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i know what it means to miss N'awlins

I apologize for the lack of continuity and direction on my dedication to new orleans maybe one day I can sort it out better, but for now this is
this is my very humble dedication to the city that care forgot.

I dedicate this homepage to new orleans but its implied it is meant for the whole region and all the beautiful people whose lives have been changed forever. I will be in a perpetual state of bereavement for everything that those unfortunate people had to endure.

new orleans is my dsyfunctional love affair. that crazy love that we all long for, the lover who when you're with them you drink too much, you eat too much, you leave them, you go back, you start other love affairs but nothing compares to this crazy love, you cheat on your new love with N'awlins. You
gamble, this crazy love affair makes you throw all caution to the wind. this never ending love affair gives me life when i am melancholy, the kind of love affair that leads you to do things you never dreamed you would do. and what does this lover give you in return many .49 cent string of beads that you will hold as dear as the biggest brightest diamond you ever saw.

Crazy love

these lyrics keep playing in my head ' when you go to new orleans you otta go see the mardi gras, if you go to new orleans you otta go see the mardi gras, when you see the mardi gras somebody will tell you what carnivals for. you will see the zulu queen down on rampart and dumaine'
my whole adult life all I ever wanted to do was see the Zulu queen. rampart & dumaine were the streets that legends were made of. I dont think I ever heard so much life in a simple musical recording ever. Thats new orleans in a nutshell life/ simple/ music. why are we letting our muse be subjected to so much indignity, so much sorrow and pain that those of us not there can only imagine

you have got to step up to the plate george

What this poor unfortunate city is lacking is leadership and decision makers. you have essentialy a city full of resources human rsources. in those tens of thousands of people there has got to be nurses, and nurses aides, waitresses, singers, musicians, hardened criminals, loud talkers, managers, floor managers, woodsmen, carpenters, artists and so on and so on.
Get the hard ass criminals doing the drudge work, transporting bodies, in the helicopters, climbing down suspended elevators, get the looters to carry people, supplies, make them work. Get the ruthless criminals shouting directives at people insisting that they listen, you get over there, you get off that bus right now and wait for the next one, get the nurses aides and the nursing students checking people's vitals, get the floor managers organizing the use of facilities and mapping out the superdome for everyone, healthy families over there, diabetecs over here we need to watch over you, you need dialysis your the first on the bus and so one. Get all the waitresses to take everyone's orders i.e. family of five in section 2 level 15 desperately need diapers if they ever arrive. I know i sound niave and inexperienced, i spent monday to friday from 9 to 5 solving problems, thats what i get paid to do. you put 20000 people in a facility with no facilities/ no electricity/ they have lost their homes/ their loved ones their city their dignity and what do you think will happen. give them something to do anything help them feel useful let them use their minds let them share their skills..why have we let these people down.

sweet sweet sweet love

louis armstrong, louis prima, harry connick, pretty baby, the maple leaf, harry connick jr, fats domino, jumbalaya, gumbo, crawfish etouffee, oysters reckefeller, professor longhair, tipitina,s, mardi gras, aaron neville, cyrile neville, iko iko, second line, jazz funerals, anne rice, st charles streetcar, streetcar named desire, the list goes on, above ground cemetaries, marie leveau, please add your own treasures...and what have we (meaning the collective we who have paid taxes and voted for politicians) given new orleans back in return. our undyeing love, love sometimes is not enough we all voted for our representatives lets collectively make them represent how we feel as new orleans is desintegrating before our eyes.

please please please visit my new orleans pages i was more focused whan my love wasnt falling apart

r u gonna go for a girl

Everyone aske me when I will go for a third (child) ,when am I gonna try for my girl (their words-not mine)..what would I do with a girl. I have no idea how to parent a girl at this point..I sometimes babysit the neighborhood kids and the little girls always want to play with my hair and look at my nails, and I"m thinking dont you have steel pipes to go bang on the sidewalk..whats wrong with you..

things my children taught me.

1. I'm a very good cooker, and a really nice gril.
2. t-rexxies are meat eaters and stegasauraus's are veterinarians.
3. Some dino's are endangerous to canada. (my guess is this is a combo of indiginous, dangerous, extinct--but i'm not 100% sure).
4. terrible 2's last for a very very very long time.

puzzle people

those great people you meet on holiday that tell you the right metro stop to get off at, help you understand the currency, lead you to the off the beaten track hot spots..cheers to all you puzzle people out their who fit in at the right time of my travels..I will never forget the man who led me to the pie lady in yelapa..the musician who told me I have to get out of the french quarter and head over to frenchman street..the panhandler who refused my money and said you have given enough already..there are so many of you who fit at the right time and right place I am very happy my travels have led me to you and look forward to more ubiquitous encounters.

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