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Yorkshire v Surrey

Hi everyone. Welcome to the Mappley and Muttley Homepage. Mappley - because that's who we are - and Muttley because of our obsession with a small furry cartoon character who chases pigeons and likes to wear medals!

Steve and I live in Carshalton, which is kind of just outside London. Steve was born in Carshalton but I am from God's Own County - otherwise known as Yorkshire - home to the best county cricket team in the world (My husband would argue that Surrey are the better team but he's not writing this!). Steve and I were married on 31st August 2002 and here is a picture of us outside Rylstone Church in the Yorkshire Dales.

As for the Muttleys, well, we have 9 of them - Big, Small, Baby, Furry, Happy, Shiny, Yokel, Snow and Plush, and, yes, they do sometimes accompany us on our travels.

About two years ago, when we first went to Prague, Small Muttley was 'smuggled' into my luggage by Steve, just for a laugh, and we took various photos of him in and around the city. What started as a joke quickly became an obsession and since then at least one of the Muttley's has to come with us wherever we go (except for Sri Lanka, too hot for Muttley's) and have their presence recorded on camera preferably by or near some well-known monument. It is our ambition to get a photo of a Muttley standing next to one of the Easter Island statues!

If you are not yet convinced of how strange all this is then my travelogue "Muttley's on Tour" includes some of our Muttley photo's.(I dread to think what psychologists would make of this but, yes, I suspect they are substitute children and/or pets).


Haven't got round to editing all our travel pages yet so I thought I'd do a brief travelogue to show where we have been. So, in no particular order, we have visited.

ISTANBUL - Istanbul has a very special place in my heart as it was the first place I visited as a single traveller.
BANGKOK - Sensory overload. A fascinating city
PRAGUE - Wonderful architecture, fantastic views and cosy bars. We have been five times and would always go back.
TALLINN - Gorgeous under a carpet of snow the Old Town draws you in with its mix of Medieval architecture, excellent restaurants and great bars.
LAS VEGAS - Wow! Loved it! As the song goes it "set our souls on fire"!
EGYPT - Both Steve and I had always wanted to see the Pyramids and once there it was simply stunning. One of many highlights in an amazing country.
SRI LANKA - we chose Sri Lanka as our honeymoon destination and it didn't disappoint. A beautiful and magical country.
BEIJING - China was a real culture shock. Fascinating.
AMSTERDAM - a great atmosphere and a great place to relax. We got engaged here!
BRUGES - the word 'charming' could have been invented for this beautiful city
KRAKOW - steeped in culture and history. A wonderful city. Great vodka too!
WARSAW - a fascinating city imbued with a spirit of fortitude and regeneration.
GDANSK - a sense of history and hope. We loved it.
BARCELONA - a mixture of architecture, culture, shopping, tapas, nightlife and a few glasses of rioja. Wonderful
LJUBLJANA - small, intimate and picturesque. Sit by the river under the shade of a willow tree and reee-lax
COPENHAGEN - three days of torrential rain couldn't dull the attraction of this city.
NEW YORK - everything we expected and so much more
NASHVILLE - Fantastic! I was a Country Music convert after visiting here.
MEMPHIS - Sun Studios, Graceland, Beale Street. Elvis-tastic

My Philosophy of Celebration

One of the gretest delights of travelling is being able to experience different cultures. Some of my happiest memories are oftalking to people about their lives, customs, religion and culture.

In Sri Lanka we were intoduced to Buddhist philosophy , in Egypt we sat on the floor of the Mohommed Ali Mosque and listened as our guide speak about what the Islamic religion and being a Muslim meant to him and in China we heard about daily life in Beijing.

The more we learn about each other, the more we appreciate each others way of living and way of worshipping, the more we try to understand each other the closer, I feel, we will come to living in a peaceful co-existance. Celebrate our diversity, celebrate our diferences but also celebrate our similarities.

Learn and understand.


I find it both somehow strange but exciting to visit places that I already feel that I am familiar with either through films or books or just because they are so well known. I

I mean places such as the Great Wall of China, the Pyramids and New York. Places I have always had an ambition to see but never quite believed that I would actually get to go to. However much you read about them , however familiar you are with them nothing really prepares you for, say, standing on the Great Wall of China, going up in the lift of the Empire State Building or touching the stones in the Great Pyramid.

I always find it quite an emotional experience and very humbling. A reminder of the diverse history and culture of this world which, in some small way, we can appreciate, enjoy, understand and participate in.

He's Here

Mr. Kippers arrived at his new house on 31st May 2005, travelling down from Yorkshire. He enjoys exploring outside and I expect he will be setting up his own VT page about the back garden - and beyond - very soon!

Currently his favouries places are;-

1. Underneath the bed - lots of dust, forgotton magazines and stray tissues to play with
2. Behind the television - a jungle of cables to be negotiated but NOT chewed
3. Mrs. Mappley's hair - a good place to make a den
4. The tree in the back garden. Getting up into the branches is easy, getting back down onto the ground a little more problamatic!
5. The window ledge - lots of things to knock off
6 The top of his scratching post - onto which he clings while swating flys like King Kong on the the top of the Empire State Building.
with the aeroplanes
7. Inside or on top of any place where he shouldn't really be i.e. dishwasher, washing machine. computer keyboard.
8. Next doors garden - the cat equivilent of the Amazon jungle!
9. On the roof above the kitchen - the bathroom window is like aniother huge cat-flap!

Things Mr. Kippers likes, in no particular order:-

1. Eating (especially grass)
2. Chewing and/or chasing feet, both with and without socks
3. Watching the drawer of the DVD player being pushed in and out (fascinating)
4. Sleeping
5. Dr Who - especially the theme music
6. Purring
7. Bits of string
8. Empty cardboard boxes
9. Chasing imaginary birds
10. Dreaming about mice with wings!

Mr. Kippers likes Muttleys! Actually Mr. Kippers likes biting Muttleys!

Things Mr. Kippers does not like:-

1. The big black cat from down the road
2. Our Dyson carpet cleaner (mind you I'm not keen on that too - or using it at least)
3. Being groomed
4. People sitting on his chair (that means, of course, every chair in the house because as soon as you want to sit there so does he)

Beer, Beer, Beer!

Ah! Beer! Now Steve and I aren't exactly connoisseurs we are not even educated amateurs we are, however, quite enthusiastic drinkers!

We do like - in my husband’s phrase - to "earn our beers". Earning one's beer usually involves a good sightseeing walk interspersed by visits to, say, a couple of churches, a museum or, in some instances, a prolonged bout of retail therapy! In fact contemplation of whether we have in fact "earned our beers” is now part of our holiday routine. We emerge, for instance, from a couple of hours at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, check the time ..

(We rarely imbibe before midday unless we are
a. On a Stag/Hen Party
b. A major football match has to be watched necessitating finding a bar that is showing it on TV,
c. We have just reached our destination after a 12-hour flight and are still working on UK time!)

.. then debate whether we have yet earned our beers or should walk at least to Prinsengracht or beyond before finding a nice canal side bar and ordering a large Amstel or other!

Wherever we go we try to find a local bar where we can sample some of the local beer. Favourites include Gambrinus, Kozel and Radegast in Prague, Zywiec in Poland, Le Coq and Saku in Tallinn - as well as the Beer House's 3 brews - Chang and Singha in Bangkok, Folly, Black Sheep and Copper Dragon in the Yorkshire Dales, Lion and Three Coins in Sri Lanka and as for Bruges and Belgian Beers, well, with 700 to chose from and about 25 sampled I wouldn’t know where to start!

"Luck Be a Lady"

A dozen things I would do if I won the Lottery (after leaving work, house buying, giving money to family and friends etc.. and holidaying quite a bit)

Not say "It won't change me". I jolly well hope it will and if it doesn't I'll want to know why?! I want to go places, achieve things, help people, use the money as a catalyst to further my experience. I am always trying to change myself - for the better hopefully - and the influx of a few million quid, would, I hope, aid me in that quest

Buy every episode of every Star Trek franchise series that is available on DVD. And watch them

Find the ex-boyfriend who said I lacked spontaneity and implied I was dull and call him a - insert appropriate expletive! I could of course do this without winning the lottery but it would be more fun if could then proceed to flaunt my wealth in front of him!

Buy a small Guest House or B&B in Krakow and run it

Kick over peoples wheelie suitcases and thhen run away! - again I could do this without winning the lottery but it would allow me to settle any lawsuits that might result

Buy a big telescope and take a course in astronomy

Travel to the Arctic circle to see the Northern Lights

Pay for Wimbledon Theatre not to put on a pantomime one year

Buy a PSP (I know they are coming down in price but not fast enough)

Sail to New York on the QE2 and fly back 1st Class

Have my picture taken pointing at a statue on Easter Island

Pay some one to teach me how to play the banjo, pedal steel guitar and/or harmonica then join a Country Music band

Irrational Hatreds

Irrational hatreds. For years I told myself that I shouldn't have these, that they were wrong and that you should only dislike something if there was a good reason. As I’ve got older, and in many ways probably less rather than more intransigent, I have learned to embrace my irrational hatreds, add to them, have fun with them and take great joy out of the guilty pleasure they give!

Firstly I'd like to define the term "Irrational hatred". Basically it means disliking something wholly innocuous, that many other people like, for no good reason and on no basis whatsoever except that you just don't like them! Symptoms of an irrational hatred are a prolonged rant - chuntering as we call it in the North - against said item accompanied by head shaking and/or tutting!

I would stress that there must be no basis for this "hatred". Junk e-mails clog up my inbox and junk phone calls impinge on my privacy - I have a right to dislike these. I also dislike prejudice, rudeness and selfishness which, again, I think people are quite within their rights to dislike.

However, my list below represents those things that really shouldn't be bothering me, which I don't particularly have any right to dislike and which sets me of on a completely uncalled for, unnecessary, unjustified rant.
So here they are - in no particular order as that can change depending on what mood I'm in!

1.Trolley Suit-Cases and Bags i.e. with wheels - I can see that these are very useful and do have their place i.e. Airport Lounges, large Railway Stations, however their place is NOT on tube platforms and at the top of escalators during rush hour or on Oxford Street during lunch-time!!Indeed anywhere where the equation of trolley plus large number of people plus small space equals big chance of tripping over! If people must take their trolley-cases anywhere near such places please
a. be aware that your personal space has now increased by one or two feet and take it into consideration when stopping abruptly or turning a corner otherwise you are likely to skin someone’s shins!
b. Do not under any circumstances stop just before or after the escalator or straight after you have exited the tube doors in order to pull your trolley's little handle up unless you want a jam of people behind you all grumbling (okay, a jam of me behind you grumbling!)
c. If you must have one of those briefcases with a pull-up handle .. don't. They are really sad!

2.Men in flip-flops-- they make man's feet look like hairy pork sausages squashed together in a plastic wrapper. In fact there are some things that really should be kept covered and I think men’s feet are one - or should that be two - of those. Except for Freddie Lungberg who shouldn't have anything covered up!

3.Caravans/Camper Vans –-I know, I feel quite embarrassed bringing this one up on a travel website but it is probably my pet irrational hatred. There is just something about taking a substitute of your house on holiday with you that I can’t get on with!
My parents had a camper van when I was a teenager and my memories of it are being parked near the seafront on a foggy, wet, February Saturday in Scarborough (one of my favourite places but not on an inclement Winters day) longing for Fish, Chips, Mushy Peas and a Knickerbocker Glory but having to be content with a brackish cup of tea, watery baked beans and evil smelling stewing steak because who needs to go out to eat when we’ve got everything we need in the camper! Grrrrr! Is that a legitimate excuse? Does that mean it is not an irrational hatred? Noooo!

4.The musical "Grease" - millions love it, it just makes me squirm!

5. Pantomines - I just don't like them. Oh yes you do! Oh no I don't!

6.The current fashion for women’s knee-length shorts that are tailored like men's trousers - even on a supermodel these look naff! Either like a pair of trousers that have shrunk or that the person wearing them has grown into a giant!

7. The popclassic music band "G4" why?

8.Whistling – it sets my teeth on edge!

Well, that's my list - what are yours?!

Just Don't Ask Me to Dance!

Both Steve and I are involved in amateur theatre in the Surrey area.

Recently we appeared in a fan-tas-tic production of "Macbeth" at our local theatre in Carshalton. I was Lady M. and Steve was Thane Lennox.

We have played brother and sister in "Annie" (I was Miss. Hannigan - beware children! - and Steve was Rooster) However "Fiddler on the Roof" beat that for family relationships!. Steve was the tailor Motel and I, much to his amusment, was his Mother-in-Law, Golde!I We love it but must drive our neighbours mad with all the singing, shouting and such like that goes on when we rehearse at home.

I sing a bit, act a bit but cannot dance! In recent years I have been in "Twelfth Night" as Olivia, "Much Ado About Nothing" as Beatrice, The Threepenny Opera as Lucy Brown (with Steve playing Capt. Macheath) "The King and I" as Anna, "Oliver!" as Nancy, "A Little Night Music" as Desiree, "Hobson's Choice" as Maggie and - when younger and a lot thinner "High Society" as Tracey Lord (Sadly not looking anything like Grace Kelly)!

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