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" carry a suitcase not a briefcase"

P..Is for the privilige of loving & being loved
E..Is for the ease it gives the soul & mind..
A..Is for the answers in your search to find yourself..
C..is for the calm you feel if you like what you find..
E..is for everlasting.


(The words above are from a song by the 4 Tops entitled "Still Waters Peace".)

UPDATE 10th Jan 2011: Have been away from VT for quite sometime, but now looking to update my pages,which are getting a little dated.

Have Also created a new external site with plenty of fresh travel images...

you can find it at: www.maherphotography.co.uk

Look here for some very nice pictures : www.celebritypictures.eu

You Want to Know a basic secret to a happy Travels? It's easy really! Just learn to pronounce the four or five most basic words of the country you are going to visit..I think they are really helpful in most situations: The words i'm talking about are: HELLO, Hi, OK, PLEASE, THANK YOU, & GOODBYE.
And if you can learn a few basic numbers and phrases, all well and good, but these are the main ones which will be rewarded with a smile most of the time. Try to bare in mind, that most times, people are not laughing at you because you talk funny, they are apprciative of you making the effort.

Hello & Welcome to my homepage.
First and foremost, let me just say a big thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read this.

Time to start talking about Travel, the main reason for this site.

My Name is Vince, I'm forty something, I'm married and have two grown sons.
It is only in the Last few years as my sons have grown up and so become less dependant on me (They still drive Mum to Despair!) that I have really started to travel.

My first Major jaunt on my own, so to speak, was when I went to China. This, to me, was facinating and gave me the urge to travel even more. I have since returned to China a further two times, and also have been backpacking around India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Costa Rica, Mexico, USA, Egypt, Morocco, Europe and so on.

After a couple of trips I found that although I was having a great time, it was hard to explain all my adventures when I got home. With this in mind I took a course in Photography in order to be able to capture some images from my trips. I really like to take people pictures mostly, but still have some good images of the sights from around the World.
I also vowed to record in writing my adventures and mishaps in the form of a travelogue/journal each time I travelled, in the hope that these notes would serve to remind me exactly what I had seen, and what i'd done as I went along from one place to another.

Please take a minute to Leave your comment, or, if you prefer why not mail me.
I welcome all dialogue, good, or bad!. I would welcome any feedback you may have for me regarding my pages here on VT.

Please note: pictures on these pages may not be reproduced without my permission.


There is an old web site where I store some of my pictures and travelogues. If you would like to see these, please click on the link to my homepage. I would appreciate any feedback, good or bad.

Below is the address of my main home page:


Leave a comment and start a friendship!

Once again thanks for you taking the time to read this far.



Typical scene from a street in Brooklyn, New York, where it seemed to me that people are very patriotic. maybe a lot to do with September the 11th, but still a nice way to show solidarity and would certainly make me feel proud to be American if I was. A nice place to walk around hassle free I felt.

Have now started to upload info on my travel pages.



In June 2003 I visited Morocco, which I found to be very nice indeed. I met lot's of wonderful people, both local and travellers.
Check out my External page where I have uploaded the full Travelogue!!

India North & South

Have now updated my India pages with some tips and pictures on this site. The Travelogue I have written on my visit to North India, which is quite a long read is now being put up under the heading "SMOKE KNACK" If you would like to read this and see some further pictures, then please click on my India travel tips link here on VT and go to the travelogue section at the bottom.

Stuff from my time in the Hymalayan region of India will soon be on this site.

To see some of my other travel stuff that is too big for the VT pages visit my own site at:


Drop me a line & lets talk across the World!

The Taj Mahal in Agra, India.
Not the usual view of the water course with the Taj Behind. I took this to try and show that the Taj has so many stunning aspects to it , and this can be seen no matter where you stand to view it's splendour.

Read My Travelogues From India & Egypt

To accompany the pictures with my tips and must see places, I have where possible used text extracted from the travelogues written when in these places. Obviously I have had to edit some of this text to concentrate on the tip itself. If you would like to read more about any tip try looking in my trvelogues on the external pages where you will get a more in depth piece on it.


This old man and his wife look after their grandson every day while the parents go to work, which is quite common in China. I have some pics from a visit to China that hopefully i am now getting around to scanning and sharing with everyone here on VT.

This Picture taken in the Hutongs (backstreets) of Beijing.

Hope to get around to adding some more pictures from China in the near future

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