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Vaxholm Citadell

History of Vaxholm fortress

Old VaxholmThe strategic importance of this place was understood long ago. There is the shipping root, leading to the Swedish capital of Stockholm, is divided into two branches. A broad and deep Oksdupet channel was dammed by rocks in 1548. Stone-and-wooden gun blockhouse was built on a rocky island in the middle of the Strait back in 1510 under the regent Svante Sturre Jr. rule.

In the 1544 Riksdag made a decision about the construction of permanent fortifications, and in 1548 works begun. King of Sweden at the time was notorious Gustav Vasa. By 1560 Vaxholm presented itself as the three-stores stone tower, surrounded by earthen defence works In peacetime, the fortress was carrying on watch duty, also there was a customs post, and quarantine roadstead.
Vaxholm's Citadel
Vaxholm's Citadel

Peacetime did not last long. In 1598, warships of the Polish King Sigismund with three thousand troops tried to follow to Stockholm, but were stopped by artillery fire from the fortress and forced to got away. In 1612 the Danish fleet with eight thousand troopers decided to tempt the fate, but was forced to retire after a fierce artillery duel with Vaxholm's Citadel. Exceedingly great was the joy in Stockholm city.

In the 17 AD during so-called "Era of greatness" eastern borders of the Kingdom of Sweden went far into the Ingrian marshes and defence value of Vaxholm fortress became insignificant, however some of the fortification works were made. New redoubt at Oksdupet channel was built, earthworks of Vaxholm was rebuilt to pentagonal bastion front and dressed by stone.

Source: www.nortfort.ru

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