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I traveled since I was 6 with my family all over Italy and Europe, I traveled for 20 years alone or with friends or partners....now I want to continue to discover tha beauty of the world, peoples, culture, languages, cuisine,....with my two loves...Nina and Lorenzo...and we do it!
I think we have to grow up our baby traveling in a good way, to learn them the difference there are in the world, not only watching tv or reading book, but touching the reality since they are little, so they can recognize immediately the big opportunity they had to grow in their country, without war, with food, water, love and a lot of opportunities!

Nina love to travel, she is couriose and at from 3 years old she was able to recognize places she visit, only having a look to a pics or earing the name of a place.....When I was pregnant I was a little bit scared to miss all my discovering travels where we decided day by day where to stop or to leave.....but now it's the same, we did only the first reservation for the arrival day and after we run with a little car 'reading' the traditional oral 'guide', asking to the local the best places, restaurants and more!!!
This last time with Nina, we flight to Sicily from Bologna and we rent a car in Catania, but Nina like to travel too with our van, Wolksvagen Transporter, ready to camp or to pic nic in front of Pisa tower or on a mervellouse greek beach!
Aug 2012 Conero Coast and Numana - Marche - Italy
July 2012 Talamone for Kitesurfing again - Tuscany - Italy
June 2012 Paris again, with Nina! - France
April 2012 - Catania, Etna and Nebrodi mountai, Patti and north East coast - Sicicly - Italy
Feb 2012 Sky in Belluno Alps area - Veneto - Italy
Jen 2012 Montegrotto e Abano Terme e Venezia - Italy
%Dec 2011 rRo de Janeiro - Brazil%s*
Sept 2011 Peloponeso and Elafonissos Island - Greece
July 2011 Rio de Janeiro - Brasil back in my loved Brasil to discover in 4 days the capital of Samba......Brasil is Brasil ever!
June 2011 Tropea again- Calabria - Italy
Easter 2011 Licata, Agrigento, Porto Empedocle - Sicily - Italy
great landscape and seaside, nice b&b on the beach, nice food and nice people...Sicily is in our heart ever!

Sept 2010 Costa del Sulcis Iglesiente - Sardinia - Italy
15 days in one of the more preserved area in SArdenia, where you can find some of the best beaches in the world, sourraunded by a mervellouse nature (Flamingos, aironi, a lot fishes) and old traditions,
Porto Pino beaches is incredible, with withe send dunes and a perfect mistral wind to do the best kite surf!!!!!
From Nebida to Chia, passing to San Pietro and Sant'Antico...don't miss this region now, before the mass tourism arrive there!

August 2010 Riviera romagnola - Italy
4 + 4 days in the Romagna Riviera only with Nina: not the best see, but a lot of fun for my little 'girl' shopping in Riccione, do naturism in Lido di Dante and eating PIADINA all day!

July 2010 Talamone - Tuscany - Italy 5 days aganin in the Maremma to do KIte surf, live the countryside and drink and by wine!

June 2010 Tropea -Itay Back in Calabria for 5 days to enjoy the cristal water of Tropea and the wonderfull food!

May 2010 Belgium - Brussells Back in Brussel for 4 days of fun with Zinneke parade friends!

April 2010 Italy - Val di Noto, RAgusa, Scicli, Modica, Siracusa and the coast - Sicily!A week to explore this incredible area, full of baroque sites and wonderfull beaches to take the first spring hot sun with Lorenzo e Nina

24-25 December 2009 USA - New York City!%s
Only 2 days in Ny again with Lore, cold but sunny days witha perfect light due to the snow! I love it!

November 2009 Italy - Palermo - Sicily!
4 days to explore again this loved city, their peole and the fantastic food!

September 2009 Italy - Isole Eolie - Sicily! (with Nina)
15 days to spent on the less known of the Eolian Islands: Alicudi, Filicudi and Salina with our littel traveller Nina

August 2009 Italy - Pineto - Abruzzo! (with Nina)

July 2009 Italy - Riccione again! (with Nina and grandparents)

June 2009 Italy - Talamone and Maremma natural Park - Tuscany! (with Nina)

May 2009 Spain - Formentera - Baleari Islands!
A return to a fantastic island for the marriage of a friend, Serena.
This is the island of the blue clear water, doing naturis on the beach, listening to good balearic lounge music to the sunset with a bear, .......

Easter 2009 Brasil - Camburì
Again in Brasil following my partner in your cabin attendand work...a good occasion for some days alone again!

2008/2009 Brasil - Camburì New years eve!
3 days to have again the scent of Brasil in my mouth, nose and skin....!

Sept 2008 - Calabria - Italy (with Nina)
My long vacation with the van in Calabria, 10 days in Tropea, a white house 10 meters from the mervellouse sea. Perfect location to discover this area, like costa Viola, Capo Vaticano, Serra San Bruno and the Aspromonte. After we moved to the Ionaian coast to spend the last days in Soverato, Capo Rizzuto marin area, Crotone.....

August 2008 - Sao Paolo do Brasil
In Brasil again! Sao Paolo is a very big city and it isen't the Brasil that I love more, but I had the possibility to come back after 3 year.........very cold in comparison at the hot Bolonga summer, but I eat acaì na tigela, pao de quejo, moqueca, farofa con galina caipira, big vitaminas...I danced samba for hours, and I had the opportunity to speak a little bit of brasilian again.....saudade, saudade, saudade!!!!!!!!!!

July 2008 - Talamone - Tuscany - Italy (with Nina)
6 day sea and country vacation where Nina can enjoy the beach, swimming, sleep in the ammoch, run with the dog and cat in the Agriturismo in the countryside while mummy sunbathing and dad play kite surf!
May 2008 - Belgium- Brussels
Little 4day trip without Nina..only me and Loenzo to come back in our loved Brussels ( last time I was 3 month pregnant)....here again for Zinneke Parade
April 2008 - Miami - USA
3 days back to Florida to do shopping and to do watching people of the spring break 2008

Febbruary 2008 - United Arab Emirates - Fujairah (with Nina)
We came backin Eau after first trip in 2004, in particular Fujairah: we know the region, we'd like simply accomodation, but in Eau it's difficult to find it, so for the first Nina overseas big travel we choose to stay in a 3 star hotel on the beach that we know well...the perfect location for a sand and see week Snoopy island in front of the private beach, where u can do snorkeling, 5 steps from to the beach from our veranda, a big room, and a family atmosphere.Nina spent all the time 'eating' sand, swimming in the sea or in the pool or running behind the cats of the hotel......
A good vacation, the unique bad things is that we have seen too much changes in this area, to much explotation of this marine park where there's no more free beaches, only big resort or luxury hotel: big change in only 5 years!
Sept/Oct 2007 - Lefkada island - Ionian island Greece - after 10 days in south Italy we tooked a ferry to Igoumenitsa and after a 100 km trip we where in Lefkada island, connected to the mainland witha boat bridge - the wheter was perfect and the place gougeouse, not to much people, a gentle warm sun and a perfect blue sea, like a big swimming pool - in one week we have done a big round trip of the island and ot the green mountain in the middle!

September 2007 - Salento (Puglia - Italy) round trip with our van and Nina!

May 2007 - Nina is 5 month's old and in this short time our family had only few time to travel, like little trips in Lorenzo town, Ferrara, and a easter one day trip in Bosco Mesola to eat local fish...and the 14th april we had the first trip in Ravenna to know....the sea water sensation! the little feet in the sand and water!
Next week end we will go to Bassona beach, a naturist beach in a regional Natural park, near Ravenna.....

5 dec 2006 - A new Vters is here! Nina borned 5th dec 2006 and she did is first trip in

March 2006 in Dolomiti mountains in Italy with the mom, daddy and the 2 grand mothers!

March 2006 - Nina is my new 'travel'.....after my last Venezuela trip I discovered that a new life was in me!
I'm not sure of where my daughter has been conceived: some days before leaving Italy to Venezuela Kayos ( conceived thinking the 'relax') or on Cayo Sombrero where we spent some 'Robinson Crusoe' days with our tent in March 2006!

Dec 2006 I had a dream, to give birth in the water and I was prepared for this possibility that the hospital of Bentivoglio (Bo) offers me. Unfortunately ten days before the due date of Nina I have had a serious problem of high pressure of the blood that he has forced to me to enter in hospital before the right day….after 3 days of medicines, we have had to decide for the 'parto cesareo' (...........) because Nina could have some problems! Nina now is here, she is healthy and strong, with a voice like liric songer and a beautiful character… I am still under pills, but slowly I am resuming myself from the operation and the high pressure. Papàe Lorenzo whom he wanted to participate to the birth, is helping a lot and now we can say to be a truly family.

Nina pics

In May 2006 we had the second 'togheter' trip in Brussels to partecipate to Zinneke Parade, dancing with our italian rapresentative group!
In summer 2006 we hade some long. long week end in Tuscany, between Rosignano Solvay, Talamone to do kite surf sleeping in our van!
The last travel with Lorenzo and my future baby (Nene) was in the Egean Islands, Greece. We spent 3 week discovering some simply and unspoiled island like Astipalea or Aghatonissi and Patmos, known for the monastery and the Apocalips book, and Leros ( too much builded for us).

Have a look to my Chichiriviche

& Caracas tips

I live in Italy, and traveling is in my heart.
I started with my parents in 1970 when I was 5 years old, every summer in the south of Italy and in the winter in the north to enjoy the snow and the winter sports.
In the 80ies we started to travel in Europe for holidays and for the family sport, baseball....an unusual sport in Italy....when I was 17 years old I started to travel in Europe alone and after in the world too....and every time I have some free days I try to explore another city or locations everywhere:
Everytime I can I take a plane or motorcycle to try to know other countrys, peoples and cultures.
The travel is not only the occasion to see beautifull place, take pictures and stay in luxury hotels(no money, better in family place), but the way to meet people, family and opening mind situations.
I love to excange my travel experiences, get info about hotel ,good food and local receipts, places to go without people cloose to the nature and the quiet.
I'd like to create some pages about my last trip like Brasil or Greece and try to make some tips on my old trips like Sardinia, Europe, Turkey, Morocco,.....I leave some pictures about last travels!
write me if u have the same travel way of life!


My love is the traditional reflex, I love slides, I have a tower made of slides boxes, aprox 1000 slides and 400 pics,
I love traditional pics and slides, but I tried digital camera....not the same but more easy and u can do towsend of pics without loose a lot of money...but the results have not the same flave, colours and quality......I had a magnificent Fuji S7000, unfortunately the last summer some thiefs taken it from my home....now I have a little Olympus, perfect for easy and quick pics...as I have to do with my hurricane Nina! This camera can 'jump' from a table, take sun in the sand and....take pics under water!
Sometime I take my old reflex for best quality pics!


The motorcycle is one of the best way to explore off road trips, away from tourist roundtrip, stopping in caf? talking with country people.
I had motorcycle travel in Malta (Bologna-Malta), Turkey, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Marocco and all around Italy.

Motorcycle travel:
South France
Spain - Formentera/Ibiza
Fossacesia (Italy)
and...all around Italy!

In summer 2005 I bought a Volkswagen Transporter, a big van to put all the things on and travel like gipsys: the motorbike on with the kite surf, goggles, fins, wins, camping stuff,...
When we find some good place we stop the van (if it possible near the sea), we take the motorbike to ride around and we sleep on our big gipsy bed! Now with Nina is perfect to take with us EVERITHING!

Travel in 2009

Brasil - Camburì - Estado de San Paolo - New years eve 08/09
Padola - Dolomiti Mountain Italy Jenn and March 09
Brasil - Boucuganca - Estado de San Paolo - March 09
Talamone - Tuscany - Italy June 09
Riccione - Emilia Romagna - Italy July 09
Pineto - Abruzzo - Italy August 09
Eolie Island - Sicily - Italy Sept 09
Palermo - Sicily - Italy Nov 09
New York - USA - Dec 09

Travel in 2008

Tropea Calabria - Italy sept 2008
Sao Paolo do Brasil - August 2008
Talamone Tuscany - Italy july 2008
Bruselles - Belgium May 2008
Miami - Usa March 2008
United Arab Emirates - Fujairah febbruary 2008 (with Nina)

Travel in 2007

Lefkada Island Greece september 2007( with Nina)
Salento region (Puglia - Italy) september 2007 (with Nina)
Padola Val comelico - Italy in to the mountain to sky Febbruary 2007(with Nina)

Travel in 2006

Egean Islands (Astipalea, Leros, Patmos, Aghatonissi), Greece Sept/Oct 06
Bruxelles May
Parque National Morrocoy, March/April ChichirivicheVenezuela
Dolomiti Italian Alps Genuary
Cervinia Italian Alps February
Valle D'AostaFebbruary

Travel in 2005

Accra (Ghana) Jennuary
Bahia State ( Brasil) Febbruary
Cervinia-Zermatt ( Alps) March
Sicilia (Italia) April
Rosignano (Italy) July and August
Mumbay (India) May - September
Dheli (India) August
Sicily (Italy) September and October
Reggio Calabria Italy November
Dubai United Arab Emirates December

Travel in 2004

Accra ( Ghana)
NorthEst Brasil Febbruary
Sicily I(taly) April
Fossacesia (August)
North Est Brasil ( September)
United Arab Emirates (December)

But on motor bike cannot stay my Cats.....I tryed to put them an helmet and a pair of sunglusses, but they are so lazy that they wait us at home!!!
A big kiss to all the nice animals I found on the road in the world, lucky and unlucky...I'd like to bring all them home but it's impossible....

In the last 12 years a travel isn't good if I can do it with Lorenzo, the man that find the undiscoverd part of my soul, so near and so indipendent. Lorenzo love to travel like me, but I work for the travel of the others!...he is a cabin attendant in Alitalia Airline, so sometimes he don't like to take plane but we prefer motorbike: we have 2 motorbike but only one way to see the world and to love it!
Day by day...I'd like to return in Brasil to work with my little big friends....the childrens!
With my love...Lorenzo....and Nina now!!!!!

And now with our little Nina!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brasil is another dream...I've been several times in the nord este....I'd like to live there to do a social work for the children....the life is more simply and if u want u can live in perfect combination with the nature....I'd try to do it, but now with my baby it's a little bit more difficult!

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