no change. So there was another long wait.

We weren't sure if this was a ploy, but we did eventually get our change. I think someone was dispatched to get some change from another restaurant or elsewhere.

Favorite Dish: Well, the Appetizer of slices of ham, was very nice. My beer was cold and crisp, but my main course, and the service was sadly lacking!

Perhaps we just hit this place on a bad night (I've since read reviews recommending this place), but it is the first time in a long while that I've not enjoyed a meal out.

Address: Rua da Fonte Taurina 24 a 34 (a Ribeira) 4050 -269

Price Comparison: about average

Other Contact: postigo@oninet.pt

Phone: 22 200 4539 Fax 22 200 6974

Price: US$11-20

Rating: 2

Theme: Local

Review Helpfulness: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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Super Bock lager, Porto - Porto

Super Bock lager, Porto

All over Porto: Portuguese Beers -and some Portugese phrases! Portuguese traditional food Review

Super Bock and Sagres beers are to be found in most bars and cafes, either draught or bottled, and in supermarkets in bottles or cans.

Super Bock is brewed just outside Porto by the Unicer brewery, and is more popular in Northern Portugal, while Sagres is brewed in Lisbon, and is more popular through the rest of the country. Both brands are sold abroad too.

Although Lisbon is home to Sagres, it is Super Bock, that sponsors the annual 'Super Bock Super Rock' Festival in Lisbon each May

Both companies brew a variety of styles Classic (both), Twin (SB) Zero (S) are non alcoholic, Abaida (SB) Bohemian (S) darker, wheat based beers, Stout (SB) and Preto (S)- light stout beer, Green beer (SB) sweet beer with lime flavouring, Tango (SB) red coloured beer with redcurrent flavouring and Chopp (S) a Brazillian style lager.

I tried both brands bottled and draught classic styles, and found them to be a pleasant, crisp drink.
To be honest, I thought that they tasted quite similar, but I also noticed that when I asked for draught beer, it was sometimes Sagres on the pump. but served in a Super Bock glass and vice versa.

I'm not too sure as to the strengths, think SB is between a 5.6% and a 5.8%!! So, one to respect!

Apparently this beer gained cult status amongst Man Utd fans, after visiting the city to see their team play Porto a few years ago.
There are even Man Utd T-Shirts featuring the Super Bock logo, and the fans' claim that SB gets you p****d quicker than Stella Artois!

Checking out the 'beer anoraks' ratings of various beers and lagers on various websites, SB and Sagres create differing reports from 'the BEST Beer in the World ever!' to 'toilet cleaner'

Some useful phrases!

Beer = cerveja

one = um
Two = dois
Three = tres
four = quatro

Bottled Beer=uma garrafa

half a litre (draught) = uma caneca

regular glass (draught) = um fino (or um imperial)

how much is it? = Quanto e?

Bill = Conta

toilet = lavabo

UPDATE I've just seen Superbok on sale at my local Asda supermarket in Sheffield! not tried it yet though!

Directions: Throuout Portugal

Price: less than US$10

Rating: 4

Theme: Local

Review Helpfulness: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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Appetizers, Chez Lapin, Porto - Porto

Appetizers, Chez Lapin, Porto

Portugese Restaurants: Appetizers - a Warning! Portuguese traditional food Review

Our first meal in Porto was at Chez Lapin. (Please see my previous tip) After ordering our meal, a tray arrived with a selection of breads, olives and a couple of small bowls containing a dressed salad and a black pudding dish.

The waiter had disappeared before we could ask why we'd been given this food.

We'd spotted similar trays on other tables, and as we were hungry, we tucked in!

Apparently, this is common practice in Portugal.

Each item eaten is counted, then you are charged for what you eat. It's not a Free gift from the Restaurant!!

Now we didn't mind, as the food was delicious, but on our second night out (at a different place), the selection wasn't as nice, but we still hadn't realised that you get charged for what you eat.(Anything you leave isn't charged for) I didn't find out, until I read about this on my return home. (I'd not done my usual research, or bought a guide book)

The phrase Nao quero isto (I don't want this) could be useful!

We found that the portions in some restaurants were quite large!, (In Chez Lapin, my casserole was easily big enough for 2 people) so bear this in mind before tucking into the appetizer tray! and consider sharing your Mains

Favorite Dish: The bread was delicious, a couple of slices of white bread, and a couple of slices of bread with ham pieces- (Can't remember the name of this type of bread, but saw it for sale in the bakeries and market in Porto).

The black pudding dish was delicious, spicy and full of flavour. Plump juicy marinated olives, and the salad made a pleasant starter.

Rating: 0

Theme: Local

Review Helpfulness: 4 out of 5 stars

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Chez Lapin, Porto - Porto

Chez Lapin, Porto

Chez Lapin: Atmospheric Porto restaurant Portuguese traditional food Review

I'd read about this restaurant on VT, and although wasn't looking to eat here in particular, when we came across it accidentally, and looked inside, we decided to go in. It was pretty crowded!

This small downstairs restaurant (there is further seating upstairs)
is crammed full of quirky objects, some antiques, cloth rabbits, witches, hanging from the ceiling or attached to the walls.

The wooden tables and chairs are quite close together, adding to the cosy atmosphere.

Our waiter was friendly and helpful, showing us the menu (which was displayed on a wooden chopping board ) and explaining the different dishes to us.

I chose beef with fruit (peaches) Joy chose beef with potatoes. (it didn't feel quite right to be ordering the rabbit dishes, when there were furry bunnies in the cage outside!!!)

While we were waiting for our meal, a tray appeared with a selection of bread rolls, a carrot dish, and something that we couldn't identify at first. Our waiter confirmed that it was black pudding- it was delicious! We found out later that this is the way in Porto- a tray of appetizers appears- you're not obliged to eat anything from the tray, but if you do, you'll be charged for each item (Please see my next tip)

Our sizzling casseroles appeared, and were delicious. The only problem was that there was far too much to eat. In hindsight, we could have shared one, and still have had plenty!

Needless to say, there was no room for pudding!

Favorite Dish: The appetizer tray (Entrada) had a variety of delicious tasting morsels (6 euros)

My Beef and Peach casserole came with onions garlic and potatoes, (11.98 euros) and was perfect for a cold March night

Joys' Lombo Assado (roasted tenderloin of Beef, also came casseroled with potatoes and onions (apparently potatoes accompany nearly every meal in Porto in one form or another ) (11.98 euros) also hit the mark!

1 beer (1.50 euro) 1 fanta (1.50 euro)
Cover charge 2 euros

Total for 2 persons 34.96 euros

The portions in Porto are often huge!!! (Check out your neighbouring diners plates for an idea on portion sizes)
1 portion is often enough for 2 people - so don't go mad with your starters!

Please see my next tip below re the Appetiser tray -

Address: Chez Lapin, Rua dos Conastreiros 40-42 Porto

Price Comparison: about average

Directions: From the bottom of Praca da Ribeira, facing the river, turn left through the archway, Chez Lapin is just around the corner. Look for the rabbit cage outside.

Other Contact: fax 22 200 88 56

Phone: 22 200 64 18

Price: US$11-20

Rating: 4

Theme: Local

Review Helpfulness: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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Chale Suisso, Foz Do Douro - Porto

Chale Suisso, Foz Do Douro

Chale Suisso: Cafe near the park, Foz Portuguese traditional food Review

This small cafe was a pleasant place to stop for a lunch time snack. Situated at the end of an attractive park.

Tables and chairs outside, and a few inside.

Selection of pastries, sandwiches and drinks.

We sat outside, enjoying the warm spring air, while we waited for our drinks and sandwich.

This appeared to be quite a busy spot for business men, groups of friends, and couples.

Favorite Dish: We shared a toasted sandwich (still quite full from breakfast), apparently this was known as a Lanche, which is a Northern Portuguese snack - sweetish bread stuffed with ham. (1.20 euro)

Well it was delicious (I could just eat one now thinking about it!)

Joy had a coffe, (1.40 euro) which she said was delicious, and I had a glass of lager- either Super Bock or Sagres. (1.50 euro)

tax 12% included.

Price Comparison: less expensive than average

Price: less than US$10

Rating: 4

Theme: Other

Review Helpfulness: 4 out of 5 stars

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Sausages - Praca da Ribeira - Porto

Sausages - Praca da Ribeira

Uma velha tinha una gato!: Sausages! Portuguese traditional food Review

Worth visiting just for the name alone - 'Uma velha tinha una gato' translates as 'An old Lady has a cat'!!

We came across this place in Praca de Ribeira at lunch time, on our last day in Porto.

Tables and chairs are set out in the square in front of the unusual fountain and with views to the nearby river.

The restaurants are set out around the edge of the square.

When I ventured inside to use the toilet, I was surprised to find that it appeared to be set into a rock wall.

I should imagine there is a great atmosphere here at night time in summer.

Favorite Dish: The set tourist menu had a selection of sausage dishes. I chose a pork sausage, and Joy ordered a selection of grilled sausages (We divided each order between us, so we could try the selection) Both dishes came with fries, potatoes and a large salad with olives. It also included a drink and dessert.

I enjoyed my meal - lots of spicy and herby flavours and very filling.

I'm afraid that I can't remember how much it cost exactly, but I remember it was a reasonable price.

Normally, I tend to avoid 'tourist menus' but this had a good selection of local dishes, and I felt it was good value.

Price Comparison: about average

Price: less than US$10

Rating: 4

Theme: Local

Review Helpfulness: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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Cafe, Villa de Gaia - Porto

Cafe, Villa de Gaia

Mare Baixa ?: Cafe in Vila Nova de Gaia

This cafe was chosen, as we were wanting to eat before we went on our booked Douro River trip, and this was quite near to the jetty. I'm not sure if Mare Baixa is the name of this eatery, or if it was an advertisement - it was on the canopy above the door.

Tables outside, inside (both upstairs and on the ground floor) it was quite busy, mainly with Portuguese families enjoying a long Sunday lunch. We sat outside watching the river, and the never ending stream of traffic - or "people going for a Sunday walk in their cars" as the girl who sold us our boat trip tickets wryly commented!

Joy had disappeared to the toilet while we were waiting for our food and returned in a fit of giggles!

Apparently the staircase was quite rickitty, she'd nearly tripped on the loose carpet, then the toilet door had caused her some problems - I can't remember if it pulled outwards, or was a sliding door, but it was very close to some of the diners, then the loo seat was loose - so she was glad to get back to the table in one piece!

Favorite Dish: We chose a steak sandwich and a beer each. The beer was fine. The steak was a bit too greasy, but it was adequately filling.

The menu listed fish and meat dishes of traditional Portuguese cuisine including Bacalhau and sardines. (see picture below)

Address: Ave Diogo Leite, Gaia

Price Comparison: less expensive than average

Directions: From Ponte Dom Luis, with the river on your right, walk along the pavement on the left side of the road, you'll soon come across this and similar eateries.

Price: less than US$10

Rating: 3

Theme: Local

Review Helpfulness: 2.5 out of 5 stars

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