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A Mexican Adventure

Note: I originally posted this silly blog back in 2005 when I was still in my 20's. Reading it now I just shake my head. What was I thinking when I was writing this stuff? Oh wait, I remember,... the "hot guys." ;p Anyway, as much as I'd really like to just delete the whole thing and erase it from memory, it's a part of my VT history. Honestly, I'm shocked at how it got so many hits and made my Rosarito site a Top 5.

Wednesday, December 31st, 4pm'ish, Mr. Z.Z. calls Miss P. (F.B.)
Z.Z.: "F.B., what are you doing this weekend?"
F.B.: "Uuu, nothing yet, why? Wanna do something?"
Z.Z.: "Yeah, let's go to Rosarito, Mexico?"
F.B.: "Sure, why not? Another road-trip before school starts sounds good."
Z.Z.: "Ok, I'll call ya back on Thursday."
F.B.: "Alrighty. Lates"

Thursday, January 1st, 11:30pm'ish, Mr. Z.Z. calls Miss P. (F.B.).
Z.Z.: "So, are we still going?"
F.B.: "Yeah, I guess so, but Y's coming with us. Is that cool with you?"
Z.Z.: "Yeah, that's fine."
F.B.: "Ok, so we're leaving tomorrow, right?"
Z.Z.: "Yup, let's meet at Y's place at 7pm."
F.B.: "Ok, see ya tomorrow."

And so, that's how my whole Mexican adventure began. A pretty well-planned, thought-out trip, don't you think? Well, everything shoulda gone according to plan, but we (Y. and I) forgot one minor detail, we were going on this little excursion with Mr. Z.Z.,.... Biiiig mistake! Nevertheless, I did enjoy the trip and got some good laughs out of it, although Y. vowed she'd never go on a road-trip again. Hey, sorry girl, but next time we'll leave your four-inch stilettos at home and pack the sneaks, bring gallons and gallons of bottled water, and we'll lose El Dorko. But hey, you gotta admit, those Navy men were smoking HOT!!! Good times, good times indeed!

I drove Z.Z.'s car down to San Diego while he and Y. got their drinking on. A little Crown Royale to wet the palate. I didn't mind being the designated driver since I love cruising anyway, although driving in the rain's really not my bag baby.

So we got to the border at around 9:30pm. We parked his little ride at one of the $7/day parking lots and walked our tooshies to the border, but the shopaholics that they are, we just had to stop by the Duty Free store before heading to TJ (Tijuana). What a joke! Whatever! Anyway, after they purchased their colognes, perfumes, and smokes we crossed the gate.

Now mind you, the last time I went to TJ, I was with pretty street savvy Spanish-speaking gals (Chicanas and an El Salvadorean), but this time around, I was with two other Asians - easy prey for the locals. Anyway, we negotiated with a cab driver to take us to Rosarito for $25. Sounds expensive for Mexico, but the going rate was $30-$35, and we split the cost among the three of us, so it wasn't bad.

Oh yeah, since this was a very organized trip (Not!), we hadn't booked a hotel room, so we just had to worry about it when we got there. But luckily for us, the cab driver knew exactly which hotel to take us to. Hmmm, I wonder. Oh well, what could we do with no research done and absolutely no knowledge of the place. So we booked a single room with two beds at the Festival Plaza Hotel for $90. Y. and I were to share one bed while Z.Z. got the other.

After 15 minutes of settling in and prepping for the evening, we headed for all the happening clubs. Yeah right! First on the agenda was Papas & Beer. How popular is it? So popular that as soon as we got into the hotel elevator a bunch of drunk (but gorgeous) fools told us so. They said to head for Papas & Beer since it's the hippest spot in town. In hindsight, I wasn't sure if they were being sarcastic or what. Anyway, we couldn't ignore the tip, so we were off.

On the way there, we were approached by various men working for the different nightclubs in town. "Come inside, it's free." "Come take a look, no cover charge." And so on and so on. They were looking really desperate and we eventually figured out why.

So we got into Papas & Beer. No cover charge, no waiting in line, nothing. Then got to the main area and realized there were only less than like 50 people there. It was freak'n deserted. There was all this open space, but no bodies to fill it with. Pretty sad. Anyway, we decided to make the most of it and order a drink or two or three or 20 between the three of us. Boy, did we need it.

With all the fun we were having at Papas & Beer (just being sarcastic) we dragged ourselves to another club. This one was called Iggy's. It was a little bit more happening, a little bit more hip-hoppy, a lot more diverse, with a lot more eye candy to look at. We met some really cool Navy Seals still celebrating New Year's in Mexico. Ironically though, they're actually neighbors of ours back home. Well actually, they live only minutes away from where we live. I wish we woulda all swapped numbers or addresses or something. Da*mn it!

Now Iggy's was where I had the most fun. The music didn't just cater to white patrons, and the guys were absolute babes. Oh, did I mention that already? There was this one hottie in particular that was just yummy! He had rock hard abs and MADE ME touch them too (and yes, I copped a feel). He was a lot of fun on the dance floor as well. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin and snap out of my daydream. Ok, I'm done.

But by 3am Y. and I were beat and ready to go. We'd had a long day and we were just ready to hit the hay. And so we headed back to the hotel, minus Z.Z. who was hooking up with a local chick.

Y. and I were about an hour into our sleep when Z.Z. pounds on the door and yells out, "Hey, it's me. Open the door." So, to my dismay I got up from my comfortable stupor and unlocked the door. Of course Z.Z. was drunk as sh*it, although he didn't have that much more alcohol in his system then Y. did. Anyway, he asked if he could bring a girl up to the room to simply just "cuddle." Well, Y. and I felt bad for the guy since Y. had already rejected his as*s many times before, and so why not let the poor chap have some fun (even though he already had a girlfriend and two other chicks on the side). What a player!!!

The girl comes in. Couldn't speak a lick o' English. Well, we were in Mexico,... But anyway, barely five minutes in the room, the zippers are getting unzipped and the clothes start coming off. Then the two start doing the deed. Mr. Z.Z. is doing the girl in the very same room we're in. Moans, groans, bed movements and everything. No shame, no shame at all. Y. and I were just under the covers laying motionless, silent, and dumbfounded. It was just too surreal. We didn't know what to do, but instinctually, we simultaneously roared in laughter. We seriously didn't know what came over us, but surely with all the racket we were making that would make them stop, if not distract them, right? Not at all. They kept right on going like we weren't even there. Yuck!

Well, the brainiac that Z.Z. is, he finally decides to get a room after half an hour of doing the freak nasty or whatever it was he was doing. For such a cheap person, he wasted no time shelling another $90 for a room he'd only be using for a few hours. Creep! Just to let you know, he now denies having had sexual relations with the girl. Men!

So, with that all behind us, I got two hours of sleep while Y. got four. However, we were determined to make this a better day, but first, we had to talk to Z.Z. and figure out what the plan was for heading back home. Since Rosarito was dead, Y. and I decided we just go back that same evening, but since neither of us owned the vehicle that originally transported us to San Diego, we had to rely on Z.Z. The agreement was to meet back at his car at 3PM. 3PM folks!

So after hours of walking around Rosarito and Tijuana sightseeing, we got to the car at 5pm. And was Z.Z. there? Of course not. We even gave the dam*n boy two hours leeway and that wasn't even enough for him. So what were we to do? We had no clue if Z.Z. was just passed out drunk and had forgotten about us, or if he had gone ahead and eloped with the chick, or if he was just simply stuck in a Mexican jail. =P But we didn't really care to know either and hel*l if we were gonna go back to Rosarito to find out. We absolutely had no confidence in him with his bad track record and all. So, we did the safest thing we could do,...hitchhike. Thankfully, we met a strange, but nice young couple in TJ who offered to take us back to Los Angeles. So yup, we ended up hitchhiking home.

Pros and Cons
  • Pros:Fun during the holidays.
  • Cons:Dead during the regular season.
  • In a nutshell:You'll enjoy it with the right people, so leave the hornball "friend" at home.
  • Last visit to Rosarito: Jan 2004
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  • Aug 28, 2007 at 1:21 PM

    Do not go to Club Iggy's.......they are corrupt. We were recruited in based on 2-for-1 beers, drank ALL DAY, then the guy denied he ever said that and ripped us off. They are corrupt liars......DO NOT GO THERE.....be FOREWARNED!

  • Jim_Eliason's Profile Photo
    Jun 10, 2007 at 6:47 AM

    nice tips!

  • nixca316's Profile Photo
    Feb 28, 2007 at 3:05 AM

    I haven't been to Rosarito Beach...You had a great adventure! Thanks for sharing. =) (The pictures are great too!) I think I'll check out the Festival Plaza hotel and theme park. =)

  • RickinDutch's Profile Photo
    Sep 8, 2006 at 4:30 PM

    Came back to read on about my old stomping ground. Is the old pink hotel right on the water still there? It was called Rosarito Beach Hotel and the only hotel in town. Adjoining rooms for $20 a night.

  • whitecliff62's Profile Photo
    Apr 30, 2006 at 11:50 PM

    Hahahahahahahaha, PHEW WHATS THAT SMELL i'll stick your socks in a pair of shoes and they will run home on there own LOL

  • shikokuzen's Profile Photo
    Jan 7, 2006 at 9:45 PM

    Hey Pickles...just love that name!!! Love the pics and comments...moans and all!!! laughing sure seemed appropriate.......thanks as always...bob

  • zanzooni's Profile Photo
    Jan 6, 2006 at 7:03 PM

    I grow phaleaenopsis and the other varities. My initial's are ZYZ...but 'm mainly known as ZZ...very interestin'...~

  • TinKan's Profile Photo
    Jan 2, 2006 at 4:22 PM

    Hey Pickle... Not much happening here this holiday. Ready to go to Roatan in Feb 06... want to come along?

  • Dec 23, 2005 at 11:27 AM

    Hi Fatima! Interesting page on Rosarito. So they have a Senor Frog down there too?

  • bike_packer's Profile Photo
    Nov 24, 2005 at 8:56 PM

    that warning sign! hahaha


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