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irishgalmtl's Profile Photo
irishgalmtl Apr 11, 2007 at 10:03 PM

Greetings from Montreal, wishing you many blessings on your special day and always, ♫♫ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! ♫♫ CHEERS! ♫♫ Donna :)

planxty's Profile Photo
planxty Apr 12, 2005 at 4:28 PM

Birthday greetings from London, Dee. Have a great time. fergy.

NC_Ziggy's Profile Photo
NC_Ziggy Apr 11, 2005 at 6:33 PM

Hi Dee! Hope you have a Happy Happy Birthday and the coming year will be your Best Ever! Greetings & Best Wishes from North Carolina! ;-)

AmazingAdventures's Profile Photo
AmazingAdventures Apr 11, 2005 at 6:06 PM

Happy Birthday Smiles from Sydney, Australia !!!!!

siaki68's Profile Photo
siaki68 Jan 30, 2005 at 1:55 PM

Hello! Pleased to read that you liked Nafplio! You should come again!:-)

deecat's Profile Photo
deecat Nov 2, 2004 at 10:46 AM

What a spectacular intro photograph. Quite a nice HP. It's obvious that you are positive, enthusiastic, and downright "nice". I really liked Chattanooga when I visited.

harirasik's Profile Photo
harirasik Aug 27, 2004 at 1:06 AM

Hello, it was good to go through your home page, I sends you greetings from Nepal

chrissyalex's Profile Photo
chrissyalex Aug 15, 2004 at 3:49 PM

Thanks for stopping my homepage. Santorini was my favorite too! Couldn't believe how beautiful it was.BTW Your city looks very nice! :-)

Joan40's Profile Photo
Joan40 Jun 23, 2004 at 3:09 PM

Hello Dee, your home pages are great! Your home town is a lot prettier than mine, what a nice place to live.

dsantosh May 17, 2004 at 11:39 PM

Nice home page and phtographs.