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the latest outing in Europe was Portugal ...the one usually left out whenever Asians take a Europe packaged tour ...probably its too far out to fit into the 11 Day 10 Nights worldwind Europe tour ...well not that I am someone who likes this type of tour ...because I like to enjoy the place slowly ..just sit in the park enjoying the whispering breeze and chirping birds or sit in a cafe watching people ...

must say that the short 6 days trip to Portugal is all worthwhile. Managed to cover Lisbon, Belem , Sintra and Cabo da Roca (most western point of Europe ..uh la la )

Little did I realise that 2009 is also the 500th years after the Portuguese
visited us in Melaka....what a coincidence ...the Portuguese food is unique anc yummy ...I still crave for the yummy bachalau (salted codfish) that apparently have 365 ways of preparing it ...(wow) , fat yummy grilled tuna
and the infamous Portuguese egg tart (or more accurately Belem patistry) ...gonna do up my Portuguese page soon .....after such a long slumber ...

Places visited in 2010

Bangkok - Thailand [Feb]
St Etienne, Lyon -France [May]
Rome, Amalfi Coast, Positano - Italy [May]
The Hague, Amsterdam , Leiden - Holland [June]

Places visited in 2009

Dec 08/Jan 09
the Jogjakarta - Boroudor n Prambanan temple, Indonesia (Netherland)
Paris (France)
the Hague (Netherland) and maybe
Lisbon, Belem & Sintra (Portugal)

Places visited in 2008

- Feb 08 Annecy and Paris (France )
- May 08 Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam & Delft (Netherland)
- June 08 Amsterdam, Hague (Netherland)
- July 08 Siem Reap (Cambodia)

Places visited in 2007

Jan'07 - Switzerland (Geneva & Lausanne )
Jan'07 - France ( Paris )
Jan'07 - Holland (Amsterdam, Noordwijk )
Mar '07 - Qatar ( Doha )

Apr'07 - China (Beijing )
May - June07 - China (Beijing for another 3 weeks lol )
Jul'07 - Australia ( Melbourne,Torquay,Great Ocean Road)
Aug'07 - Thailand ( Phuket, Kata Beach and Mai Khao Beach )
Sept'07 - Russia ( Yuzhno -Sakhalin Island)

Places visited in 2006

Jan'06 - Holland (Hague, Amsterdam )
Jan'06 - France ( Rhone Alps, Le Bessat ,St Etienne Paris )
Jab'06 - Penang ( my hometown for Chinese New Year )
Feb '06 - Australia ( Sydney, Brisbane, )

Mar'06 - Philipines ( Manila )
Apr06 - Malaysia ( Perhentian Island - at last ! Hurray )
May'06 - Australia ( Sydney , Melbourne)
June'06 - U.A. E ( Dubai )
July'06 - Russia ( Moscow)
Aug'06 - Australia ( Perth )
Sept06 - Brunei ( Serai )
Sept06 - New Zealand ( Wellington , New Plymoth, Auckland )
Oct & Nov - Philipines, (Makati City)

City of Renaissance - Firenze?

Places visted in 2005

Feb'05 - Malaysia, Melaka
March'05 -England, London, Teddington
April'05 - Singapore
May'05 - Singapore
June'05 - Australia, Melbourne
July'05 - France, - Provence, Avignon,Lyon and Arles
-July - Spain , Barcelona and Sitges
Aug'05 - Philipines, Manila
Sept - Oman, Muscat
Oct - Philipines, Manila

Palces visited in 2004

Jan'04- Penang, Pulau jerejak
Feb'04 - Indonesia, Bali
Sept'04 - England , London, Canterbury, Cotswold, Cheltenham ),
Sept'04 - France - Paris, St Etienne ,
Sept'04 - Italy - Florence, Pisa , Milan
Oct'04 -Germany - Munich , Fussen , Neuschwanstein
Oct'04 - Czech Republic ,Prague


Poem during penned during my visit to Florence

de renaisance cobble street,
Sparkle when the sun sets
The river glides slowly under bridges ...
Unaware of the bustling human above
The gentle breeze caresses the
tired leaves...
I forget where I am ...
I forget what to do ....
Just standing there ...

- keny

( to take a look at my Florence page ,click here Florence )


I’ve almost gained my heavenly home,
My spirit loudly sings;
The holy ones, behold, they come!
I hear the noise of wings.

- Traditional,
"O Come, Angel Band"



VT members that I have met

1) VT Kado ( in Khobar,Saudi Arabia )
2) VT PehSan ( in Penang, Malaysia )
3) VT Cheekychic ( in Penang, Malaysia
4) VT Kentishgirl ( in Canterbury, England )
5) VT Galbayway ( in London, England )
6) VT Mariocelli ( in Florence, Italy )
7) VT Bkoon (in Cityhall, Singapore )
8) VT Andri ( in Munich , Germany )
9) VT Jenniferchin ( Malaysia )
10) VT Audrey118, ( Malaysia )

11) VTChiabh and Diana ( Malaysia )
12) VT Quero and Sam_I_am ( Malaysia but now Thailand)
13) VT Sam ( Malaysia )
14) VT Suzaila ( Malaysia )
15) VT Jameswtc ( Malaysia )

16) VT Peterkhtan ( Malaysia )
17) VT Ardeni ( Malaysia )
18) VT dragontml ( Malaysia )
19) VT kenboy ( Malaysia )
20) VT i_joo ( Malaysia )

21) VT muddybok ( Malaysia )
22) VT Tattugran ( from Australia )
23) VT city_guy ( KL )
24) VT fashionapple ( from Pakistan ) in KL
25) VT FlyingKiwi ( from NZ ) in KL
26) VT Flying Dolphin ( from malaysia )
27) VT Zender ( from Singapore ) in KL
28) VT mylife ( in Muscat Oman )

29) VT dar76 ( Kuala Lumpur )
30) VT kyee ( from Houston, US )
31) VT Yuridaje ( Kuala Lumpur )
32) VT Stormrider ( Kuala Lumpur )
33) VT P_yenyen ( Kuala Lumpur )
34) VT Kaynisa ( Kuala Lumpur )
35) VT Kaplan ( Kuala Lumpur

( never have I thought someone would asked " Are you VT member kenyneo ?? ...." hahaha . Now thats cool ! )


Where should I go ?

Hmmm...after a busy travelling (or jet-setting lifestyle..some may say ) for almost 3 years ...I can look forward to a more peaceful lifestyle ...hey but that doesnt mean that the travel bug will not tick okay ...perhaps back to good old days where I pick where I wanna go ...and pay for my own food and accomodation ..lol ...I do somehow think that the food taste better when I had to pay for it using my hard earn money..(strange huh :-) .

But having assaulted my taste buds with some of the most unique, incredibly creative and delicious food in restaurants (fine-dining or otherwise), food courts and roadside stalls throughout Asia, Australasia, Middle East and Russia ...I think its time will give my taste bud a temporary rest ....

Dont know where I am going next ..thats why 2008 is still empty ...I will keep that option open for time being ...perhaps I try last minute escapade ....who knows ...and wishing all travellers a safe trip and always use your common sense


Places I wanna go in China

1) Great Wall of China (been there , done that)
2) Hanging Temple (Wu Ma), Yungang Cave, Wooden Pagoda, part of Great Wall in Datong, Shanxi
3) Forbidden City - (been there , done that)
4) Mount Wutai Shan , Mount Tai Shan
5) Great Buddha of Leshan
6) Putou Mountain ( Boddhi Mandala of Boddhisattva Avelokitswara )
7) Yunnan ( Miao ethic )
8) Yellow River
9) Terracotta Warriors in Xian
10) Wudang Mountain
11) Yellow Mountain
12) Maijishan Grotto - Tianshui
13) Jiozhaigou and Huanglong Scenic Spot in Sichuan
14) to be announced soon ....



meaning of a new year

Why Paris is so special to me ...

Whether its the immortalised Eiffel Tower ....or the plain walking around the city..it has some calming effect on me ....it is like a city of art or maybe the art is the city itself ...difficult to distinguish...

My first trip to Paris was in 2004 and I have been blessed with the opportunity to visit the amazing place at least once a year ..so far ..fingers crossed (whenever I am in Europe , i will stop by Paris otherwise I will travel straight to Paris ...lol)

To view my Paris page click here, Paris )

" Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago."

- Warren Buffet


" When you arise in the morning, give thanks for the morning light, for your life and strength. Give thanks for your food, and the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies with yourself. "

- Tecumseh, Shawnee Chief


what is a new year to you ?
and does it mean to me ?

Tide comes and brings away love ones ,
And earth shakes and brings home down ,
Rich people getting drown...
for trying to reach a higher crown
...some banished to the Siberian town,
some crumbles to the ground ...
and some tasted the shackle's sound
for a few zeros at the back of their bank account ...

Life is repetion of history ,
For man never learn from his ancestry ,
It is so boring to see ,
People just thinking about me , me and me ,
Sipping champagne or holding an LV ,
Human desire never cease ,
Going to the moon not for free,
Blinded by passion to be seen,
And now going around the globe for another fee,
People just dont see ,
How money is being abused repeatedly ,
For a man's dream , a nation's passion ...how much can it be ?

Dont forget to say I love thee,
For life is to short to see ,
you or I can just pass in a breeze ,
cherish everyone and do not forget to see
beyond Me , Me and Me ,
what meaning can life be ,
unless we give more than we receive,
forget good karma from your deed ,
forget about a place in heaven instead
for life shines indeed.
when a simple deed is a simple deed

~ Keny (1st Jan 2006)


Neuschwanstein, Germany - Sept 2004

He was madly in love with thee,
With legends and tales of fairy
So passionate soaking in luxury ...
Living in the world of fantasy...
in Wagner's opera only he sees....
dancing with Mario Antoinette gleefully,
The dine with legendary heroes...
in dream castle of this ...
in a dream never that never cease ...

- keny

click here to look at the castle Schloss Neuschwanstein

" A monk asked, “The mountains, the rivers, and the great earth-from where did all of these things come forth?”

Tiantai said, “From where did this question come forth?”

-Zen’s Chinese Heritage


UNESCO's World Heritage sites that I have been

@- Historic Centre of Prague
@ Bank of Seine, Paris
@ Piazza Del Doumo , Pisa
@ Westminster Abbey, St Margaret, Church, London
@ Cantebury Cathedral, St Augustine Abbey & St Martin Church, Canterbury
@ Tower of London
@ Hictoric Centre of Florence

@ Historic Centre of Avignon, France
@ Roman and Romanesques Monuments in Arles
@ The Palau de la Música Catalana and the Hospital de Sant Pau, Barcelona
@ Work of Antoni Gaudi ( including Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell and Casa Batllo etc )
@ Qal'at al-Bahrain Archaeological Site
@Wurzburg Residence - Bavaria , Germany
@ Angkor Wat
@ Penang (Yippie)

Villages of Cotswold, England%c - Sept 2004

Hidden behind the hilly trails of central England,
Covered by the leaves of green and red...of still Middle Ages
Unknown to the modern world
Little cottages here and there...
Never so beautiful ...
Never so breathtaking ....



Some of the hotels that I recommend/dont recommend in some cities that I have been to

Grand Hyatt ( Muscat , Oman )
- Beautiful , By the beach, Middle eastern architecture, Good facility and
excellent Italian restaurant, ( others like Chedi hotel is also cool )

Park Hyatt (Melbourne , Australia)
- hidden, not high rise which I like, spacious and stylist room, huge
triangular bathub that can fit 2 person (lol), good strategic location,good
facilities as well.

Emirates Tower Hotel (Dubai , UAE)
- tallest building in Dubai (now), good view of dubai, cool gym and pool
facility, breakfast good variety, modern unique room, nice lobby

Marina Mandarin ( Singapore)
- newly furbished , flat screen 42 inch tv , nice sand blast bathroom wall,
location good as it is next to Suntec City, but anybody can see you when
you enter your room becoz of the design of the hotel-weird / unique ?

Renaissance-New World (Makati, Manila)
- good location and facilities, chinese restaurant is quite famous ( like Tin
Hau Restaurant in Mandarin Oriental in Makati ), just next to the
Greenbelt and the whole shopping paradise Glorietta , Landmark , SM etc

Mandarin Oriental (Makati, Manila)
- good chinese restaurant Tin Hau and breakfast /dinner restaurant
Paseo Uno, best gym facility with excellent instructor, but location is a bit

Orchidacea Hotel- Phuket
- nice hotel perch on a mild hill with very friendly staff, good view of Kata Beach which is not as touristy as Patong Beach and just 5 minutes walk. Bravo to VT Jenniferchin for recommending this hotel to me.

Phuket Marriots Resort & Spa

- this hotel is quite a pamper in Phuket, very classy and nicely furnished room, a huge area occupied by the hotel along Mai Khao Beach which is one of the least touristy beach in Phuket. So if you want a nice deserted beach, this is the place ...spoil yourself with the luxurious Mandara Spa or soak in their Tranquility pool or Blue pool over looking the Andaman Sea...or join one of their activities ( everyday ) like Muay Thai Boxing, Yoga, Batik Painting, and many activities for the kids as well.

" For the one who has no inner, angry thoughts,
Who has gone past being a someone, a this or a that,
That one is free from fear and is blissful.
Even the gods cannot win such serenity."

-Udana Sutta


Prague , Czech Republic - Oct 2004

Untouched by war,
Perfected by artist,
Linger with history ,
So rich with culture
So overwhelmed by intricate sculptures,
In even the most common house,
Lavish with colours,
Spoilt by the mediaval essence,
Drowning in de Bohemian beauty


" Prayer is not asking for what you think you want, but asking to be changed in ways you can't imagine.

- Kathleen Norris"


Bali , Indonesia -Feb 2004

....its a land of purity and mystic ...land of devotion and belief...the presence of more than 10,000 Hindu temples on this tiny island in Indonesia .... the land where religious festivals is an everyday affair ....dont miss my Bali page if you wanna see its magic, its purity and its beauty ...the Land of Gods ...

( see my batik shirt which is as old as me ? )

click here Bali to see the beautiful isle of Bali

Because we all share this planet earth, we have to learn to live in harmony and peace with each other and with nature. This is not just a dream, but a necessity. "

-His Holiness the Dalai Lama
From "The Pocket Dalai Lama


Recommended restaurant


Al Nafoorah ( Emirates Tower Hotel, Dubai ) - Lebanese

Rib Room ( Emirates Tower Hotel Dubai ) - fusion

The Point ( Albert park, Melbourne ) - Italian , French (http://www.thepointalbertpark.com.au/)

Radii (Park Hyatt, Melbourne ) - Modern European(http://www.radiirestaurant.com.au/)

Mecca ( Southbank, Melbourne ) - Fusion

Halo (Perth) - Fusion/French (http://www.halocafe.com.au/3.html)

La Mer ( French Restaurant - Ritz Cartlton Doha )
Porcini ( Italian Restaurant - Ritz Carlton Doha )

Kai Restaurant ( neo Japanese) Manila- best restaurant by Phil Tatler
Mezze Resataurant ( Italian-Spanish) Manila- best restaurant by Phil Tatler

Pushkin Restaurant (Moscow)


Summer Palace (China World Hotel)
South Beauty ( Sichuan cuisine)


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