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The Important Things in Life

Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there, to serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson, or to help you figure out who you are or who you want to become.

You never know who these people may be - a roommate, a neighbor, a professor, a friend, a lover, or even a complete stranger - but when you lock eyes with them, you know
at that very moment they will affect your
life in some profound way.

Sometimes things happen to you that may seem horrible, painful, and unfair at first, but in reflection you find that without overcoming those obstacles you would have never realized your potential, strength, willpower, or heart.

Illness, injury, love, lost moments of true greatness, and sheer stupidity all occur to test the limits of your soul. Without these small tests, whatever they may be, life would be like a smoothly paved straight flat road to nowhere. It would be safe and comfortable, but dull and utterly pointless.

The people you meet who affect your life, and the success and downfalls you experience, help to create who you are and who you become. Even the bad experiences can be learned from. In fact, they are sometimes the
most important ones.

If someone loves you, give love back to them in whatever
way you can, not only because they love you, but because
in a way, they are teaching you to love and how to open
your heart and eyes to things.

If someone hurts you, betrays you, or breaks your heart, forgive them, for they have helped you learn about trust and the importance of being cautious to whom you open your heart.

Make every day count. Appreciate every moment and take from those moments everything that you possibly can for
you may never be able to experience it again. Talk to
people that you have never talked to before, and listen to what they have to say.

Let yourself fall in love, break free, and set your sights high. Hold your head up because you have every right to. Tell yourself you are a great individual and believe in yourself, for if you don't believe in yourself, it will be
hard for others to believe in you.

You can make anything you wish of your life. Create your own life and then go out and live it with absolutely
no regrets. And if you love someone tell them, for you never know what tomorrow may have in store.

some important phrases of hindi language

Greetings :

Hello : Namaste
How are you? : Aap Kaise Hai ?
I am fine : Hum theek hai
See you later : Phir milenge
Where are you going ? : Aap kaha ja rahe hai?
Whats Your name? : Aap ka naam kya hai?
Thank you - shukriya or Dhanyavaad


Monday - Somwar
Tuesday - Mangalwar
Wednesday - Budhwar
Thursday - Guruwar
Friday - Shukrwar
Saturday - Shaniwar
Sunday - Ravivar


1- Ek
2 - Do
3- Tin
4- Chaar
5 - Panch
6- Che
7- Saat
8- Anth
9- Nau
10- Dus
20- Bees
30- Tees
40- Chalis
50- Panchas
70- Sutter
80- Assi
90- Nabbe
100- Sau
500- Panch Sau
1000 - Ek hazar


Black - kala
White - safed
Red - Lal
Yellow - Peela
Blue - Neela

yes and no

Yes - haan
no - Nahi
never mind - koi baat nahi
i dont want - muze nahi chahiye
i want it - muze chahiye
i like it - muze accha laga
i dont like ti - muze accha nahi laga
i dont understand - muze samazme nahi aya
i cant speak hindi - main hindi nahi bol sakta


where is ....... : - .......... kaha hai
how much - kitne me diya
That is too expensive - Yeh bahut mehnga hai
Can i try it - Ise main dekh sakta hoon
Make it less - Kuch kam karo
What is the last price - Iska akhari daam kya hai

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