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Things to do in Dubai :-)
There are innumerable things to do for the whole family - plenty of sun, shopping and sports coupled with a healthy dose of history and culture.

Art Galleries

While you may not find the Tate gallery or the Louvre in Dubai, there are a number of galleries here that exhibit art and traditional Arabic artifacts.

The Dubai Art Society was established in 1976 but only became popular when it reinvented itself in 1980 by moving to newer premises and, later, in the mid-1980s, renaming itself as the Dubai International Art Centre. Today, it is prominent in the thriving local art scene. At the same time, Ras al-Khaimah's Fine Art Association Centre is active in promoting the artistic skill of young artists in this northern emirate.

The Courtyard and the XVA Gallery are worth visiting and are examples of some unusual architecture.

By the way - At the XVA gallery you can paint your own canvas, dine on traditional UAE food, chill out in rooftop rocking chairs and gaze over the mosque tops to the lights of Bur Dubai

Camel Racing
Camel racing is followed by a freshly cooked campfire breakfast? a grand way to start your day! During the months of October - April, Camel Racing is a major sport in Dubai. The track is located on the outskirts of the city at Nad Al Sheba (behind the Metropolitan Hotel).

At the race track on the edge of the city, visitors can view the exciting proceedings from the grandstand, wander around the paddocks, and buy camel "accessories", including blankets, rugs and beads from the nearby market.

Additionally, camel rides are available at various heritage sites, and also within the city of Dubai during the much famed Dubai Shopping Festival.

Desert Safaris
Trips to the desert in groups can be a great way to explore the desert and also know other people and find out a little bit more about the Arabic culture. Safaris are generally half day and can include an overnight stay in one of the Bedouin tents.

1. Wadi-Driving - This is a popular pastime with both residents and visitors. This involves exploring the wadis or dry beds of streams that flow after winter rains from the Hajar mountains.

2. Dune driving - Driving in sand can be a thrilling experience by itself and this combines the excitement of a roller coaster ride with the challenge of remaining mobile on the shifting surface. Courses in sand driving are available, with four-wheel-drive vehicles provided, along with expert instruction.

3. Sand-Skiing - Those with a penchant for speed, a head for heights and enthusiasm for an unusual sport will enjoy sand-skiing down the dunes of the Dubai desert.

4. Desert Feasts - Safaris are made more pleasurable by culminating into an evening with spectacular sunset views followed by a traditional Arab barbecue under the stars. You can even tailor your evening to your need and round it off with some great Arabic music and belly dancing, the smoking of hubble-bubble pipes and often a display of falconry.

By the way - On the Hatta safari you can drive through deep trenches where you will see million year old mountains of different arrays of color offering a spectacular view of the region.

Things to do in Dubai :-) continued

The Double Decker Bus

Straight from the streets of London to the highways and byways of Dubai, these highly visual, vintage double-decker buses provide fun for everyone whatever the occasion. With lots of unique activities for all ages, Dubai?s only red double-decker buses provide an exclusive party venue, an eye-catching promotional media, or just a fun way to add interest to a corporate or public event.

For more information visit: www.thedoubledecker.com

By the way - The Double Decker offers a flexible service to meet all the needs of corporate, childs? or adults? events with individual ideas being incorporated.

Aerial Tours
Dubai by air can be a spectacular sight that you would remember for a very long time. Helicopters and plane tours and even hot air balloon rides over the city will give u a loft perspective to the wonder that's called 'Dubai'.

Some trips take tourists across the city and over the desert and the Hajar Mountains. Experienced pilots with a valid license can hire aircraft from Dubai Flying Club on an hourly rental basis.

By the way - The Emirates flying school is the only approved flight training institution in Dubai and operates six piper aircraft. Gift vouchers are available to those interested in experiencing flying for the first time. You may call 299 5155 for more information.

Creek Tours
The Dubai creek can be explored with the help of an organized creek tour. It is a great way to see new and old Dubai side by side while enjoying a peaceful and relaxed journey.
Many of the tours are in traditional wooden dhow or Abras (the traditional water taxi) which takes you on a short journey across the waterway from the glass-and-steel office blocks of Deira to the old-world Souks of Bur Dubai, providing a fascinating glimpse of Dubai's trading heritage.

By the way - At dusk you can wander down the cornice on the Bur Dubai side and get the best view of the stark contrast between ancient and modern Dubai, when the moored trading dhows are reflected in the glass high rises and the water of the creek.


Dubai is labeled the "shopping capital of the Middle East". With so many shopping malls and souks, there's no better place to find products at unbeatable prices. It is truly a duty free shopper's paradise that gives you more for your money. Dubai's numerous shopping malls cater to every consumer need. Cars, haute couture clothing, jewellery, electronics, furnishing, sporting equipment, and any other goods will likely all be under the same roof.

By the way - Gold prices are incredibly reasonable in Dubai and while at the famed gold souks you can get a cut-price engagement ring for less than quarter of the price you would pay in Europe.

List of hotels in DXB and how to contact them :-)

5 *'s
Al Bustan Rotana Hotel
P.O.Box : 30880
Telephone : 2820000
Fax : 2828100
Website: www.rotana.com Email : Reservations.Albustan@rotana.com

Al Murooj Rotana Hotel
P.O.Box : 117546
Telephone : 3211111
Fax : 3215555
Website: www.rotana.com Email : reservations.almurooj@rotana.com

Al Qasr Hotel
P.O.Box : 75157
Telephone : 3668888
Fax : 3667788
Website: www.madinatjumeirah.com Email : MJReservations@jumeirah.com

Bab Al Shams Hotel
P.O.Box : 73137
Telephone : 8326699
Fax : 8326698
Website: www.babalshams.com Email : JBASReservations@jumeirah.com

Coral Deira Hotel
P.O.Box : 82999
Telephone : 2248587
Fax : 2217033
Website: www.coral-deira.com Email : reservations@coral-deira.com

Crowne Plaza Hotel Dubai
P.O.Box : 23215
Telephone : 3311111
Fax : 3311860
Website: www.dubai.crowneplaza.com Email : cpdxb@cpdxb.co.ae

Dar Al Masyaf
P.O.Box : 75157
Telephone : 3668888
Fax : 3667788
Website: www.madinatjumeirah.com Email : MJReservations@jumeirah.com

Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa
P.O.Box : 5182
Telephone : 3461111
Fax : 3462027
Website: www.dxbmarine.com Email : sales@dxbmarine.com

Dusit Dubai
P.O.Box : 23335
Telephone : 3433333
Fax : 3434222
Website: www.dubaidusit.com Email : reservations@dusitdubai.com

Emirates Towers Hotel
P.O.Box : 72127
Telephone : 3300000
Fax : 3303030
Website: www.emiratestowershotel.com Email : JETReservations@jumeirah.com

4 *'s
Al Khaleej Palace Hotel
P.O.Box : 3720
Telephone : 2231000
Fax : 2241815
Website: www.alkhaleejhotels.com Email : kpalace@emirates.net.ae

Arabian Courtyard Hotel
P.O.Box : 46500
Telephone : 3519111
Fax : 3517744
Website: www.arabiancourtyard.com Email : info@arabiancourtyard.com

Ascot Hotel
P.O.Box : 52555
Telephone : 3520900
Fax : 3529819
Website: www.ascothoteldubai.com Email : info@ascothoteldubai.com

Avari Dubai Hotel
P.O.Box : 50400
Telephone : 2956666
Fax : 2959259
Website: www.avari.com Email : reservations@avari-dubai.co.ae

Best Western Dubai Grand Hotel
P.O.Box : 34150
Telephone : 2632555
Fax : 2635552
Website: www.dubaigrandhotel.ae Email : reservation@dubaigrandhotel.ae

Capitol Hotel
P.O.Box : 33228
Telephone : 3460111
Fax : 3460333
Website: www.capitol-hotel.com Email : reservation@capitol-hotel.com

Carlton Tower Hotel
P.O.Box : 1955
Telephone : 2227111
Fax : 2273907
Website: www.carltontower.net Email : carlton@emirates.net.ae

Chelsea Hotel
P.O.Box : 118094
Telephone : 3988840
Fax : 3987042
Website: www.chelseahoteldubai.com Email : reservation@chelseahoteldubai.com

Coral Oriental Hotel
P.O.Box : 83525
Telephone : 2281999
Fax : 2281997
Website: www.coral-orientaldubai.com Email : sales@coral-orientaldubai.com

Courtyard By Marriott Green Community
P.O.Box : 63845
Telephone : 8852222
Fax : 8852525
Website: www.marriott-middleeast.com Email : cydubai.reservation@courtyard.com

3 *'s
Admiral Plaza Hotel
P.O.Box : 26888
Telephone : 3935333
Fax : 3935111
Website: www.admiralplazahotel.com Email : admplaza@emirates.net.ae

Al Khaleej Holidays
P.O.Box : 19260
Telephone : 2276565
Fax : 2279686
Website: www.alkhaleejhotels.com Email : kholiday@emirates.net.ae

Al Khaleej Hotel
P.O.Box : 10559
Telephone : 2211144
Fax : 2237140
Website: www.alkhaleejhotels.com Email : khotel@emirates.net.ae

Ambassador Hotel
P.O.Box : 3226
Telephone : 3939444
Fax : 3939193
Website: www.astamb.com Email : ambhotel@emirates.net.ae

Astoria Hotel
P.O.Box : 457
Telephone : 3534300
Fax : 3535665
Website: www.astamb.com Email : reserve@astamb.com

Broadway Hotel
P.O.Box : 62556
Telephone : 2217111
Fax : 2292929
Website: www.capitol-hotel.com/broadway.html Email : brodway@emirates.net.ae

City Star Hotel
P.O.Box : 29562
Telephone : 2270002
Fax : 2272245
Email : starcity@emirates.net.ae

Claridge Hotel
P.O.Box : 1833
Telephone : 2716666
Fax : 2722626
Email : claridge@emirates.net.ae
Comfort Inn Hotel
P.O.Box : 56352
Telephone : 2227393
Fax : 2224438
Website: www.hotelcomfortinn.com Email : comftinn@emirates.net.ae

Conrad Hotel
P.O.Box : 29476
Telephone : 2225550
Fax : 2225543
Website: Email : conradha@emirates.net.ae

List of hotels in DXB and how to contact them :-)

2 '*'s
Al Jawhara Hotel
P.O.Box : 7217
Telephone : 2223141
Fax : 2232049
Website: Email : jawharahotel@lootah.com

Al Karama Hotel
P.O.Box : 116945
Telephone : 3366607
Fax : 3341661
Website: Email : karama_h@emi.ae

Al Khayam Hotel
P.O.Box : 82249
Telephone : 2264211
Fax : 2265825
Website: Email : khayamh@emirates.net.ae

Al Sham Hotel
P.O.Box : 4947
Telephone : 2710555
Fax : 2730044
Website: www.alshamhoteldubai.com Email : sham_htl@emirates.net.ae

California Hotel
P.O.Box : 1590
Telephone : 2242429
Fax : 2223347
Website: Email : mehgroup@emirates.net.ae

Champselysees Hotel
P.O.Box : 88102
Telephone : 2289666
Fax : 2248926
Website: Email : celysees@emirates.net.ae

City King Hotel
P.O.Box : 29562
Telephone : 2273337
Fax : 2271331
Website: Email : cityking@emirates.net.ae

Dallas Hotel
P.O.Box : 51582
Telephone : 3511223
Fax : 3511248
Website: Email : siavash2@emirates.net.ae

Delmon Hotel
P.O.Box : 63935
Telephone : 2280222
Fax : 2284287
Website: Email : delmon4@emirates.net.ae

Diplomat Hotel
P.O.Box : 25117
Telephone : 2715502
Fax : 2711868
Website: Email : diploma1@emirates.net.ae

1 *'s
Al Ahrar Hotel
P.O.Box : 12978
Telephone : 2724000
Fax : 2724455
Website: Email :

Al Amal Hotel
P.O.Box : 41456
Telephone : 2271999
Fax : 2232344
Website: Email : hmdsyam@yahoo.com

Al Andalus Hotel
P.O.Box : 1333
Telephone : 2722113
Fax : 2722443
Website: Email : andalhot@emirates.net.ae

Al Daghaya Hotel
P.O.Box : 94857
Telephone : 2353046
Fax : 2353045
Website: Email :

Al Dar Hotel
P.O.Box : 90238
Telephone : 2214330
Fax : 2248083
Website: Email :

Al Fursan Hotel
P.O.Box : 15916
Telephone : 2717800
Fax : 2736271
Website: Email : alfursan@emirates.net.ae

Al Hashemi Hotel
P.O.Box : 13228
Telephone : 2233333
Fax : 2214717
Website: Email :

Al Kameelia Hotel
P.O.Box : 22363
Telephone : 2211622
Fax : 2210930
Website: www.hotelclub.com Email : kameelia@emirates.net.ae

Al Kawakeb Hotel
P.O.Box : 28490
Telephone : 2712283
Fax : 2717114
Website: Email :

Al Marwa Hotel
P.O.Box : 14820
Telephone : 2289991
Fax : 2277474
Website: Email :



Emergency Services
Police 999
Fire Department 997
Ambulance 999
Electricity 991
Water 991

Hospital Emergency Numbers
Al Maktoum Hospital 228-4584
Al Wasl Hospital 324-1111
American Hospital 309-6645
Dubai Hospital 271-4444
Kuwait Hospital 707-8206
Rashid Hospital 337-1323
Welcare Hospital 282-9900

Lost Credit Cards
Citibank 800-4000
Commercial Bank of Dubai 800-4474
Emirates Bank International 800-4080
National Bank of Dubai 800-4767 / 223-3166
American Express 336-5000
Diner's Club 349-8200
Mastercard International 332-2956
Visa 223-6888

Airports/Flight Enquiry
Dubai International Airport 224-5555
Flight Enquiry 224-5777

Radio Taxi
Cars Taxi 800-4825
Dubai Taxi 208-0808
Golden taxi 336-5444
Gulf Radio Taxi 223-6666
Internite Taxi 272-8299
National Taxi 336-6611
Metre Rate
Day Rate: Dhs 3 plus Dhs 1.17 per km
Night Rate: Dhs 3.50 plus Dhs 1.70 per km
Airport Rate: Dhs 20 plus .50 fils per 500 metres

Operator Services
Directory Enquiry 181
Telephone Assistance 100
Mobile Tel. Enquiries 101
Call Booking & Enquiry 151
Fault Reporting 171
Etisalat (Telephone Company)

Directory Inquiry: 181
Fault Reporting: 171
General Information: 101
Website: www.etisalat.co.ae
Online bill inquiry and bill payment: www.e4me.co.ae


Telephone: 208-0808 (Dubai Transport)

Hospital Emergency Numbers

American Hospital: 336-7777 (www.ahdubai.com)
Rashid Hospital: 337-4000 (www.dohms.gov.ae)
Welcare Hospital: 282-7788 (www.welcarehospital.com)

Things to do in Dubai :-) continued

Parks and Beaches
Soak up the sun at the numerous beaches in Dubai. You may choose between the public beaches that have limited facilities but free entrance and the beach parks which charge for the entrance but have a variety of facilities including changing rooms and play areas.

By the way - The Al Mamzar beach park offer chalets complete with a barbecue area which can be hired for a charge. You may call 296 6201 for more details.
Golf Courses
Dubai is a golfer's paradise. The Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club and the famous Emirates Golf Club are the venues of the European PGA tour. The Nad Al Sheeba Golf and Racing Club even offers night golf for the enthusiasts who want to beat the summer heat of Dubai!

By the way - Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, Ian Woosnam, Colin Montgomerie are just some of the golfing heroes who have teed off in the prestigious Dubai Desert classic golfing tournament hosted annually in Dubai.
Entertainment Parks
Wild Wadi - Imagine 12 acres of desert filled with 30 million liters of water and solely dedicated to having fun. That is Wild Wadi. There are 23 rides to entertain and excite every member of the family and in Dubai, this place has been more than just a shelter for those wanting to escape the heat of the desert. Adrenaline seekers will love Jumeirah Sceirah - a 33-meter high slide with steep angles to propel riders up to 80km per hour. There is also Breakers Bay, which has a wave machine creating 1.5-meter waves all day.

Wonderland - The 18 hectare Wonderland family fun park features a wide range of water attractions including speed slides, surf hills, wave runners and a Caribbean cruise. It is closed on Sundays and Wednesdays are for Ladies Only. Thursdays are for Families Only.

Magic Planet - Housed in the giant Deira City Centre shopping mall, this children's entertainment centre is a unique indoor site with 10 pin bowling, a crawling bungie jungle, variety of electronic games and a mini pitch and putt.

Other Sports
Go Karting - Dubai has the Middle East's first fully-equipped 40,000 sq. ft of air-conditioned indoor go-kart facility at Formula One. Outdoors, an active go-karting fraternity races regularly at the track beside the Jebel Ali Hotel. Visitors can enjoy this sport during the months of Oct-May.

Horse Riding - The sport of kings has rapidly become Dubai's most popular spectator event, attracting crowds of more than 15,000. Race meetings are held weekly during the cooler months at one of the UAE's four racecourses. Dubai Racing Club, at Naad Al Sheba, the country's largest and most spectacular track and home to the Dubai World Cup the sport's richest race also holds meetings at right under floodlights. Horse riding is part of the local tradition and is upheld today by several active centres including the Dubai Equestrian Centre and Jebel Ali Hotel Riding Stables. Rides through the desert are organized regularly. Dubai has a riding association for the disabled.

Galleria Ice Rink - The rink offers all the thrills and chills of ice skating, and professional ice skaters are available for private tuition. You can call: 971 4 209 6551 to make a reservation. The team will also take enquiries for cool kids' parties, which can be organized for a maximum of 15 children.

Fishing - The Gulf is rich in marine life, and fishing was once a mainstay of the local economy. Kingfish, jackfish, red snapper, rock cod (the popular Hamour on most Dubai menus), barracuda and other species are caught commercially and not for sport. Sailfish and bottom-feeding sharks are regularly landed by visiting fishermen who can hire fully-equipped boats, with crew, for deep-sea fishing trips.

By the way - The Khor Dubai wildlife sanctuary is the only place in the world where you can spot the rare white collared kingfisher.

Things to do in Dubai :-) Nightlife in Dubai :-)

There is ample opportunity to pursue an active nightlife in all of the major urban centres in the UAE, except for Sharjah which does not have any bars or discos. The choice of night-time activities is obviously more limited in the rural areas.
Bars range from sophisticated cocktail lounges to informal traditional British and Irish pubs and Western style saloons. In addition, there are numerous piano and jazz bars. Clubs and discos host both local DJs and big international names. You can also visit local nightclubs with Arab singers, belly dancers and musicians. World famous groups and individual stars from the the West, the Arab world, the Indian subcontinent and the Far East are frequent visitors.

The hotels, in particular, vie with each other to stage the best live shows. Cabaret is standard fare in the hotel nightclubs, but it is during the winter season and on national holiday weekends that the hotels come alive with food festivals, stage shows and themed nights. Talented groups from countries such as the Philippines and Sri Lanka have wide-ranging repertoires featuring African beat, salsa, country and western, rock, R?B, reggae, jazz. Close your eyes and you could be listening to the original artists.

If it is a more cultural experience that you require, plays, ballets, classical music and operas are also perfomed by visiting groups on a regular basis. Even the West End of London has been transported to the UAE in the form of dinner theatre.

Browse websites such as http://www.dubaicityguide.com/, http://www.sharjah-welcome.com/ for an up-to-date list of the live bands and gigs taking place during your stay. Check in local newspapers and entertainment magazines (What?s On and Time Out) on your arrival, or ask your destination tour provider for details of events taking place during your stay, so that you can plan in advance. Both Abu Dhabi Explorer and Dubai Explorer give a detailed rundown of all the venues.

Most four- and five-star hotels have bars, pubs and nightclubs. Drinks can be quite expensive. Happy hours are common. The dress code in bars is usually casual, but some bars and all clubs forbid shorts, jeans, trainers or sandals. Some require shirts with collars.

As a rule nightclubs have a stricter dress code. Bars and clubs usually stay open until late, some closing at about 1 p.m., others remaining open until 3 a.m. In general people tend to go out late, usually not before 9 p.m., although if you are in a tourist venue the action can start a little earlier. Thursdays , Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest nights. Sports fans are catered for with many of the pubs screening major sporting events such as Premier League matches.
Dress code:
Whilst the dress code in Dubai in far more relaxed than its neighbouring states, it is still respectful to dress conservatively. Clothing which may be considered revealing, such as very short skirts and low-cut t-shirts, will attract distasteful reactions from the local community. On the beach, or poolside, bikinis are acceptable.

Things to do in Dubai :-) Nightlife in Dubai :-)

Arabic Nightclubs
Arabic nightclubs usually warm-up around 10.30 p.m. Food menus are often limited, although in hotels full Arabic menus are on offer. Entertainment can be lively.
Al Abya Dubai Park Hotel 04 3992222
Al Diwan Metropolitan Palace Hotel 04 2051336
Escoba Al Khaleej Palace Hotel 04 2231000
Other Bars and Clubs
Alamo Dubai Marina Resort 04 3493455
Al Sayyad Claridge Hotel 04 2716666
American Dream Seashell Inn Hotel 04 3934777
Atlantis Dubai Park Hotel 04 3992222
Aussie Legends Rydges Plaza Hotel 04 3982222
Back Street Al Khaleej Holiday Hotel 04 2276565
Barasti Le M?ridien Mina Seyahi 04 3993333
Beachcomber Pub Metropolitan Resort Hotel 04 3995000
Beach Bar Dubai Marine Club 04 3461111
Biggles Airport Hotel 04 2823464
Billabong Holiday Inn Hotel 04 2288889
Billy Blues Rydges Plaza Hotel 04 3982272
Boston Jumeira Rotana 04 3455888
Bourbon Bar Arif Castle 04 3933777
Carpenters Hyatt Regency Hotel 04 2091400
Carter?s Pyramids 04 3249601
Cave des Rois Vendome Plaza Hotel 04 2222333
Champions JW Marriott Hotel 04 2624444
Chelsea Arms Sheraton Dubai 04 2071721
Churchill?s City Centre Hotel 04 6038300
Clipper Jebel Ali Hotel 04 8836000
Cricketer?s Ramada Continental Hotel 04 2662666
Cyclone Al Nasr Leisureland 04 3369991
Darts English Pub Princess Flamingo Hotel 04 2635500
Dublin Arms Metropolitan Deira 04 2959171
El Rancho Marco Polo Hotel 04 2720000
Escoba Al Khaleej Palace 04 2231000
Finnegans Dubai Park Hotel 04 3992222
Fox & Hounds Marco Polo Hotel 04 2720000
Garage Club Ramee International 04 2240661
George & Dragon Ambassador Hotel 04 3939444
Hard Rock Caf? Dubai Park Hotel 04 3992888
Harry?s Place Renaissance Hotel 04 2625555
Harvester?s Crowne Plaza Hotel 04 3311111
Henry J Bean?s Capitol Hotel 04 3458350
Hibiki Hyatt Regency Hotel 04 2091234
Humphrey?s WTC Hotel 04 3314000
Irish Village Aviation Club off Al Garhoud Rd 04 2824750
Jet Set Vendome Plaza Hotel 04 2222333
Jules Le M?ridien, Dubai 04 2824040
Kasbar Royal Mirage Hotel 04 3999999
La Moda Music Room Intercontinental Hotel 04 2057333
Laguna Oasis Beach Hotel 04 3994444
Layalina Dubai Metropolitan Hotel 04 3430000
Lindbergh?s Sheraton Deira 04 2688888
Long?s Towers Rotana 04 3438000
Lord?s Jungle Disco Club Lord?s Hotel 04 2289977
Marbles Intercontinental Hotel 04 2057333
Ned Kelly?s Dubai Marine Resort 04 3520900
Odd Spot Al Nasr Leisureland 04 3371234
Offshore Le M?ridien Mina Seyahi 04 3993333
Old Vic Ramada Hotel 04 3519999
Pancho Villas Astoria Hotel 04 3532146
Pearl Bar Le M?ridien Dubai 04 2824040
Piano Lounge Crowne Plaza Hotel 04 2624444
Planet Hollywood off Al-Qataiyat Rd 04 3244777
Planetarium Wafi Centre 04 3240072
Madness Royalton Hotel 04 2229226
Premiere Hyatt Regency Hotel 04 2091333
The Pub Intercontinental Hotel 04 2057333
Red Lion Dubai Metropolitan Hotel 04 3430000
Cibushi Princeton Hotel 04 2827777
Rock Bottom Caf? Regent Palace Hotel 04 3963888
Rumours Ramada Hotel 04 3519999
Satchmo?s Le Royal M?ridien 04 3995555
Savage Garden Capitol Hotel 04 3460111
Scarlett?s Emirates Towers 04 3300000
Seville?s Wafi Centre 04 3247300
Shabestan Intercontinental Hotel 04 2057333
Shahrzad Hyatt Regency Hotel 04 2091234
St Andrews Rydges Plaza Hotel 04 3982222
Tehran by Night St George Hotel 04 2251122
TGI Friday?s Al Bustan Rotana 04 7054610
The Junction Century Hotel 04 3520900
The Office Metropolitan Palace 04 2270000
Tropicana Marine Beach Resort 04 3461111
Viceroy Four Points Sheraton 04 3977444
Vu's Emirates Towers 04 3300000
Uptown Jumeirah Beach Hotel 04 3480000
Up on the Tenth Intercontinental Hotel 04 2057333
Yarba Dubai Park Hotel 04 3992222
Bollywood Cafe 396 3888
Chameleon 324 0072
Cyclone 336 9991
Jimmy Dix 336 8800
Kasbar 399 9999
The Lodge 337 9470
MIX 317 1234
Oxygen 282 0000
The Premiere 209 1333

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