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In London

August 2014

I am setting roots again. We bought a house and I am once again refurbishing and redecorating a house. So the gypsy will have to wait a while. Just came back from a wonderful week in Wales. It surpassed my wildest dreams. Never realise how beautiful Wales is.

April 2013

Apart from my writing and my part time teaching I have started a Harvard online course titled: The Ancient Greek Hero. I love it, but my time is limited. Luckily the Easter holiday will give me some time to focus on my writing and get my course reading done. Apart from all of that I have added VT travel editor and channel manager for Theater and Drama at Helium to my portfolio. Will have to plan my time carefully. Just got back from a lovely weekend in Torquay at the stunning Meadfoot Bay hotel.

January 2013

I didn't really want to grow roots in one place again, but I suppose I am not as much a gypsy as I thought. I am doing my best not to gather stuff again. I hope and pray I will eventually manage to work in such a way that I can pack up and do it where ever I want to. The Internet has possibilities and I am searching. Something will happen.

March 2012

Time flies and I don't get enough time to post all my tips and photos. You are always welcome to ask if you need some information about the countries I have visited. Just send me an email and I will get back to you. Planning to go to France and Belgium this year and maybe Greece as well.

August 2011

Been in London for nearly a year now. A difficult year I have to say, but things seem to fall in place now for which I am very grateful. I am convinced our leap of faith was necessary.

Travels at the moment are UK based. While in Africa we made the most of visiting the exciting places and will continue doing so here in the UK. Hopefully within the next year or so we will be able to expand and start exploring Europe. I still need to get visas for me and the boys for Europe which is a bit of a nuisance, but if everything goes well we should have our British passports in two years time.

January 2011

It is nearly four months now. I don't get time for everything but if you are interested in reading my blog on all our trials and tribulations during the move (more trials though, but we are grateful as always).

Moving to London

November 2010

Have been permanently in London now for the last two months. Trying to get use to the weather and smaller house. Living light is not working that well as I have acquired a lot of unnecessary stuff in just a couple of weeks. Hope I will one day get to the 1 suitcase- move in 24 hours state.

June 2010
We are in the process of moving to London for a couple of years. My new motto is Living Light. Having all this stuff is too inhibiting. I want to pack up my life in less than 24 hours and leave whenever I want to.

I am finished gathering.

Paradise - Mauritius

Maybe one day I can retire in Mauritius. One of my favourite places in the world.

Coming from South Africa with it's highways and bridges, we smiled a little at the taxi drivers excitement about the new double road from the south, where the airport is situated, to the north of the island. The road is about as wide as the road in front of my house. We understood his excitement when we ended up on the narrow roads running to Grand Baie. It carries a lot of traffic and it looks as if two busses will never be able to pass each other.

You get use to it quickly. Bus fares are very cheap and you can get anywhere by bus but don't be in a hurry . The bus goes right into the sugarcane fields to drop of passengers. A trip from Grand Baie to Port Louis can take up to 3 hours and it is only about 50km.

I found the shops in the Grand Baie area had more and better specials on clothes than the market in Port Louis. The market doesn't smell nice at all and is very busy. It is worhwhile seeing but be careful before you buy. Port Louis is very commercialised and the one day we spend there was more than enough. Wines and spirits are very expensive and is a good trading tool at the market.

Smokers should take their own cigarettes. The brands that they sell were completely unknown to me and are not nice. At the duty free shop prices are in Francs(that was 6 years ago). I found most of the products at the duty free actually more expensive than the normal prices in South Africa.

The island is beautiful and the people are very friendly and laid back. Everything is "no problem" and all distances are "5 minutes". Be careful. We ask the owner of the flats where we stayed how long it will take to walk to Grand Baie from Point Cannonaire and he said five minutes. It ended up to be closer to an hour. There are no sidewalks and you have to walk in the narrow streets with cars coming from both ends. Driving is very laid back as well and the drivers are very patient. People park in the middle of the street and nobody gets upset.

We found it very safe and walked on the beach long after dark for miles.
Don't atempt this barefoot as there are many rocks on the beach.

A boat trip to one of the completely deserted islands on a lazy Sunday were wonderful. The skipper of the boat prepares a meal with fish, salads, bread and their very famous jungle juice ( a mix of rum( a lot of rum), pineapple juice, grated pineapple and Miranda pineapple colddrink) When we visited the island it was raining on the way there and everybody got soaking wet. We maybe had too much of the juice too quickly but it was still a wonderful experience.

The sea is wonderful for children. With the coral reef it looks like a huge swimming pool with the waves far away. My husband and two boys went deep into the sea. When the little one turned around and saw how far away I was on the beach he started to scream he was drowning. My husband told him to stand up and water didn't even reach his middle. He was 5 years at the time.

I will always go back. Hotels and restaurants are expensive. The flats and smaller hotels are very reasonable and roti's ( that you buy from the vendors on the street) at about R1.40 ( about 3 or 4 roupees) and their special French baguettes at about the same price is enough to keep you going. This was 10 years ago, so prices will be higher now.

Sunset in Grand Baie

My attempts at sunsets have never been very successful. So when I got this one right I was hooked.

Sunset in Swakopmund

The whole family waited on a ice cold windy beach for nearly a half hour to take this picture.

My children - the baby

I take them with me whenever we travel. It costs a lot but I believe travel is valuable to them. I would rather travel less and expose them to as many places as I can.

The baby has grown up in the meantime and looks much different now. Will have to find a new photo.

My children - the crazy one

This one has a memory that you can't believe. After a trip when we start sorting out the photos he can tell where everyone was taken. Much better than his mother.

This one looks competely different now, 6 years later.

A newer version of the crazy one

Still crazy but a bit older. Doesn't like photos so always have to try and catch him. Most of the time they come out funny like this one.

The cat found a new act.

Not a cat anymore but a dancer in the revue. More of a rugby and cricket player really but at this age they try everything.

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