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Turkey is not only friendly, it's as safe as Europe and North America--perhaps safer.

Even though Turkey is relatively safe, the only crime-free place is heaven, so here are things to watch: CLICK and as usual .. Beware of bag snatchers on motorbike pillions. Carry your bag on the side away from the roadway. Don’t carry a lot of money in your bag, and never your passport. Use a body belt or chest bag strung around your neck. Don’t leave your bags in a vehicle unless you are very sure that the driver is reliable and that the vehicle can be securely locked – not just locked. To have your bags stolen with all of your documentation in them must be a traveller’s greatest nightmare, and it happens not only in Izmir but in Sydney and London and New York and -


Former Smyrna, capital of the Aegean region and also called the Pearl of Aegean, is considered by the Turks as the most beautiful and most modern city of the country. Izmir is also the third biggest city and second biggest commercial harbor and counts about 3 million inhabitants. In 2000 Izmir celebrated its 5000 years existence.


Three of the "Seven Churches" which were mentioned in Bible are in Izmir.
One of the Seven Wonders of the antiquity, Temple of Artemis is at Ephesus.
The symbol of the ancient city of Izmir was a lion's head.
Parchment paper was first invented in Pergamon.
Phokaians established colonies in the western Mediterranean such as "Velia" in Italy, "Ampurias" in Spain and "Marseilles" in France.
The earliest temple dedicated to the goddess Athena was constructed in Izmir.
Izmir was mentioned by famous historian Heredos as" the city under the most sublime blue sky and on the remarkable climate".
Alexander the Great was told by Aristo, the philosopher like the following " If you do not see Smyrna you remain lacking".
The first church dedicated to Virgin Mary was built at Ephesus
Virgin Mary's House where she spent her last days is in Selçuk
St. John wrote the Bible at Ephesus and died there.
On his 3rd missionary journey St. Paul preached at Ephesus Theatre.
Cleopatra spent the winter of the year 188 in Ephesus together with Antonius.
French poet Lamartine, French authors Chateubriand, Theophile Gautier, and Gustave Flaubert visited Izmir.
Pope Paul VI and Pope John II visited the Virgin Mary's House in 1967 and 1979 respectively.
Famous singer Dario Moreno lived in Izmir.


Izmir is a fascinating city, Turkeys third largest and second most important port. It is a modern city backed by mountains and set on a fantastic coastline. It is an ideal base from which to travel to ancient sites as well as coastal resorts.
Archaelogy museum.
This museum contains some excellent exhibits and artefacts from the reigon.Many finds from the Ephesus ans Aphrodisisas can be viewed here. There are sculptures from the Hellenistic period as well as from Classical times. Roman busts and freizes from Miletus are also in this museum. This is a real must see for those of you who are interested in Turkeys ancient art and History.
Clock Tower
This has become something of a landmark in Izmir. This picturesque clock tower was built in 1901 and stands at 25 metres high. The clock was a gift from Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany.
Ethology Museum
This museum has fully furbished rooms from the Ottoman period. You will see the luxuriant lifestyles that they led by the Ottoman Sultans.
Kultur Park.
This open space was created specifically for leisure and entertainments. Opera is performed here as well as housing a Zoo and Luna park with rides, it has excellent dining and entertainment opportunities. The famous International fair is held here.
This is Izmirs most magnificent Mosque. Yakup Bey built the Mosque in 1952. Eight piers support the large dome of the Mosque. The Niche and Pulpit are highly decorated.
This is in central Izmir, in the district of Namazgah, the Agora is 120x 80 m in area and will give you a real insight of a Roman Bazaar. Ýt was built by Alexander the Great and destroyed by an earthquake in 178AD. Much of the Agora can still be seen as Marcus Aurelius rebuilt it after the Earthquake. Vaulted chambers, Corinthian colonnades can still be seen. There are also three statues here, Poseidon, Demetor, and half of Artemis now on exhibit at The Archaeological Museum.
Agamemnon Thermal Srings.
These are located approximately 15 km from the city centre. These springs that are also known as Balcova Thermal Springs offer excellent opportunities for theraputic treatment. This may have been the first hydrotherapy centre in the world , the waters are 63 dgerees centigrade.
Bird Paradise
This is an eight-hectare Bird Sanctuary on the outskirts of the city. Here there are many species of Bird.
Kadifekale- Velvet Castle
This castle is 2000years old and was built by the Byzantines and Ottomans. It is located on Mount Pagos, a trip to the top of the castle will take around twenty minutes. Once at the top you will be afforded with fantastic views of the city.


Do see the movie Gallipoli, starring Australian Mel Gibson, for background on the terrible battle on Turkish soil.

The simplest way to get rid of pestering salesmen and coastal Romeos requires no language skills at all—just tilt your head back quickly, close your eyes and lift your eyebrows. It isn't rude—it just means "not interested" and works like a charm.

In the certain part of the country, you may have to dress conservatively , if you're a woman traveling alone in Turkey.

Do not back away from a price you've offered when bargaining—its considered extremely rude not to buy something after stating or accepting a price. Do bargain hard. If you are trying to buy a rug, you should offer 50%-60% of the asking price.

Do be on time for appointments.

Do remove shoes before entering mosques and observe a respectful silence. Wear clothing that covers your legs and upper arms (which means no shorts or sleeveless shirts). Women should carry scarves to cover their heads.


Turks accept Turkish Kitchen as 3. great one in the world. I haven't seen any tourist dissapointed till now. RAKI is Turk's ; Whisky, Sake, Ouzo,Meakong.. it's 40-45pc alchole...you add water in it then becomes white ( That's why, Turks called it * Lion's Milk * ), drink RAKI but pls, eat mezes and drink extra water... no need to have head-ache the day after.( If it happens take an asphine* * if not allergic to Asphirine ** , before you go to sleep with some water. ) Taste ..Döner Kebab..meat slides .. nice !

My humble tips & links...

I advise you to go to Cesme ( nice beaches and thermal pools )and Alacati ( Don't miss Baba Restaurant there..)very close to Cesme for Windsurf. By highway.. in 40 minutes you arrive to Cesme ! AND...don't leave Turkey without having a " Turkish Bath " experience. At Izmir, visit Kemeralti baazar and take Ferry to Karsiyaka to have a nice diner. Don't miss also the Teleferik( Balcova)... with nice bay view + lunch. If you need extra energy... ask for a MANTI.

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