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Sachara in the Sahara

The beauty of the desert....
The picture of me in Tin Merzouga (Algeria) is made by Caroline Klaassen.

Tin Merzouga in south-east Algeria near the Libyan border has amazing sanddunes. We stayed here for 2 nights, so I had enough time to climb the dunes. I did not reach the top. After every edge were new and higher tops. It was marvellous to be there for hours with only the blue sky and the fascinating empty landscape around. It gave me the feeling to be in connection with myself and the cosmos.

From African astrology:
The traveller (4 sep- 3 oct)
If born under the sign of the traveller, you are endowned with a wanderlust which makes you always want to see what is over the next hill. The traveller has a duality of character, feeling sadness at departure and a certain joy in the anticipation of the arrival at the destination. The traveller must rely on intuition and common sense on the journey in life


I travelled in 4 continents. My favourite is Africa ! It is under my skin since my first visit or maybe even longer. Some VT-ers think I am originally from Africa. I am not and don't ask me why I don't start to live there yet. Meanwhile I visited Africa 40 times and 36 countries.

2004 was my best Africa year. I travelled 3 months from west to east, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Ethiopia, Kenya & Tanzania. I did my first transsahara trip, from Gambia, Senegal and Mali, crossing the Sahara in central Mauritania, Western Sahara & Morocco.

Morocco and Egypt I visit regularly. In 2006 I visited Libya for the 2nd time, in 2007 Madagascar & Mauritius, in 2009 Mali for the 3rd time to visit the Festival au Desert north of Timbuktu, in 2012 Eritrea, in 2013 Burkina Faso for the 2nd time, also to visit my Tuareg friend in the refugeecamp and later the year Sudan. In 2014 I visited Djibouti and Somaliland.

Many of my pages are under construction
I travel more than I can write tips.
See links of recent trips sharing at least some pictures in the intro.
Tips are following step by step.

Ukraine with 7 links
Romania with 12 links and 15 Sibiu tips in progress 2013

Turkmenistan with 19 tips
Ashgabat with 19 tips
Iran with 10 links
China: solar eclipse in Xinjiang province, Kashgar, Turpan
Erbil and Iraqi Kurdistan with 13 links to other visited places in Iraqi Kurdistan 2012

Africa with 36 links & 72 tips updated 2014
Libya: Benghazi with 21 tips
Madagascar with 9 links
Mali with 14 links
Timbuktu with 36 tips
Festival au Desert with 12 tips and 10 videos
Eritrea with 8 links
Burkina Faso with 26 tips and 6 links 2013
Sudan with 9 links 2013
Djibouti with 12 tips and 5 links 2014
Somaliland with 12 tips and 3 links 2014

North, Central & South America
Mexico with 6 links
Argentina with 10 links
Urugay: Colonia del Sacramento
Chile:San Pedro de Atacama
Panama 2013
Aruba 2013

Emmen, the city where I live

Emmen is a modern municipality with industrial and horticultural areas. Emmen is situated in the north east of the Netherlands near the German border. Emmen has 110.000 inhabitants. Within the borders of Emmen is a lot of open and green space. Near the German border is a large nature reserve the Bargerveen (veen = moor).
I live in the centre of the city Emmen in one of the last historical districts. www.oudallee.nl For more information about my home-town, you can visit my Emmen page, the website of the municipality www.emmen.nl.

Activities in Emmen

In spring and summer there are a lot of activities in the citycentre of Emmen. In July is the CestlaVie Festival and the last sunday in August is the Full Colour Festival. This last one is my favourite.

Read the story of Mohamed Alher He visited Emmen for the Ful Colour Festival to support his village in the desert of Mali.

The African savannah nextdoor, tribute to Annabel

Emmen is known because of its zoo. It's one of the most beautifull zoo's in Europe.The zoo is just behind our backyard. From the first floor of our house we can have a look at the African savannah with giraffes, zebras, rhinos, impalas and wildebeasts. For more information see my travelogue Noorderdierenpark or www.noorderdierenpark.nl

Sunday 1 march 2009 Annabel, the mother of the elephant herd, fell down in the dry ditch around the elephant island. It happened after she was hit by two playing younger elephants. For many hours they tried to rescue her, but without any succes. Back on the island she could not stand on her legs anymore. It turned out she was paralysed by a broken certebra of her neck. It was heartbreaking. Unfortulately it was her time to die.

She lived in the zoo behind my backyard for 40 years. She was the mother of the herd. Pictures in the traveloque are of her birthday in 2006.

Our own wild cat

In the zoo nextdoor we have big wild cats as neighbours (lions, tigers, panthers and servals). In our own home and garden we have our own ''wild'' cat of a smaller size. The cat is used to the heavy roaring of her big sisters in the zoo.

Our small dog, sorry cat... she died summer 2007

This is our second cat, which was behaving more like a dog. She walked always together with me, especially outdoors.

At the 4th of august 2007 she died, only 8 years young....
Special about her was that she was always talking during the day. Her bright blue eyes looked straight into my eyes and she layed on my mouse when I was too long at VT.

Bushman back home

Since April 2004 we have a huge male cat, called Bushman. In the first year his former family missed him and wanted him back, so he left us for 2 weeks. But they find out, that our home and garden was a better place for him. So he came back and enjoys the garden. In October 2012 Bushman died because of cancer. Till almost the last day he walked around in his garden where we buried him later.

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